1996-10-08-Becoming Receptive, Seeing Through God's Eyes

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Topic: Becoming Receptive, Seeing Through God's Eyes

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Brothers and sisters, I would like to begin this evening with a prayer to Our All-Powerful First Source and Center, Who fills the universe, Who fills His creation with infinite energy and infinite pattern, Whose harmony echoes to the far corners of time and space ~ we look to You, Universal Father, for the echo of Your voice. We ask that You see Yourself reflected in and through us, that Your great light be seen in your children as we reach to Your tremendous love, to Your power, to Your understanding ~ to You, Our Father, Our Mother, to Whom we owe our being. Bless us and rain upon us Your infinite light and life. Smile upon our associations that as Your sons and daughters we may reflect and radiate Your love to one another as we are able and as we are responsive to receive Your divine blessing.

TOMAS: Good evening, friends, I am Tomas, your teacher.

Group: Good evening, Tomas.



TOMAS: I welcome you here this evening with great relish, for you have shown yourselves to be worthy of the Great Conductor. Remember when we spoke many months ago about the symphony and I equated you to the orchestra warming up prior to the actual musical presentation and equated your preliminary noises as the cacophony of sounds made by the many instruments in this warming up process? My beloved pupils and followers of Michael, you this evening remind me now of a chamber orchestra that has found its instrument and has tuned it and is now poised and ready to await the Conductor's direction, that you may then begin to play your notes in harmony.

The peace of the instant is worth savoring, and I remind you that this peace and tranquility of this poignant moment, prior to the actual making of the music, is greatly enhanced through the practice of stillness. This evening I would like to speak to you regarding receptivity, for as you sit alert in your spiritual poise, as you are alerted to the sign from the Conductor as to when to begin to play, you await this prompt in a state of receptivity, as when you pray and praise your Creator you await in silence, in receptivity of his guidance, his direction.

How to become more receptive is the focus of our moment together this evening. It assumes, of course, that you have a desire to receive. What normal mortal being is not in the market for the reception of good tidings, good things, good thoughts, good energies, good goods? Alas, much of mankind is unreceptive, or, selectively receptive and spiritually unreceptive. Learning to love and learning to receive love is the first step in ascertaining how to be receptive.

In order that you receive love, you must love first. In order to receive forgiveness, you must forgive first. In order to receive, you must first make yourself responsive and receptive; you must acknowledge your hunger for guidance and supreme knowledge. In order that you can avail yourself of this bounty, you must set aside the belief that you have all that you need or that you are all that you want to be. Ever is the vessel ready for yet more truth, more learning capacity. The cup runneth over and yet awaits the next drop of spiritual nourishment as a thirsty man in hell. The ability to receive spirit guidance, then, is predicated on your willingness to receive and then to serve with what you have received -- to give.

Each of you are sensitive to spirit presence, spirit leadings. Each of you in your own way seek guidance from your inner guide, your Indwelling Adjuster. Many of you have become sensitive to the various energies emanating throughout your local universe in the form of personality and you seek to be receptive and responsive to these celestial helpers. Some of you eagerly open your minds to receive words, impressions, concepts, thoughts from various teachers, from Michael, from the Living God himself. How do you know that what you have received is from the Source? And how much have you construed in your own mind, in your desire to be part of the cosmic wheel, the celestial neighborhood?

Only by being receptive and waiting until the reception is clear and then giving. Sometimes there is static on the line. This is understood, for none of you have perfected your techniques of receiving. These myriad aspects of reception vary from moment to moment, from individual to individual, for the universe is filled with things, energies, impressions, music and so on for you. In stillness you are most apt to receive that which you are to receive most clearly, without the static of an exterior influence. And when the reception is clear, when you have found the way, the way will open before you to give, to serve, to transmit that which you have received.

In all the bounties, in all the blessings, in all the challenges and the adventures and the difficulties and opportunities which you may be receptive to and recipient of, it is invaluable to you to remember the nature of God, the divine nature of our Universal Father, our God, for God is love. It is personified in Michael as mercy. And if in your work you recall these two powerful strengths, these mighty messages of the heart, you will prevail.

It is a bounty for me, Teacher Tomas, to receive into this fellowship this evening our visitor. I have been prepared for your arrival, Perihan, by association with my fellow teachers, and by observing in person your radiance, which makes it apparent to all those who have eyes to see, that you have been with the Master and you are identifiable as our sister in the kingdom. We are enriched by your presence and emboldened by your energy in your desire to do His will.

How wonderful it is for me to experience this chamber orchestra this evening, in readiness of its musical chords. I defer to the Master Conductor, however; I am only a first violin. May I hear from you, my flock?


Ruth: Tomas, this is Ruth. TOMAS: Yes, daughter.

Ruth: Thank you very much for your words of wisdom last week. You helped me in being able to help this person.

TOMAS: I am pleased to serve. I am very glad that I was able to provide you with those words and sentiments, which helped you in your path, in your choosing. I have faith in you and in your capacity to serve, in your integrity. It was a difficult job but somebody had to do it. I am glad you got to experience that responsibility. As difficult as you found it, it is invaluable to you to understand the facet of the responsibility of the whole, rather like the concept of loving the sinner while hating the sin, for you have known compassion for the entire deranged situation. Such a life on such a planet! I am happy with you that the brunt of the experience is behind you but for the parties involved; the drama will play out for yet generations. Well done, my friend.

Ruth: Thank you, Tomas.

Hunnah: Tomas, this is...

TOMAS: Hunnah.

Hunnah: Hunnah.

TOMAS: I know you well, my dear.

Hunnah: Abram and I had a pleasant weekend in nature among many, many, many people, and it was in many ways a positive experience. It was a craft show, for those of you who will be reading this later on. But one of the things that struck my attention was the number of people who are physically and mentally deficient who were compassionately aired, taken out into nature into the pleasant diversion of the festivities. It was just like a follow-up of the lesson you had last week about hope, and even though many people take care of people like that because they need a job, I was impressed with the people who did it because it was a form of fulfillment as well as a job, and it was a very nice experience. . .. and I just thought I'd comment about it, that it was sort of pushed in my face, the wide range of life out there, and all the different attitudes and interests of people. It was very enjoyable.

TOMAS: I am glad that you are enjoying your awareness of life and the light of people thereon. It occurs to me, while you describe your experience, that hope was not a predominant theme so much as your impression with the "merciful ministry" which was on-going. I can anticipate that those who are disabled have struggled with undying hope and those who tend to the ill and disabled also have longed with undying hope for a brighter tomorrow, but have, in the interim, assumed the yoke happily of "merciful ministry."

These efforts on behalf of the children of Urantia are not unnoticed in the realms On High. Each kindness, each service, is done unto the Master.

Perihan: Tomas. TOMAS: Yes.

Perihan: It is such a joy to be welcomed so graciously, and I am so full of excitement and anticipation for the music, the symphony to come, and long for those vibrations to be light and darkness, to comfort so (indistinguishable). Thank you.

TOMAS: Daughter, how could I greet you otherwise, when you are so fragrant, when obviously your soul is so receptive to the nature of the Infinite Spirit that you, yourself, rain flowers and fragrance in your every word. Your receptivity is a delight, and the excitement you feel and eagerly anticipate is shared by myriad angels and enlightened beings, for the excitement of the gospel is vibrant and dynamic.

In the manifestation of the living love, the purity of His touch/Her embrace is to be found the most exhilarating of experiences. Your excitement and appreciation is contagious, as love is contagious, and we also look forward to the full orchestration of His love, the swelling of the music, the powerful crescendos. The swooping and sweeping appreciation of the vastness of the eternal career is swoon-inducing, truly exciting, not a matter for those who are unreceptive or unresponsive, for in order to withstand the mighty aspects of this power and glory, it is desired, it is required, that you focus your attention, your infinite attention, on that Conductor, that great, perfect Master Conductor.

What an experience it is, indeed, and isn't it marvelous that love is more contagious than hate! A small chamber orchestra can make mighty music to echo in the valleys and climb the highest hills if it is clear and in keeping/in response to the perfect direction of the Conductor.


Your anticipation toward the upcoming conference is in evidence. It is going to be great fun for me. I feel like a host at a high school prom and cannot wait to see the young people dance and fall in love. It is so wonderful to appreciate the idealism required for growth to be allowed to take place. The purity of the spirit allows this growth to take place.

Hunnah: While you're talking I'm thinking about something someone said 7 or 8 years ago, and he was very wise, and he was making reference to how many come to the program. "Come to the party" so to speak. He said, "Do not be concerned about how many you have anticipated but enjoy those that arrive," and "It is for those who attend only, not for those who did not attend." The numbers were far less than they thought there would be, but it allows me to see -- the small group allows for me to see what perhaps might be not as abundantly available if it was a large group. Would you like to comment?

TOMAS: Yes, dear. I don't mean to puff ourselves up overmuch, but it is reminiscent of the truth that we cannot see the glory of the Father in our present state and live, for the light is too great, and so I would suggest a similar truth in reference to our upcoming gathering, that if we were too many too quickly, it might be more overwhelming than is advisable, for a steady, solid, true growth of the spirit. You are correct that this intimate gathering will allow for much personal sharing and appreciation of each other and actual getting-to-know-you on a one-on-one basis, rather than a large mass who are also impressive by their numbers and energy but not perhaps as enduring as those moments garnered from a quality moment in time with a well-cherished friend.

These opportunities will avail themselves in your holiday this weekend. Be certain that you allow yourself to be receptive, for there will be many, truly many spirit beings in attendance, and many joys, gifts, lessons, impressions and so forth will be given you as you are focused and receptive. Do not make the mistake of coming home with a wheelbarrow full of coal when you could come back with a pocket full of diamonds.

Hunnah: That's neat. I like that. One of the things that occurred to me was that I'm not one of the many who will have to go to work the next day. I'm hoping that my frame will work out so that I can do the daily grind.

TOMAS: To the contrary, my dear. If the conference is a success, you will be eager to go to work at once -- for the kingdom.

Hunnah: Oh, good. Good. I wanted to make sure I was capable of ironing my clothes. TOMAS: You will not be let down. \

Teaching Mission

Hunnah: I have a question about the movement of this Mission. TOMAS: Yes.

Hunnah: We're into our fourth year, our group. And has it -- I guess it doesn't matter; there isn't any gauge necessarily -- but, are you pleased with the progress that has been made on a large scale? It's easy to think of our area, or our group, but … world wide-- because obviously it is an international response.

TOMAS: I am happy to respond and before I give my opinion I will draw an analogy, if I may, and that has to do with Christ Michael's appearances to his apostles. He had made indeed many appearances to many, many believers before he appeared to his group after they had all gotten together, and the analogy would be that there have been so many wonderful spiritual up-shoots, up-starts, up-roots, up-growings, up-comings throughout the entire planet Urantia that I understand the lack of hurry that Michael was in, in coming round to his own precious apostles.

You see, Correcting Time, of which we are a part, is global and beyond. It is affecting all of life in your realm as well as other aspects, elements, areas, affected by the Lucifer rebellion. Correcting Time is well nigh universal as far as your understanding goes, and so tremendous spiritual surges forward are taking place.

The Teaching Mission, which you have come to know through your teachers, through the network of the heart that we discuss, and through your own living experiences of being a student of a living mini-master of truth, your own life's unfoldings are a natural part of Correcting Time for Urantia and, additionally, esoteric for you because of your association in the Teaching Mission, which is part of Correcting Time but is also part of the fifth epochal revelation.

And so, to get back to your question, I am not disappointed in the least with the growth of the Teaching Mission, for it is too real not to be a radiant and profound success. Real spiritual growth, real growth of reality takes time, but it is eternal. Much of the spiritual awakenings which are taking part as a natural consequence of the adjudication, a natural consequence of Correcting Time, --(one moment). Much of what is ongoing in Correcting Time is indeed evolving, is formulating, as in evolution, although/albeit rapid evolution.

The realities of the Teaching Mission, that is to say your awareness, Hunnah, of undying hope, enlightened honesty, courageous loyalty, confiding trust -- all those are being applied in the lives of your peers and in your own personal spiritual experiences. These truths, these awakenings, which are contributing to your permanent personality, your immortal soul, these are enduring. They are revelatory. They have been revealed as truth, which is eternal, and will eternally affect your standing in the universe.

It is contributing to your eternal reality. And so it is a very exciting time in the population at large as well as in the Teaching Mission. The Teaching Mission, you see, is not necessarily for everyone and not necessarily for everyone at this time. Those who are drawn in, swept in, brought in, sucked up, induced or whatever, are fairly well selected, for one reason or another, and when the Spirit of Truth speaks, the proponents of the Teaching Mission listen; they are truly receptive to spirit reality and guidance, which is not to say they do not err, but which is to say that they are willing to work on those elements of self which will further serve true living love.

Yes, I am very pleased. I know that large numbers of people and miraculous expressions, phenomenon and so on impress the mortal mind, but we are impressed with reality, spirit reality, and the family that develops among believers is here to stay.

Hunnah: Recently I had a new definition.

TOMAS: You had a question, Hunnah?


Hunnah: An observation. I've always thought of earth as being a physical manifestation, with trees and water and such, and all of a sudden I had a new definition of what earth was. Earth was a collective consciousness. It was a tremendous gathering of beings living on form. It just sort of sunk through. And you just love to take off with the ball, and I thought maybe I could tell you that that was one of my new definitions of earth. Not that it has to be correct, but I like the idea.

TOMAS: Yes, I can see that as an artist you would like that idea, for consider as you stand out in the universe and hold the globe in the palm of your hand and look at it, you cannot see the trees, the water, and yet you are looking at your natal sphere, perhaps as a Creator would look at his creation and see that it is not just a geologic orb, but a living thing. And what is that living thing but collective consciousness, so of course I appreciate your new definition. It is an interesting one.

Hunnah: I also have had an experience -- and I'm sharing it because our group is so quiet tonight and if anyone wants to interrupt, please do, but -- I have had the feeling that occasionally that I am the eyes of God. We're at the festival and I'm looking at all these people and it's as if I was looking at them for someone. We went to the Catholic Church where the child received her confirmation and I was sitting over on the side away from the activity, like a quiet observer with a camera. It was an objectivity experience. Hunnah looking at it. I felt like I was allowed to behold a human ritual gathering and I savored it and I appreciated it as if I was literally a god allowed to be present consciously in this earthly experience. It was very nice.

TOMAS: I do not find your recounting this experience alarming in the least, despite the fact that many would find your comment blasphemous, for who would deign to equate their vision with that of God? and you have. And I say to you I commend your view and recommend only that as you say: "I AM" you remember: "I AM a son of I AM" -- or in your case, of course, a daughter. But in-as-much as God dwells within you and you are working conscientiously to understand how you and God work together, how you see things jointly, it is certainly understandable and logical then that you would indeed begin to see with those eyes, those eyes to see, and hear with ears to hear, which are given you as a living child of God. It certainly expands the panorama of life, doesn't it?

Hunnah: There was such a lovely and peaceful realization with these. And you can -- it happens rather often. I like it.

TOMAS: Yes. I want to use the word "detachment" here, for it is a farther view. It is removing yourself, your ego, from involvement. It allows you then this observation and you will see, daughter, as you develop this refined technique of observation, of indeed reception of divine vision, that you will be guided on occasion as to how to then act upon what you see, also with a degree of depersonalization or detachment, if you will, that is allowed because you have given over the situation to the Maker.

It is delightful to hear you express this experience, this perception, that I may commend it. It makes your life easier and makes the lives of those you touch far less complicated when you walk in such simplicity and grace.

Abram: Tomas? TOMAS: Yes, Abram.

Abram: As Hunnah's husband, I know she's no god, because I look down at her feet and I see a bandage where she dropped a knife on her toe. I don't think gods do that. I do have a few questions.

TOMAS: Very well.


Abram: Okay. I'm just sitting here thinking about the last nine years since I retired from being a high school administrator. You probably are aware that as a high school administrator I did try to work -- at least asked on a daily basis for many years -- for God to work through me. And I am sure that it did work that way. But when I left there -- one of the reasons I left was because I was tired. I needed a rest. Well, I went into real estate and decided this wasn't for me. I went -- fortunately, a job opened up and I went teaching on a collegiate level; I truly loved that job and sometimes when I think about that job and what happened, I'm very angry. And after three years there, not because of me or anything I did, nine of us had to leave the college. Well, then I went into my shop and did some work with wood and wouldn't you know that, I believe last Sunday was my last craft show. I don't believe I can work in the shop anymore. My physical condition -- breathing the dust -- will prohibit that.

I look back on those nine years and each one of those jobs after I retired: real estate, college teacher, working as a craftsman, were all three years. It's almost like trying different jobs in this lifetime to see what they were like. Now I'm looking forward and I see nothing! I was at least prepared for all those jobs along the way, now the future is ahead of me. Where am I going? Are there jobs out there for me to provide a service? I don't see them. Or am I just being impatient?

TOMAS: I appreciate your talking this over with me, my friend. I have a few remarks as you might suspect. I will equate your experiences, to some extent, to the early travels of Jesus where he also experienced different facets of living. He was engaged much as you have been in that he was at one time a caravan leader, another time he was the Scribe of Damascus, and he was a boat builder, and so forth, in succession. This afforded him the opportunity to get to know his fellowmen and women and to determine how it was that they made a living.

You had spent an entire career in administration at a certain level, and it was and remains invaluable experience then that you had a series of relatively short-term interim situations that expanded your approach and appreciation for how others live. If you had not had this variety of experiences, the conditioning of administration might have been over-bearing for your wife and others. As it is, you have stretched yourself and even learned to play.

Because you don't see the next leg of the journey in advance, my son, does not mean that a new leg is not there. It is true also, you must concede, that the male mind is rather academic at large in that it perceives its worth by its occupation and what it does, even more in terms of career and bread-winning than the female of the species, who places more emphasis on child-rearing and home-making, so the male thinks in terms of what to do for a living. But I would suggest to you, if you could appreciate the liberation which has been given to you and is being given to you in your ascendant career, even since your retirement, your flexibility has so grown that your next engagement may not be along the lines of money-making and bread-winning as you are accustomed in your culture and in your experience.

Allow the adventure of the ages to be with you; allow yourself to embark upon the ascent willingly and unreservedly. I know that you have gifts and abilities, which are of great benefit, and I trust that they will not become rusty. I know you are eager to be involved. If you remain open to the avenues available and receptive to spirit guidance, you will find your boyish nature delighted at the many, many adventures and meaningful experiences which lie ahead.

Abram: Thank you, Tomas. You know, again, thinking back to those nine years, it was really quite a revelation to me how difficult it is for some people to earn a living. In the role that I played previous to that I made good money. I worked hard for it! But I never really understood, in detail, how difficult it is for people to make a decent living in this country.


Abram: In real estate, I couldn't believe that the average amount a person could make was between $10,000 and $12,000 a year! This was totally shocking to me. On a college level, I was amazed at the number of part-time people that were trying to make a living. Then in the craft circuit, this was really a revelation. There were people who worked full time, day in and day out, making all these craft items, then going out on weekends and selling them, just struggling to make a living. This was a shock to me. And I appreciate it. I never would have known this before. And I thank the powers-to-be for giving me those experiences in the past nine years. I would not have known it before....

TOMAS: Indeed.

Abram: . .. because I was living a real sheltered life.

TOMAS: Yes, sir. Your experience warranted further experience, and this is the nature of the divine path, for you were directed oft times, even unconsciously, but even as you ask to be guided, your steps will continue to evolve along most interesting avenues. The awareness that you have the willingness to assimilate the experiences that you have, your mannerisms and your ability to prevail with men and with women, account you as an able ambassador of many truths, much goodness and much beauty. You will not fall by the wayside, my son. Look forward to the next adventure.

I would like, now, with your permission, to return to your wife, and I would ask that you allow yourself to indeed see her as an aspect of God. Not, certainly, in her feet or her corporeal assets but in her true divine nature. Encourage her reality that she in turn may encourage your reality, and thus foster in your union a new set of marriage vows for the next leg of your journey together.

Hunnah: I do! (Group laughter) If people only knew how exciting it is behind the door of our adventure. Oh, gosh. Everyone here has so many exciting things going on. It's wonderful.


Loreenia: Tomas, I wanted to ask about . .. it seems that every time I get really in touch, I'm reminded of the four and twenty elders. What's going on now? What are the counselors doing now in the context of what we're doing?

TOMAS: You would like to know if they have advanced?

Loreenia: Advanced to here?


Loreenia: What is it?

TOMAS: I cannot give you an overview of that council without understanding your need to know. It is a curiosity question and so I must find out what aspect of your curiosity is involved.

Loreenia: Why am I still being told about the four and twenty counselors? It just keeps coming up. Year after year, it's the same thing. It's being emphasized to me.

TOMAS: What are you being told?

Loreenia: Well, they're using a little ditty to talk to me about it. I have a feeling they're operating with us now, in some way or another. It's almost as if I'm being led with knowledge, but I don't know what it's all about to pay attention to certain thing's.

TOMAS: I am asking for guidance myself in this. One moment. I have received these concepts to transmit regarding your recurring impression of the counselors:

Bear with it, but do not place overmuch importance on it. In times of searching, oft times the mind will find a favorite flag to wave and the subconscious mind will fuel that flag. On occasion, more will be revealed, but often it is made greater than needful. There are those who might say your minds make mountains out of molehills and I am not saying that; I am saying that sometimes when you cannot completely see the message, when you cannot completely perceive the entire picture, you obsess over it. You focus on it overmuch and disallow its natural revealing to take place. Which is why I say to you through what is being conveyed to me, do not abandon the process of processing this through your mind, your superconscious mind, but try not to be so logical or specific. I don't know if this has been helpful, but this is what I was advised to tell you.

Loreenia: Well, what is bothering me is I had forgotten all about it. I had done so several times, but this time it was brought up in a transmission that was through me and it surprised me, which it has several times, that they refer to the four and twenty counselors. I completely forget about it and then it comes up again.

TOMAS: I would like for you to really take a look at the lesson of this evening regarding receptivity and bear in mind the fine line between transmitting one's own mortal thought processes as compared to the more pedantic and elusive truths of the spirit. Your mind bank, Loreenia, is burgeoning with information. You are a computer bank of data, an encyclopedic mind, indeed; and so your facts are profuse and abundant. It is wise, in transmitting/receiving, in conveying your impressions of spirit reality that you not pull out the entire Britannica or even the luminous chapters, but one morsel for true chewing.

I am not chastising you, you understand; I am very eager to work with you, that we might work together in our combined desire to serve. The harvest is great but the workers are few, and it is exciting to perceive your initial entrance into activation, but put some of these deeper revelations back into the fodder of your deep mind until they become better gelled.

For instance, for many of you the concept of the Supreme Being, the Evolving Supreme, is one which may flicker as having some reality, some great importance, but far be it for the mind to grasp it upon first reading, or second, or eighth, or twentieth, and yet the concept is there and each time it is encountered, more is revealed. This seed of truth is growing within you and will manifest in time as an understanding, a greater understanding of this tremendous god-in-process.

Like the Most Highs and their work, like the 24 counselors, the council of 24 and their work, there are vast arrays of information and personalities that you have been exposed to that are in your mind, all of your minds, but until they become really meaningful, it would be wise to allow them to mature in their own time -- by sitting in stillness, being receptive, allowing the Father to fertilize and water your growth -- rather than trying to force the issue or trying to transmit what you know you know academically as opposed to spiritually.

Loreenia: I transmit Moriah. I have been for a long time. Her energies have been flowing through me to others. I don't know what's going to happen consciously. You were talking about music this time and what I was hearing, the little ditty, a childish little thing, is the four arid twenty blackbirds baked in a pie, and when the pie was open the birds began to sing, and that, to me, was the angels began to sing, with whatever these four and twenty elders were doing.

TOMAS: Yes, I see the mechanism in operation. Your very clever Thought Adjuster is working in your mind with the materials at hand in order to bring about realizations of a spiritual nature to you. But do not limit your comprehension of your interpretation of what your beloved Adjuster is trying to tell you. 24 is not only the 24 counselors. Remember that Abner and the apostles who followed John the Baptist and Andrew and the apostles who followed Jesus, also comprised 24; and when they worked together as two apostolic units in one, the angels also sang.

And so there are other interpretations, more graspable interpretations that will feed your flock, rather than bedazzle them with information that serves no useful spiritual purpose in their growth at this time. Have I counseled you?

Loreenia: Yes. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you, my friend, for your commitment to work in the field in the ways in which you are being called. I look forward to our growth, our future work together, and the many fruits of our labors.

Loreenia: I experienced this week a coordination of the opening, or whatever it is, of the head and the heart, which was an usual thing to experience (indistinguishable)

TOMAS: Yes, Hunnah.

Hunnah: While she is comfortable with this -- This is Loreenia's vocabulary; this is her way of reaching-- it occurred to me . . . my impression was that you made light, one evening, of some of the things that we attach ourselves to as having achieved, and that is our being aware that I'm in touch with these people. This is another part of my world that they see color, they hear sound, and its a concern to me because I feel that it's like an added thing. Because someone has written about it, it receives so much attention. It's not a goal to attain, it's just something that comes along for some people. You may take this up some other evening if you want. But a previous teacher I had said to ignore the colors and the activities because it's not particularly relevant, because it seems very important to a lot of people I have met.

TOMAS: Allow me to respond.

Hunnah: Please.

TOMAS: These are similar to hallucinations, which to many are a mere sensory indulgence, but to others they are representative, and so it is true that there is merit, but it also is not something on which I would place overmuch emphasis. There are truths to be found in almost any manifestation of color, sound and so forth if the soul is receptive. You can find a miracle in the swirling smoke from a cigarette if you are inclined to appreciate the movement of smoke.

The color and vibration and tonal aspects of the human being are a considerable reminder of the miracle of life to one who is in the beginning perceptive stages of appreciating that they live, that they are more than an animal. They are becoming conscious of consciousness, and so these are true revelations of reality for some and at some times.

I am not in the market to negate any experience which is valuable to an ascending soul, and so I abide by much that is odd to me but it is not odd to those experiencing it, and so I respect the experience; I respect the personality undergoing its own growth.

Hunnah: Then it is possible in the act of ascension that this may phase away. And what. I'm focusing on here is that it seems to be an achievement, and if we are in an ascension mode, then this so-called treasure that we have, this rung that we have sensed that it's an accomplishment -- because I can't see or hear in any way, that we should still hold it very lightly because we being where we are, as we expand, that this has to thin out, that it can keep us back because we have equated it with unnecessary value?

TOMAS: What it can do is keep you from forging ahead into true reality levels. These appreciations for the realms of the mind which lie just under the breakthrough point, which banter about the periphery of the Core Reality are distractions, yes, and rewards also. How other people function in their own heads, in their own minds, in their own perceptions is really none of our business. Our business is to help them feel at ease in themselves so that they feel at ease to go Home, so that they can make contact with that Eternal Source which is their Indwelling God Fragment, which is the beginning and ending of all reality, and the Source of their own personality, and the first step in their ascension career. These are large steps, sometimes people don't make that step. [Tape ended]