1993-10-16-New Phase of Teaching Mission

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Topic: New Phase of Teaching Mission

Group: Cincinnati TeaM


Teacher: Tarkas

TR: Jim Cleveland



Good evening to all of you! This is Tarkas, your friend and teacher. What a wonderful group on such a wonderful day. And our dear friend from Pittsburgh visiting, telling you of all those exciting things.

It has been wonderful seeing you share your thoughts and ideas . .. And I would confirm that your angels can, indeed, make you feel strong tingles and sensations, and even break into smiles or broad grins, which can be sometimes disconcerting to those around you.


Teaching Mission

The spiritual energy is quickening on Urantia, and it is time for you individually and collectively to move forward in the Teaching Mission and take a bold new step of faith to represent strongly the love of Christ Michael. We have been together for around a year and during that time we have coalesced, we have made progress in fits and starts, and we have boiled the group down to an essence that we can now grow confidently with a strong foundation for moving forward.

We have talked about the end of the rebellion; we have talked about the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission as a part of that. We have talked about preparing the way for Christ Michael's return to your troubled world. And these things will come to pass. I can tell you tonight that Michael has recently been to Urantia and given personal observation and guidance to all of the activities which are swirling throughout your world in the Correcting Time.

Such a beautiful vision has never been seen before on your world. A Creator Son, surrounded, as always, by ministering angels, giving his personal attention to this work that is at hand. I must say that he was pleased and has given us the responsibility to accelerate the teaching and to encourage you all to move forward boldly.

You, of course, are not prepared to answer each and every question, and deal with each and every situation that will come before you, but, indeed, none of us on this side are so completely prepared either. We will move forward together, step by step, to make this mission successful.

As we talk about your responsibilities tonight that you may choose to accept, I would ask you to relate everything that we say to things which we have discussed before concerning judgments. Judgments that you are required to make every day to exercise your free will and live this glorious adventure. Other judgments which are born of the terrible legacy of the Lucifer rebellion which is with you every day as strong and depressing evidence of the problems it has wrought.

You know that your judgments should be in the light of the heavenly Father's love, that you are all children of the Father, and that you should act to make Him proud and do Him honor. Likewise, to your brothers and sisters shine the same love, compassion and mercy that the heavenly Father and Michael shines on you.

I would ask you to also consider this second phase of the Teaching Mission which you will embark upon in the light of Christ Michael's mission on your troubled world as Jesus. You will recall how he lived his life in perfect balance, always having the patience and time and forbearance to handle all of the work that you, as humans, share with him. Working for a living, working to raise a family, the experience of parenthood. Jesus lived all these things as you do. In the way that he lived his life in perfect balance is what we would ask you to aspire to in the second phase of the mission.

Did you ever imagine that you would ever be working for Jesus? That you would be among the few, at this time, to pave the way for his coming again? Such a remarkable opportunity, and in the life of Jesus, we see the manner in which he taught, we see the personal ministry, day by day, that he administered long before the time when the public ministry was at hand.

This is where we ask you to start, as members of this strong, healthy, and loving group here in Cincinnati. We would ask that you continue, first of all, with the work from the very first day . .... This is an essential first lesson and abiding lesson for all of us. Beyond this, we would ask that you begin to choose a particular task within the mission that suits your talents and aptitude.

Each task is important, and they come in great variety. Everywhere you look, day by day, is the opportunity for service. You can visit a sick friend, you can bring food to the poor, you can give the Urantia book to a friend whom you know is hungry for spiritual uplifting. You can play music at a meeting. You can write, speak . .. you can do many things.

But each of you has a talent which can be used. And we would ask you to coalesce as a group and work together on projects which will continue to inter-network with the many groups who are coming together on your planet.

The ultimate goal is a true planetary organization, something which seems far beyond reach at this point. But I would ask you to refer to Jesus's mission once more. Such a troubled and evil world that he and the apostles lived in. And yet, if they had thrown up their hands in despair, nothing would have happened. The work that they did transformed the planet.

So a beginning must be made, progress must be made, day by day, by individuals in large and small things, working together in growing increments. I would suggest that each of you who has not chosen a particular project in keeping with the correction time, do so, and that you allot time at your meetings to exchange ideas about these projects and discuss their progress.

In like measure, working together is something you must learn to do, just as you continue to learn this throughout your mansion world ascension and beyond. And you will indeed be working with many, many celestial beings who are much different from yourselves. You begin this now, on Urantia, as you begin many parts of your adventure.

This is a time for personal ministry, to look for opportunities day by day, hour by hour, when you can reach out and share the Father's love with someone. Sometimes these opportunities will be presented to you by us and sometimes not. We desire that you use your initiative and use your free will.

By now you know that we are not here to make decisions for you and will not impede your free will in any way whatsoever. And so the great changes that will be made in your world will be made by you, and you can be justly proud. We are here to provide the inspiration, the spiritual insights, wisdom and comfort that you need to strengthen you in this resolve.

If it would be helpful, I would suggest that in recognizing that you are indeed wanting to be a part of this mission, that you think of yourself as representing Christ Michael every day. Imagine, if you will, angels coming down to clothe you in beautiful gowns of white. And as you wear this white, this beautiful gown about you in your daily activities, imagine yourself as being clothed in the purity, beauty, and love of Christ Michael. And that you are looking for opportunities to represent his mission and to hasten the time of his return. Perhaps, if you see yourself in this light, you will try to keep in your mind the purity of thought, the purity of purpose, the love of God inside your hearts, as you go about your daily tasks.

This will be a powerful weapon to strike down the numerous temptations, noises, and rattles of the day. This is your effective shield, for you walk in goodness, beauty, and mercy. And if you would take on this phase of the mission, I ask you to take it seriously or not at all. Your actions are what truly speaks for the mission. It is not intentions that will get the job done of making planetary change.

While sojourning here I have heard much, too much, useless and futile recitals of the many problems of your world, the hopeless condition of many people, and cynicism that the leadership is too corrupt to make these changes. Indeed the task is large and I would remind you that individually is where you will achieve. You can save the worries about the planet’s overall condition to others within the mission who are working diligently to bring about changes.

You see these changes now in every part of the world. These changes will indeed accelerate as your consciousness is raised. As has been said before, there is a pressure building in which will be a great many final dispositions -- those among you who have either gone insane or have reached inside for the spiritual strength that will save them. You see evidence of the madness about you. This is part of the disintegration that inevitably must occur when changes are being made of great magnitude.

The spiritual energies and other energies around Urantia are changing constantly. On the positive side, you are among those who are aware of the spiritual reality of the universe. You have embraced love as the overpowering influence. The Father's love will not only maintain your equilibrium or balance, for which you have a great head start, but you will excel as leaders in making the world ready for Christ Michael's return.

Every day you can bring happiness and joy into the lives of others. I would strongly encourage you to continue in this mission and help us with this work. It is not important that you believe in my existence, provided you do the lessons. It is important that you recognize the heavenly Father's love as being the benevolent force that rules the universe.

Continue on with us, and do these good works, and you will see that things will not only change in a surprising way, but that you will be given great joy in small increments so that you will be hungry for more joy and continue to do good works and better works. For in giving you will receive greatly and you will deserve to wear those beautiful white gowns that you can now only imagine yourselves in. Soon, they will grow to fit very well and you will be beautiful ambassadors for the mission. And be fully blessed, just as I am blessed, to be part of it.

So, the analogies I would make regarding judgments is that you know you cannot harbor angry resentments against your brothers and sisters if you wish to continue in the mission as an evolving spiritual force. Question every decision you make. I know many of you have done so. Question every judgment you have made to see if you have been fair and that you are being embraced in the Father's love in making that judgment.

We will continue to be cognizant of this in keeping with Jesus's teachings, which I would encourage you to reread, in the sections regarding personal ministry, which you now share with him. See how he approached this. Not in a judgmental manner to those who came to him, no matter who they might be. For he looked at mankind as being weak and confused, stymied and frustrated from the many problems that had been wrought from your unfortunate history. He did not look at them as wicked, evil. This was only an aberration called forth and forced upon you by the rebellion.

We must now move far beyond the legacy of Lucifer. What you see here and there must be steeped in the realization that you will apply spiritual truths to your lives every day, to everyone that you meet. This is what we ask of you. And we understand that this is no easy task. Just as seeking the stillness has been a difficult task for many of you as well. But I assure you, by doing so, you will be aptly rewarded.

If you cannot do so each and every day, at least schedule some time when you may do this. If you are to be a teacher and trainer, you must learn to get advice in this means. There is much of a personal nature that cannot be conducted in group sessions. You all will progress faster with personal guides. When you are proficient you will be able to call upon these personal guides when you have a problem that seems difficult to resolve or even a reply for which you have no answer. These impressions will come to you through the Holy Spirit and you will be able to serve very well.

I have talked a great deal and there seems to be a great quietness throughout the room. I would ask that you give me a question or two about what we have talked about.


(Question about the form in which Christ Michael recently appeared, alluded to in earlier text)

TARKAS: In a beautiful, morontia form, modified to a very infinite degree. Such a beautiful appearance, you cannot imagine.

QUESTION: Tarkas, what about the people who are not following in a way that is conducive to peace and harmony? I don't feel anger or hatred towards them, but if I came upon one I would have to defend myself. What will happen to them? I am so angry when I see the raping and pillaging occurring in Somalia and Bosnia. I'm not angry with those people, but I wouldn't feel bad if something happened to right things. I'm not sure what my question is. Should I feel bad for not feeling bad for those people?

TARKAS: From a broad perspective, I would say that it is quite difficult to live on a planet which has had so much turmoil and should, in all rightness, have progressed much further. It is rather a mixed blessing, as we have said before. From our perspective, which I realize can never be yours, we see so much opportunity here for service, literally, everywhere that you turn. We have learned that through service, through the giving of love, there is much joy to be reaped. So, the more you give, the more received, and therefore we want to continue working in this beautiful and brilliant, spiritual light and hope that, in my case, you can reflect just a part of it.

But it is not possible for you to have experienced these magnificent feelings of joy because your whole brief life here has been in the darkness and you have seen many problems and hardships. You have never experienced the great potential where you will ultimately be. It is extremely difficult to visualize for you. But I will say there is a special blessing waiting for each and every one of you. For you are what have been called by some agondonters, or people who are able to believe, to reach a level of faith in the Father and in the power of goodness, love and truth, even though you have been surrounded by such turmoil and the strong teachings that it is good to be competitive, suspicious, and physically strong, or even violent. These teachings have carried you through much misfortune and misery.

As you know, the teachings themselves must be changed. In many ways, Urantia must start at the very basic foundation. That is, within the individual, with the family, for from the family can emanate great values that are being sorely missed at this time. Indeed, the breakdown of parenting has actually grown, as have so many problems from crime and disease, hatred.

But it is not our mission to wallow in these problems. Our mission is to begin boldly, forthrightly, to change them. And to no longer feel any twinge of embarrassment to say the name of Christ Michael or Jesus, no twinge of doubt or embarrassment when you talk about the Urantia Book to a friend. The time for timidity and fear of embarrassment is growing to a close and it is time for you to speak forthrightly about what you believe and represent Christ Michael and the Father's love in a very positive way.

You will remember from the teachings of Jesus that, while this is not competitive, aggressive, or angry, nonetheless it is not completely passive either. With ingenuity, and the inspiration of your guides, you will be able to return love for those who try to abuse you. You will be positively amazed when you begin to practice these principles, when you have the courage and boldness to actually practice returning love for those who would attack you.

I would say that a word of caution might be in order. I would remind you again, that as you move forward in the Teaching Mission with your individual projects, and with your group networking, that you do so in the same balanced way that Jesus would have. You recall that there were some people who he sensed were beyond his words, and would not be receptive. I tell you that this is still the case today. You must pick and choose but work aggressively, nonetheless. Where there are so many opportunities, so many needs, you can literally choose the one that you feel will be the most productive to you. You have the good sense to realize that some people are beyond your reach.

There is much to do. As free will creatures, you must make decisions daily as to where your inroads are, to reach forward and make a step in behalf of the mission. Listen to the voice or impression inside you when opportunities arise. Guidance will be there. You will know what is right for you have much spiritual help inside and out, enough to help make these decisions. As you go out in your imaginary white gowns, you will know that we are with you.

Second Coming

QUESTION: (unintelligible, concerning Michael’s return)

TARKAS: No, not at this time. The time is being prepared for his return. There is much to do in the meantime. I hope you are encouraged by seeing that some things are happening. At times it seems the pace is slow. But if you will think back over the past year that we have been together, I think you will see many changes in the world, many changes within the group, and many changes within yourself. I urge you, as you move forward, to ask for guidance, and that guidance will keep you moving in the right direction.

If you see an opportunity, reach forward to take it. Along with being reactive, I ask that you find that particular project which will share your spiritual joy with others.

HUMAN: Tarkas, recently you asked us to share with you what we had experienced in the stillness. And I shared with you a feeling of being clothed in white robes and being with some people I couldn't identify. I asked you if the image came from you. You said the image did not come from your side. Tonight, there is that metaphor! I'm confused. Will you talk to me about this?

TARKAS: Indeed, my dear Stephanie, you are already clothed in white gowns for you are going out and doing wonderful work each day with everyone that you meet. I had intended to convey the other night that the influence was not strictly my own. There are other spiritual personalities at work within you. I am only your teacher, and though we have a close relationship, still you know you have an Indwelling Spirit which is more attuned to you than I. I certainly confirm to you tonight that those influences were made by your spirit, perhaps other personalities as well. I know this may be difficult to understand, but it has been said many times that there are many of our personalities here.

(Problems with tape here; part of the answer to the question was missed)

TARKAS: There is a unifying influence on our side which we hope will eventually be accepted by you as a strong and powerful oneness. We do represent the one God, the first source and center, and so our influences should all be in unison or a oneness with that. And yet we understand your curiosity. You want to know all individual names. You have correctly ascertained that we each have our own personalities. You know that crossing to this side is simply a step to another dimension and level of progress. We, of course, have different personalities, just as you do.

The ultimate communications that you can make is with your Indwelling Thought Adjuster . .. the indwelling spirit essence that is, in fact, you. One day you will experience that oneness. At the same time, our influences should be felt and understood as a oneness, so your efforts on Urantia must develop into a oneness, as well. This seems like such a vast distance to that place from where you are. But I tell you that it will come and it will come with deliberate speed.

That oneness could be likened to a beautiful patterned rug that you are weaving of many colors, and you are each threads interweaving that beautiful tapestry, making something quite beautiful by working together and creating something of great strength and foundation. A foundation that all of you can stand on, once your rug is completed. And, perhaps, fly away to one of the mansion worlds.

I'm sorry, but that last comment was partially in jest. (laughter from group)

I am working on my metaphors.


QUESTION: Tarkas, can you tell us anything about the diary of a previous pope. It has to do with revelations to him from Jesus and Mary concerning the future. Evidently, he was told it wasn't the right time to disseminate the information. Now, 30 years later, should that information be disseminated or not? Would it be wise of us to share it with others?

TARKAS: This is a very difficult question for me to answer. I can say that the diaries are essentially authentic and that Pope John was a great, an unusually great, leader of your church who was truly inspired in wondrous ways.

I cannot say that the timetables will be accurate, although I cannot say that they will not be. As you know, we are not in the same time references as you, and events are always predicated on a number of other human events having occurred, so that it works in a chain reaction. If certain events have happened, certain achievements have been made, certain steps will be taken. And this is the logical next step based on these parameters.

And so, so-called time can be somewhat fluid, although I would not say that the times would not be followed for we have very strong forces at work. There is no stronger force in this universe than Christ Michael and the reclamation of the rebellion. If the schedules can be met, perhaps Christ Michael and the Melchizedeks, and all of the personalities working on his behalf can make them. Many times, as it is with you, we have to wait and see.

I will say these diaries have caused a great deal of conversation among mission planners who have much greater responsibilities than I. I am not at liberty to say much more concerning this revelation. Isn't it fortunate and exciting to live in these quickening times? All of you can literally feel the changes happening all around us.

Even this month of Urantia time, there is an opening of spiritual energy that will cause changes in thinking patterns and other things which will quicken correction time. Be especially cognizant in the few weeks ahead, but I also ask you to be cognizant at all times and develop awareness of how you are feeling, the impressions that are coming to your mind, and the thoughts that are being impressed on your mind.

As you desire to move forward in this mission, you must be more greatly attuned to yourself, the teachers and guides who would inspire you, and your Thought Adjuster. Do not be afraid of these influences, you are strong and stable people who have learned to take this mission and other seemingly miraculous events in stride, and maintained your faith.

We trust you to use the guidance of the spiritual influences here, especially the Spirit of Truth, to make decisions day by day that will guide your lives. I assure you, you will be making many of the right ones if you live in the Father's love.

Crime, Discipline

QUESTION: Recently in Cincinnati, a fellow on crack cocaine murdered his second mother in order to get her money. I don't have much feeling for him and the jury gave him life imprisonment. I felt he didn't deserve to live. Should I be more forgiving? Do I have a right to protect society and eliminate him? Do you have a feeling on this?

TARKAS: Perhaps not a feeling, but it is a topic I would be . .. almost pleased to discuss. This is a difficult question and I would approach it from two standpoints. Yes, you should forgive this wicked wretch, and yes, you should work toward his rehabilitation. There is a great emphasis on punishment of criminals on your world and very little attention to rehabilitation. Many people say that these people cannot be rehabilitated and that they should be imprisoned or exterminated.

On evolving worlds such as yours, it is your responsibility and your free will choices that build the institutions that do these things. Your institutions are prisons and execution chambers and this is how you've chosen it to be. But as you approach an era of light and life, you will begin to realize that these are not solutions to your problems, but only painful complications. Your prisons have become breeding grounds for evil and your execution chambers do nothing except traumatize the people involved.

Rehabilitation is possible, but not with the skills you have today. We are working ultimately to a spiritualization of your planet. Eventually, a spiritual dimension should be added to all of your institutions. You should not be afraid to mix spirituality and recognition of the heavenly Father with any of your institutions. This will guide you, ultimately, into a framework for rehabilitation whereby people who have erred and committed crimes can be administered in a rehabilitative facility.

Of course, the first place to start, as we've said before, is at birth. From the time a child is conceived, you must have a responsibility to that child, especially through the family unit, which is the highest calling of human kind -- parenting. This is where a lot of problems are prevented. Rehabilitation is an adjunct to this. It is a logical next step. Eventually, you will understand that punishment, anger, and resentment only breed more of the same. When you develop an attitude of love, mercy, and compassion for the other person, you have made true spiritual progress.

I will say one other thing, that your society has the responsibility to provide protection for people. So your police systems, court systems are perfectly justified and necessary. And I would encourage all of you to be extremely careful about your persons and not do foolish things that put yourselves in harm's way when proceeding with the mission.

This is not to say that there are not poor and indigent people, and you should strongly consider trying to help. It is quite a challenge and adventure, and you are left with your beautiful personalities and your free wills to make all these decisions. Do you not find it exciting?

HUMAN: I no longer live in just this world. I live in this one and the one after that, and the one after that. Let me run something by you to see if I'm perceiving things as Jesus would. If something doesn't go well in this life, a relationship or something, I'm not worried because I know it will take care of itself in the next life. When someone has done wrong, I don't feel bad when they die because I know they will be rehabilitated on the mansion worlds. I know death isn't final.

TARKAS: You have a very good perspective based on your study of the Urantia Book. You understand that this lifetime is only the beginning of a glorious adventure. The poor condemned criminal who must be executed must suffer for his crimes and be resurrected on a mansion world where his final disposition will be dealt with by the Ancient of Days. It is true it will be handled there and you should not worry yourself about the problems of the whole world.

It is a very good lesson that you have given us, hopefully reinforcing the thought that day-by-day there are ways that you can make a difference. There is so much need right within your grasp. I would suggest that the big problems not cause you worry, and that you not be so concerned that you step out and work for causes that are truly futile and are not in the spiritual mission.

I should clarify this. Sometimes when the topic is raised there is the danger of misunderstanding. I did not intend to say that you should not minister to the criminals on your death rows with the love of the Father and work diligently to do what we can to give spiritual comfort. Once they pass over, then it is in other hands. To bring a wicked person to the love of the Father in this life is an accomplishment to be proud. It would serve this condemned prisoner very well on the other side.

I know that final judgments are made for many reasons, and it is not our place to speculate. As long as your brothers and sisters are with you in this life, you do have an ultimate responsibility to share with them the Father's love if the opportunity presents itself.

Has this answered your question?

HUMAN: It has reinforced that I won't feel badly but if the opportunity is there to help, I will.

TARKAS: A very succinct summation.

HUMAN: (unintelligible question)

TARKAS: By all means. In your broadened perspective, you know that the soul will be resurrected on the mansion worlds and his record will speak for him there. You know from the text that there is still opportunity on the other side to accept the Father's glorious love and repent and continue to survive. It is not our role here to conjecture on who might be saved and who might not. These are judgments that are not for us to make.

HUMAN: We can always ask the Father to send someone to them to help them. You can always pray. Remember God hates evil but loves the evildoer.

HUMAN: I remember a story about an older woman, a very spiritual woman who was confronted by a rapist in her home. She talked to him and he came to know God.

HUMAN: That evildoer who has gone on to a mansion world might be better than anyone here because he may have had that spiritual awakening there that I'm working on here. There is no line between here and there.

TARKAS: There are many glorious comeback stories in the mansion worlds.

I thank you, Father Bob, for your reminder of prayer, for prayer is something we all must do daily in a specific way. Please think of something you can pray about each day and make a specific petition to Christ Michael to address this. This is the very least you can do for the mission. I trust that you do firmly believe that prayer is effective. This is one of the first lessons that you must learn. Daily worship is very glorious in many ways. Daily prayer is asked of each of you.

These discussions are very good because you are always able to bring out perspectives and points of view that are invariably accurate and add to what I say. This is a good example of humans and personalities such as your teachers working together in a gratifying way to serve on Urantia.

I would remind you that there are many teachers here and many guides working under my example. Find times during the day to seek the stillness and ask questions. Be sure to wait a few minutes for the answer. Start to gather these impressions and the thoughts that come to mind and see what unfolds.

HUMAN: I have tried to identify with a person in prison in order to have compassion. How horrible for that person who has turned away from their Thought Adjusters and God's love. They need someone who can find that spark of light within them that they cannot see. Think of the child within them. Help them forgive themselves.

TARKAS: This is a very beautiful lesson that you have given and you are absolutely correct. We should remember that every person on death row was once a beautiful and innocent baby imbued with the purity and goodness of the infant. And yet life on your troubled world, the breakdown of spirituality, the exclusion of spiritual thinking in your institutions, the failures of your schools, and the failures, most of all, of the family structure, have formed the condemned criminal who sits there in judgment. In many cases, the burden of his guilt is worse than the punishment that can be inflicted.

In these institutions that you have, the matter of judgments continues to come up. I suggest that in your present state you are judging people too harshly, you are finding no inner goodness and you have devoted too few resources for rehabilitation of these people and giving them an influx of love and understanding. Your world suffers from many deficient genetic strains and these people cause many problems that could be avoided by working with them early in a strong spiritual home. This is much of what the mission is about.

The Correcting Time mission is not completely about spirituality on a direct basis. Many things lead into spirituality, such as efforts that you put forth to rebuild families, to minister to the poor and hungry, the misguided. These things are great examples of showing love and brotherhood that are certainly from a spiritual setting but also have a very human dimension, as well.

HUMAN: I would like to know some ideas about how we can better improve the educational system.

TARKAS: At the present time, I would administer love, compassion, and understanding to the students that you work with. For the long term, spirituality should be returned to the education process, not from a standpoint of proliferating dogma from the various churches, but in finding commonalties -- recognition of the heavenly Father, recognition of each of us as His children and to build life accordingly. This should be the basic message interwoven into any teaching curriculum, regardless of where misguided atheists would take exception. The heavenly Father must be part of your institutions if you are to shuck this legacy of violence and aggressive greed and replace it with spiritual love.

QUESTION: Do you experience pain?

TARKAS: Not in the sense that I think you are using the term. But if you define this as some sort of suffering, then it is true that we suffer sometimes, especially for the things that we see on this mission. We had heard about conditions on these troubled worlds but we had not fully comprehended the scope of some of the madness until we were here. I think that some of the empathy we have borders on suffering, to some degree. But this answer is partly speculative on my part based on how I define the word pain as you present it.

We are truly washed in a truly glorious spiritual joy that continues to be regenerated daily on this side. It is like drinking the water of a cool mountain stream as we go to commune with the heavenly Father each day. We have been allowed to be just a little closer to the heavenly Father on this side than you have and we can experience a somewhat higher level of joy through our worship and prayer.

This is something you have to look forward to, just as I have goals in my adventure that I look forward to. There is always something to reach for and there will always be inspiration at hand to help you achieve this.

QUESTION: I have never believed that childbirth should be painful. Why is the joy of giving birth associated with pain?

TARKAS: I am not entirely free to discuss this subject in any depth, but I will say the miracle of childbirth on planets that are settled in light and life is much easier and much more joyful than on your troubled world. There is a legacy here as well which I will not endeavor to explain, but there are many aspects of your being which were influenced by the Lucifer rebellion. You will recall that these evil forces were in control for some 200,000 years. You realize how vast this time is in the context in which you see time. I can only say that this pain is part of your mortal lives at this stage of your development on Urantia.

I will add that, perhaps the pain and suffering, and the forbearance and courage that is required in childbirth can also make the joys and triumphs of achieving this miracle more joyful to you.

HUMAN: (unintelligible question)


TARKAS: I would be most pleased to visit with you in Buffalo. I have been visiting here and there with groups in recent weeks and find the variety of experiences quite fascinating. It seems that no two groups progress in exactly the same way. The opportunities and challenges are somewhat different in each case. Just as you are all different and as we are all different on this side. In our differences we love and work with one another. This is as it should be.