1995-10-09-Scales of Justice

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Topic: Scales of Justice

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Your prayers are almost visible to me. I am certain that your prayerful attitudes are of great benefit to those that you pray for and yourselves as well.


Justice, Peace

I ask you, was your learning in spiritual envy and spiritual pride fruitful? I can attest that this lesson will continue possibly on past the mansion worlds training. If Lucifer had learned this particular lesson completely, he may have not gone astray so easily. Had he not been the son of self-love, and had his blanket of faith been weaved with trust in his Paradise Father, he may have had a chance to be one of God’s loving and helpful sons, instead of a disloyal servant. Yes, a healthy amount of self-love is good as long as you also realize your fellows are as equal within the kingdom as you are.

I am understanding that the scales of justice for this world are quite imbalanced. Imbalance may be caused by an over-amount of self-love without regard for one’s fellows. Say for example, the race issue. A certain race is perhaps tormented by past injustices, and in order to atone for these injustices, a particular race may become imbalanced by overmuch self-pity and love. This is possibly where the scales of justice become imbalanced. Yes, overmuch self-love, self-pity, one who tries to atone for misfortune heaped upon them.

I say to you right now, we as a people can not atone for the past sins/injustices of our ancestors. We can only learn from their mistakes. We can not right the wrongs of our ancestors. We can only record their history and sift through their mistakes and mix them with our own understanding of truth. I do not say the past is all in vain. I say, the past is part of your evolution, your learning to become a spiritual people.

I say to you, that are spiritually aware, injustice strikes your hearts more deeply. It is hard to reckon with such unfairness in the world. It is hard to understand your fellow mortals. You question, why can’t they see what I see? Why can’t they all understand? Yes, this injustice is painful for those who are God-knowing. It may leave you with the feeling to immediately correct the balance to the scales of justice. This urge can be overwhelming, confusing, and feel somewhat helpless. Yes, God-knowing individuals seek to right all injustices in the name of their God of all that is righteous and holy. I also say, that the God-trusting individual knows that God is in control of His universes and His justice has no space or time. His justice is lasting and complete, absolute.

Yes, when all perhaps seems lost or hopeless, the God-trusting and knowing individual relaxes in their Father’s perfect peace. I say to you, the mind circuits this week have been so busy with mortal thoughts of morals and virtues and decisions. It would be such a wonderful idea if the whole world sat aside ten minutes for the stillness and awaited our help, our Father’s perfect peace.

I am knowing that this particular lesson seems possibly a little shallow, a little slow, but I ask for you to [listen] to my words, and think on them as positive ideas to the cosmic mind. This is a time of choosing. The Divine Minister is available to help with this mortal choosing of meanings and values. I ask you, even though the scales of justice are seemingly out of balance, I pray that you would not let anything interfere with your individual relationships with your fellow mortal brothers and sisters regardless of race, religion, wealth, status. I am honored and happy to be here with you and to be able to assist you in anything I can. A few questions?



R.: I am not sure where this is written, but this is as I remember it. The Master speaking to the apostles, He in reference to the miracles and healings and things that He did, said to them as I remember it, these things that I do ye shall do and even greater things shall you do, which means given the right capacity and acting as a channel of the Father’s light and love, we can expect to in this lifetime to see miracles performed that are very unordinary and very eventful if they are done for the glory of God. Am I misinterpreting what you are saying? I know that there are a lot of ordinary events that are very important that we continue to do, but there will be things that will be very unusual, very eventful, if I interpret His message correctly. Can you comment on that?

ABRAHAM: Jesus, His message, was entirely spiritual. His meaning, to be endowed with the Fragment of God and to be assisted by His Spirit of Truth. Yes, greater things will be purely spiritually. I can not say greater things will be material or miraculous. Yes, Jesus was not on this world for too long. Most of you will spend a lifetime, much longer than Jesus, and have much opportunity to do great things. Had Jesus been afforded additional time, He would also have accomplished much greater things, purely spiritual things. Does this help?

R.: I think I am interpreting correctly of what Jesus did in His life was purely spiritual, so the things that He did that He was referring to were purely spiritual, but the apostles would do even greater purely spiritual things. I am not getting the distinction of things that are not purely spiritual and things that are purely spiritual. It begins to be fuzzy and I don’t know. It does help to hear from you who has had life experience here.

ABRAHAM: You are correct in that Jesus did do great spiritual things and will you do great spiritual things through the gift of the spirit, yes. It will not be a job for the weak-hearted or the glory seekers. It will be a task for the average human with trust in their Paradise Father. You are not too far off. You are understanding. Yes, good question. Another question?


C.: Abraham, am I too far off in thinking that on the other side of this earlier discussion, would we be effective to the `new hearer’ out there in using words such as, God has shown me this and tomorrow you will see that, or so on ? I think you get the flavor of what I am bringing out. I mean that sounds like the things that, yes, Jesus did and the apostles did, and are we to exercise the faith that we are also that way, or to be taught a little more average way? I think I have put it clear enough so I’ll stop there.

ABRAHAM: There is no one set rule for teaching. There is no uniform concepts for you to teach with. Yes, it is up to each individual and what he truly desires. Does he truly desire to assist his Father in Heaven or does he truly desire to be pleasing in God’s eyes or perhaps his fellow mortals? Does he wish to be of true help to his fellows or does he wish to be a spiritual icon to them? It is all about choices. It is all about mastering the mind. It is about remaining the learner. It is known that God-seeking individuals truly desire to do right and this intent is understood and Father will build upon your intentions.


I hope this helps. Until next week, shalom.