1996-08-08-Spirit Vision Bestows Liberty

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Topic: Spirit Vision Bestows Liberty

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you here this evening. I am always fascinated by your unending enthusiasm and determination to move forward. You, my friends, are indeed learning that perceiving through the eyes of our Father is complex and enlightening. You are learning of the importance of obtaining spirit vision, but also do you meet with some confusion. I say your desire to be Spirit led will direct you toward less confusion and more accurate spiritual vision.


Now does this world begin to recognize certain evolutionary changes. Now do mortals recognize the unseen energies that were not apparent before. Now do mortals recognize a deeper love and compassion than was previously experienced. I say your world is taking great strides to get to the status that you would have held had you not experienced such planetary upheaval.

Vision, Liberty

On the mansion worlds lessons in Spiritual vision are few, for you see, students there are without the hindrance of material form. Spiritual vision is quite natural and not labored over as a positive spiritual trait. It just is. You, however, have experienced spiritual blindness and spiritual vision. You are knowing of the contrast and I say this is of great value. Feel not pity for Urantian mortals for they have stood victorious over spiritual darkness. I say, yes, it was work on the part of all Urantian citizens, but I also say, this is of great blessing. You are being educated to teach and assist your mortal fellows. No longer is this world pitied by the onlookers within the universe, but given due respect as a cog in the wheel that enhances the growth of the Supreme Being. We will continue to ponder over your new experiences with spiritual vision, but tonight I wish to say a few words on a direct benefit of the use of spiritual vision.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.[1] Liberty is a benefit bestowed by spiritual vision. To view yourselves and others with your new vision you are released from the bonds of human judgment. There is liberty in the everyday mortal living when you are at ease to be your true selves. There is also liberty for those that you view with your new eyes. There is a comfort in being with one who possesses not judgment, but love and complete acceptance. Do you see, when you choose to be spirit led, obtain spirit vision, view all personalities as children of God, you are freeing yourself to be just that--yourself? Do you see, there is not a better thing to be?.

I do not say take selfish concern and disregard your fellows opinions. I say look to your Father, for it is Him that created and defines you. Your fellows are at liberty to think and feel as they please, but their opinion has no power over you. You are viewing all with your new eyes and seeing yourself and others as a part of the whole. I say to know that you are loved because you are uniquely you is to experience indescribable joy, for liberty has found you. I say with certainty that you will not likely experience the Father's freely bestowed liberty without the constant effort to utilize your spiritual vision.

It is said, "Judge not lest you be judged." [2] I say this is a mortal condition, nonetheless true. Your own release over your fellows actions is to experience untold liberties. I would assure you that all liberty that stems from our Father is to encompass Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, not self-seeking glories that has darkened your previous history. Let me make that clear. All personal liberty is because our Father allows it. I would say that your loyalty to Father is evidence that you are quite knowledgeable of your personal liberty. You are trusting of your Father's watch-care and you are led to love and serve through faith. Are there questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, we welcome Simeon We appreciate Simeon visiting with us and his work in the Mission to draw people together--I should say tie people together, make us all feel a common thread interlinking each group as all one family.

ABRAHAM: Yes, well said. I say welcome to you and I would express my gratitude for your persistence in keeping this Mission moving forward. Well done. Perhaps a question?

Simeon: I do have questions that are not surfacing yet. I know there are some things I want to ask. So if somebody has one...

CALVIN: Are you in teaching us of the liberty of the Father, is that the same as having us consciously realize that we are free from what other people think about what we are doing, just freedom--like others expectations of us just being lifted off us and knowing we are free to be ourselves and free to move forward in our own path being mistakes in there or not? Is there more to it--deeper than that?

ABRAHAM: Exactly exactly. Your new found freedom would allow you to be the person Father intended for you to be. You are allowed to be a child of God and act accordingly to the will of our Father without worry or care about others opinions. Other opinions are confining and do not allow you to learn and grow as a child in this universe. Opinionated souls cast definitions and many may find it so happens to become their destiny. Your new spirit eyes helps you see that you are Father's child and it is His will that defines you and your path. You are equipped with wings, so to speak. Does this help


CALVIN: Yes. It is as Victoria said earlier when she felt free from the expectations and pressures of her former religion experience, and now has a new enthusiasm to pursue life and truth.

ABRAHAM: Yes absolutely and forget not that this brings entirely new levels of joy and worshipful gratitude. Yes.

CALVIN: Also it is good to have Jeremiah back with us. We thank him for his work and representing our Woods Cross group.

ABRAHAM: Greetings Jeremiah. It is always wonderful to meet with you. Do you have questions?


JEREMIAH: Could you give us further understanding on spirit vision versus spiritual insight and spiritual foresight? Is there a difference, and if so, what?

ABRAHAM: Spiritual insight is always forthcoming when there has been effort made to observe and reflect with the eyes of our Father. Spiritual insight is as a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. It is a struggle to journey through the tunnel, but the light at the end has made the journey worthwhile. Spiritual foresight is more in the area of your personal Father Fragment. I am to direct you to Him for additional information. Spiritual foresight is real, and yet it stands upon an unstable foundation, if I am understanding you correctly. Is this helping?

JEREMIAH: Yes. Unstable because it has yourself included in spiritual foresight?

ABRAHAM: Correct and the margin for error is great. Yes, you are in understanding. Another question?


VICTORIA: You talked in your lesson about having spiritual vision that will give us liberty and free us from our self-seeking glory that has darkened our past history. Thank you for bringing that out for us. I now stand naked and yet I try to hold on to those past experiences and want to use them as a way to see my growth. As old part passes can I be assured that my darkest fears can now be my joys?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You are correct in your perceptions of growth. Your dark experiences has blessed you in the gift of spiritual vision. Your experience has been a great teacher and your understanding is correct. You have indeed undergone training for apostleship and are able to assist others who believe they have been run down by life. You are trained to witness that your hardships have been a most successful teacher. I doubt not your abilities to spread a positive energy toward your fellows who appear to be caught up in tragedies. Your relinquishing of self aggrandizement has emptied your spiritual cup to receive spiritual realities. I say those that remain a learner are taught. Those that remain in a mode of learning are inviting Michael and His vast hosts to help guide and direct personally and socially. Another question?


Simeon: I have taken the summer to travel and learn. I've felt lead and have experienced much joy. I am now near my journeys end and now I come to the point of what to do next. Where might I go that would be a help to this Teaching Mission? Do I stay here, go to Colorado and then down to California? I've felt I should just let my hair down and go with my insight.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I am aware that you know I am unable to give direct guidance. I am also aware that you are filled with a faith/trust that is at times hard to find on a material world. You have been "free-falling" and I would ask you have you experienced very much turbulence on the way?

Simeon: Yes, mostly inward, not from people. I've experienced kindness and warmth, even from those who disagree. Turbulence only with issues of what I want to do with the rest of my life and to get through feelings of my past hurts and my longings for companionship, to be in a relationship that is fulfilling.

ABRAHAM: Yes, I would say your trust in Father to guide you has lead you through an inner journey as well as an outer one. I would say that the inner journeys are always fraught with more difficulties than outer journeys. This has assisted you in discoveries of your true self. I would say that your sojourn in the name of this Mission goes beyond your rational thought understanding. I say with certainty that your connections made are filled with spiritual benefit that will be lasting for quite some time. I cannot say forsake your material responsibilities, your social assignments, your interpersonal relationships and travel in the name of our Teaching Mission. I can perhaps say to you what the Master said to His own apostles and that is, "Our Father's kingdom is purely spiritual." (137:8) I will allow you to reflect upon it there. Are there more questions?

No questions.


ABRAHAM: I am in gratitude to you, my friends, for your love and acceptance has granted me the liberty to teach you. I do feel at liberty to be my true self without pressure to perform in the hopes that this message may become more potent. I would ask you to be aware of your acceptance of yourself and freedom from judgment and observe what takes place from there. My love to you. Shalom.