1995-04-24-Thought Receiving and Delivery

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Topic: Thought Receiving and Delivery

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teachers: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you. How was your week of practicing feeling at home in the world? I love to hear of your experiences with the weekly lessons. I must say these lessons are ongoing. These lessons are to be interwoven into your daily experiences. Once effort has been made to practice these living lessons they become natural. These skills are unconsciously done daily.


Thought, Mind, Circuits

I would like to speak on thought receiving and delivery. Everyday you may receive ideas and thoughts which you may claim as your own. Some of these thoughts you receive are given to you by your Indwelling Spirit, which is your Thought Adjuster. Many thoughts may be delivered by the universal circuitry. Many thoughts are received by you, and then also, delivered on a planetary circuit. Many mortals are mentally equipped for receiving these higher thought messages. It is easy for them to receive and then to send out verbally to friends, family, but also, to send out mindally on this thought circuit.

It is wondered how the world so filled with destruction and negative emotions can move closer to Light and Life. I would tell you our Creator, His Spirit of Truth, His staff, His planetary helpers also work with this mind to mind sending of thoughts. This is how we can reach many mortals of this world. A shift of mind is needed to further the evolution of this world. No, this is not brainwashing, mind coercing. Thoughts are only delivered to those who desire them.

Jesus, when He went alone into the hills to commune with His Father, many things were made clear to Him. Many thoughts He received. Many times was His heavy heart lifted up by Father. He was open to receive. He thought not only planetary, but He thought universally. In this He was able to better know the Father’s will. He was better able to understand which direction His Father in Heaven would have Him take. The Master helped this world take a giant step forward in understanding. He was able to receive thoughts and then to give out again in His teachings, in His ministering to His fellows.


Right now your nation mourns the tragedy that occurred last week the Oklahoma bombing. I also mourn for this planet and its seemingly senseless violence. I can tell you now the thought circuit is alive with powerful positive thoughts. Out of a tragedy minds and hearts join in reflection of their own individual lives and their lives together here. Out of a tragedy many more openly accept their neighbors personality patterns, habits. Out of a tragedy the world has become more connected, more aligned with the thought circuit.

This is not to say tragedy is good. This is to say there will be tragedy. There will be pain. There will be grieving, but also, there will be an outburst of thoughts of love, service, caring and healing. I would ask you to focus on some of the positive things that might possibly come out of negative occurrences.


I would also mention a good time to receive celestial thoughts is during a time of stillness, perhaps during a moment of creativity. I would say the receiving of these thoughts are also ideal at times of self-reflection. I have spoken of changing the worldly paradigm, but I would also add, this thought circuit also serves individual learning experiences as well.