1996-05-06-God Loves You Because You Are

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Topic: God Loves You Because You Are

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I bid you greetings and thank you for your diligence in searching for truth. I am happy to be witness to your group ministry, all in participation and being open to ideas without the egos interference. This group is devoted to partaking of Michael's cup and together you stand in understanding of that experience. Your interaction is healing individually and contributes to the overall wellness of your world. This group is exhibiting honesty without fear of rejection. It is quite a comfort to know that your fellows are understanding your mortal conflicts and also accepting of your personal techniques in which you deal with those struggles. All intentions are positive and facilitate healing. Your communication is love without pretense, love for just occupying space. To be so accepting is indeed healing beyond this room. Yes, love is a powerful force that manipulates matter and transcends time/space.



Last week we performed an exercise in receiving the universal love and manifesting it forth as light, receiving love/giving love. Many find that there are so many conditions to mortal love that these conditions are also expected from our celestial leaders. This is not a reality. God loves you because you are. Nothing can you do to earn this love, nothing can you be. Nothing can you pay for the source of all love. It is yours for the taking. Think not that God loves as a mortal. God is the one true source of all love and He does not demand any payment for this love. He desires to know His children and bestow this love freely. So many times in mortal history is love traded for some cost. People have done all they could for this desired fulfillment, feeling of plain love and acceptance. Some can say in order to be loved I must hide my genuine self. I must portray a lovable individual. I must be that person who should not exhibit any unpleasantries of myself for I may lose love.

Through the ages mortals have strived for the best, to be the best, to gain power and control, to be respected and possibly feared. This confusion has brought much devastation to this planet, when the true desire all along has been love. Father asks not for you to be anyone other than who you are. You see, you are already loved as much as you possibly can be. You cannot be loved anymore than you are right now. There is no extra amounts of love to be earned. Father does not ask you to be something you are not. Said Jesus, "love each other as I have loved you." Why do mortals attempt to buy, sell or trade love as if it were a commodity? Why must some feel they must represent a certain desirable personality trait in order to be loved, to earn the love of their fellows? Cannot you love another because they are? Must another earn your love as a sort of payment for bringing you happiness? Can you love others because they are? Said Jesus, "love each other as I have loved you."

Ponder this message going out through the universes, filling every heart, every mind, every soul, every intelligent being knowing there is no more love to be gained than what you have right now. You have this. We ask that you give this to each other. Freely give love for freely it has been given to you. Make it known in your associations that you freely give your love without the expectation of receiving it back from them. This receiving this love back from them is not your concern. Your concern should be, you contain all the love you shall ever receive. You have a direct line and know that to accept this love is to say to God, yes, you are my Father. You are a vessel in which Father fills with the love of the ages and freely you shall project them forth, and I guarantee, you will be as a lantern that many seek because you love without compensation. A few question.



CALVIN: Abraham, thank again for a very, very, very helpful viewpoint, increased understanding on love. The old way of looking at love is so different than this newer perceived way. It is incredible. However, in living daily life with someone who cannot see the bigger picture of love, but only sees the old incorrect way, are there words that can help, because we have to live with these people? It can be very agitating. They see your source is not them and them only. I know this living love would be the example, but are we to try to talk sense into them, leave them, leave them alone. It can be very agitating when they think of love as a possession they must have to be happy.

ABRAHAM: Yes. This is not a problem you can help with other than to talk openly and reassuringly. These individuals who fear the loss of love are bound by a sense of loss. This sense of loss is overwhelming and tends to drive mortals to hang on with all they have. They are believing they are not enough to hold up their end of a relationship. They are drowning and they hold fast to their partner as a life raft. Only the drowning person is also pulling under what they believe to be their saving source. Until you take a step towards faith and ask Father to fill you with this love you might always attempt to retrieve this love from mortals. And I say with no disrespectfulness intended, mortals are nowhere qualified to fulfill the love that God bestows upon His children. Keep talking, keep communicating, this helps release some of the fear. When you are being pulled under you must reach for that greater life preserver. Does this help? (It couldn't have been more perfect. I thank you very much.)

Light and Life

ROLAND: Abraham, in a world of Light and Life what does relationships with all these characteristics, even personality attributes of males and females on that world have? How do they interrelate with one another? I ask this recognizing that I have not seen in this world a relationship between men and women that did not have a tremendous amount of specialistic, mythology and delusion. I am wondering what a real Light and Life relationship looks like. Since you have that perspective could you help us see perhaps some of the characteristics?

ABRAHAM: Yes. A relationship on worlds in Light and Life know not fear of loss, know not the feelings of inferiority, know not the feelings of superiority. They are whole individuals to begin with. They are unable to join with another in the hope that they would attain wholeness. They are whole to begin with. My Urantian friends on the other hand know these feelings, uncomfortable, painful, emotional, energy draining games that they play with one another. It appears to be a waste of time, but these are necessary steps toward Light and Life. You cannot skip over evolution. These mentally draining feelings are acceptable, not pleasant, but acceptable. Mortals are becoming aware that they are not a lone intelligence, that there exist a source where all love originates and that is a force beyond their comprehension. This world is seeing the beginning stages of Light and Life and they are all beginning with individuals putting their focus on love, love of others, love of God, love of Goodness, Truth, Beauty and there indeed needs to be a certain amount of love for self, certain amount of knowing that you are a deserving child of God, loved as any other child. A healthy amount of self-love is a good start to begin a relationship based on individual wholeness. An over amount of self-love is to set off imbalance. An inadequate amount is to set off imbalance. Another question?

No questions.


ABRAHAM: I am wishing to express to you my love. I know you each individually and it was nothing that you said or did that made me love you. The fact that you are my brothers and sisters, son and daughters of the one God, opened my heart and I feel Father's love for each. I recognize in you what is really you and I am deeply in love with you each. Until next week, shalom.