1995-02-20-More Family Group

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Topic: More Family Group

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham, Abraham

TR: Nina



Greetings. I am HAM. I, too, can always feel comfortable returning to this branch on my family tree. It has been a long and difficult test of our endurance. It has been filled with many lessons of trial and triumph of the spirit. I am overjoyed to see you have held up. I wish you joy in your upcoming tasks ahead. Look to them as a challenge rather than an obstacle. Many blessings go with you. I leave you to Abraham. Farewell.

Shalom. I am ABRAHAM. I wish to impart to you a furtherance on the group/family. You may well know of your difficulties in communication and understanding. You may have learned something about judgment, being judged or judging. You may have family members who roll through life with one problem after another. You may be one with one problem after another.

I can tell you these family members always caught up in turmoil are crying out. Something they feel is lacking, therefore, they may seek out one difficulty after another. It brings a cover over the actual crying out of the soul and puts the focus on a material problem.


Problems, Sympathy

Many may live their lives wading through a river of muddy and murky water not actually seeing the benefits of crossing this river. To you I say, some sympathy for these problem ridden fellows, but too much sympathy can be a detriment to them. They may believe all their difficulties are a reality, when in fact, it is a covering up of the soul's true desires. I would say, the true souls desires would be LOVE. That is really what all souls wish for, something as simple as love.

So when you listen and sympathize with one who may go on about their daily misfortunes, you can give them what they really seek, love. You can be tactful in your dealings with those with seemingly numerous problems, but it would do them well for you to be truthful as well. You can support them in their feelings, but you should not encourage or validate their fears or blown out of proportion problems.

When you listen to your family or group member, seek not to play into false feelings of fear. You may love them so much, wanting to spare them from the pains of truth. I say, it would be far worse to agree and let them continue in their cycle of an imagined problem.

As you can remember, the Master sympathizes not with those who would lie down before their troubles. The Master taught with questions. Questions to your troubled friend or family may reveal to them a lighter side, perhaps a solution that may lie within their own being.


This week in your dealings with family/friends think about not over-sympathizing, but let them know of your love for them. You can support them in their feelings, give them your understanding, perhaps you have been there, but try not to validate feelings of fear. Tactfulness with honesty is also beneficial to this friend or family member.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Are you one who wades in a river of imagined problems? Are you one that stirs the mud under the water on purpose?


Sometimes in the stillness when you let the mud/dirt settle you may find your soul's true desire. You may find what it is your soul cries out for. Take these words with you into your week and I’ll be here again to hear of your dealing with your fellows. Shalom.