1996-02-12-Decision to Commit

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Topic: Decision to Commit

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you this evening. I so look forward to meeting with you weekly. I am feeling we, together, stand on the brink of new discoveries. At times I feel overly anxious and I tend to move quickly.


Last week I assisted you in discovering your own courage to face your personal fears. I must say I am quite amazed at your willingness to learn higher spiritual values and be not afraid to trust in the universal over-care. You know well that fear has moved you to take certain actions that were not God-like. Fear has held you back from doing what you thought to be God-like. I say this commitment to be God-like will remove many barriers of fear in your earthly and spiritual life pathways.

I labor not to lure you into spiritual privileges and higher meanings of divine living. I seek not to force you to decide to be God-like. I have nothing to gain from your decision. I have been instructed to teach according to Michael's plan of correction. I do not ask you to commit to being like God with the promise of spiritual rewards, no. I ask you to look deep into your total self and ask yourself, 'what is it about me that embodies all goodness and truth.' Ask yourself, 'without Father who am I?' Many times we face bitter self disappointments and we chastise our mistakes and loathe our ignorance when all along the goodness was there and not being utilized. I ask everyday, 'Father make me like you.' I recognize the source of all goodness and I crave to be like the source. I desire to know God and be like Him. I have made the conscious choice to be God-like and Father has responded.


This evening I ask you to converse with one another on this topic: Desire to be God-like and decision to commit. Discuss committing to God-likeness and your idea of Father's attributes in which you strive to attain. This is all. This is all for this evening. Until next week, shalom.