1996-01-01-TR'ing Will Become Obsolete

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Topic: TR'ing Will Become Obsolete

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



CHAD: Abraham, you are choosing to speak through somebody right now. Is that your preference or do you have other ways to communicate with people directly or indirectly?

ABRAHAM: I am choosing this method with Ellanor because she allows it. If she did not I would attempt to perhaps use different methods, such as speaking to Ellanor through her friends, her family, perhaps through meditation where messages are felt rather than heard. To speak through another is not uncommon. We have perfected this method over time. And I would agree that everyone here this evening is quite capable of using this particular method, whether there is willingness is another question.

But I say those mortals who claim to have exclusive rights on this particular method of communication are not being truthful. All are capable and indeed welcome to experience this technique. It is a matter of willingness and trust and allowance on the part of the receiving mortal. As time goes on this method of communication will appear to be quite natural and not at all the phenomenon some proclaim it to be.

Still as this world progresses further into Light and Life this particular method of transmitting/receiving will be outdated and unnecessary to reach the masses, for the natural abilities of those who seek to live within the will of Father will easily have all needed information at hand through the universal circuits and the use of the cosmic mind. Does this help? (Yes.)