1997-02-06-Perception of His Will

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Topic: Perception of his Will

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good evening.

Group: Good evening.

TOMAS: I am Tomas, your teacher, and I am glad to be among you.

I have determined my subject matter for this evening, but I do not want to jump in before I spend an introductory moment in personally greeting you and embracing you individually as a familiar cluster of my private students and personal friends. Know that I embrace you and long for your embrace in return. As you emit your heart's desires in freedom of their expression, in understanding of their acceptance by the greater cosmos, you open yourself to the floodtides of the divine nature, to the guidance of those who have gone before you and who light the way for your steps to tread.

I am going to follow up with a subject that was alluded to not long since in a question/answer period. It was Leah who asked about setting a time aside for meditation and prayer, and should one make that desire/request known to one's fellows. A lengthy response ensued, and a remark was made at the end that indicated that if the cooperation of the fellow was not forthcoming, or if the response was not palatable to your soul, then what might be your recourse, for these instances are common ground for the ascendant being, for the aspiring and enlightened child of God.


Difference, Growth

Many seers invoke the advice to embrace even difficult personalities in the light, for this dissolves the struggle, in recognizing the inherent oneness of all God's creation, and whereas this is an ultimate truth and one which is well utilized in order to put perspective on the situation, even so, it is often necessary that steps be taken by your conscious mind in order that you can prevail in your understanding of your following God's will for you, for there is no more sacred relationship than that between you and your understanding of divinity.

In this relationship, there is much room for error, as each, each ascendant being who seeks to do His will, has a perception of what is necessary for him or her to do, and there is no greater sanction than the mortal belief that "It is God's will." Indeed, bitter wars have been fought over this very issue.

Avoiding war, even war on a social and intimate one-on-one level, is to be desired, but truly it is better to wage war without than within, for if you are acquiescing in your understanding of Father's will for you, in order to pacify someone else's understanding of Father's will for them, you are betraying your fundamental reality, and the result of such a betrayal is to be torn asunder inside, and wherewith can you plant seeds or radiate good cheer if you are war torn in your very being?

Growth is difficult. Seldom is there growth without some conflict, some agitation in the mind, as the new values come into being, and some conflict is a natural evolutionary step in growing. All of nature is filled with examples of certain destruction as growth comes into being. And so the arena and the potential for war are there and are to be considered in your dealings with those who object to your relationship with Father.

It is from Stillness perhaps an easy matter to dismiss these conflicts in the light of knowing all is well, that the Father sees the end from the beginning, and that no matter what your decision, if your motives and intentions are good, true and beautiful, the resolution will come to pass in good stead in good time. But when you are in the thick of it, when you are on the battlefield of life, when you are struggling over a principle or needing to be heard for your very essence's sake, it is not uncommon that the fledgling soul is disheartened and dismayed by the indifference or cruelty or perceived thoughtlessness of his fellow human beings.

One of the values of your existence is that you enjoy the quality of time, for time is often required in order that these differences work themselves out. Often war is proclaimed by intolerance, by one putting down one's foot firmly, and saying, "This is how it is!" without flexibility, without due consideration of the alternatives, or even the compromises which can be made in order that your reality, as well as their reality, can be honored.

Perhaps the greatest difficulty in this subject of difference is, to a sensitive God-knowing being, a certain sadness which wells up in realizing that you are not embraced for who you are by those whom you hold dear and by those whose affection you share as apostles, even as disciples and followers. Return to your Source for comfort, for strength, for therein lies the sacredness of your very existence, that reality which you have as a result of knowing Father and desiring to serve Him.

I have spoken sufficiently in that context for this evening formally. It is good to be with you. It is good to feel your presence and to know that your focus on your spirit guide, your internal spirit guide, is sustenance for you this day. It pleases me greatly that I can help to facilitate this state of mind and state of being with you, in you and for you. It is an honor to be your teacher, for I am therein your friend. My dear friends, how are you this evening, and how may I help you, if at all, in your daily doings.


Loreenia: Just by being, you already are. Being yourself and coming here.

TOMAS: I agree. And I have discussed this repeatedly, and it is a truth that we reinforce each other's reality. I am happy to assist in this process. We teachers are happy to be able to enable you to grasp these value levels and make them your own. It benefits you, each other, Urantia, Nebadon, all the way to Paradise.

Hunnah: We didn't ask Gerdean if she wanted to ask a question.

Urantia Book, Potential

TOMAS: One moment. (Pause) Gerdean is asking me to respond now to the question she put to Jasmine having to do with those who find The Urantia Book demeaning in its approach to potential readers by illuminating the low level of existence from which you hail and indeed on which you live, as if you were "less than."

I am assimilating her question to accommodate her soul needs and I find, for her, no response is necessary. I therefore must construe this to be a question on behalf of someone else, indeed, those who find that scenario distressing. One moment. (Pause)

I would first like to extend my appreciation to Jasmine for her response, for her wise selection of words, for her integrity in also approaching Gerdean's soul needs, as well as in addressing the subtleties of the mental conditioning of one who would balk at our understanding of your nature.

I would respond that while there is no apology needed for stating that you are indeed the tadpoles of creation (100:.4), I will hasten to add that in an appreciation of this humble estate, you then have inherent the potential of spanning the greatest circumference of growth known to ascending or descending beings throughout the Grand Universe, for whereas you may take exception to your starting point, it would behoove you to appreciate the greatness of your potential as well.

In addition I would state that even now, as a citizen of a damaged planet, with defective genetics, with deceit and isolation as a legacy, in coming to understand the revelation to Urantia through the Urantia Book, you have the opportunity to experience first hand sonship with the living God, for it has brought to this sacred orb the good news, the same good news that was brought here by your Creator Son Christ Michael, Jesus of Nazareth.

When you look at your lowly origin, your humble beginnings, appreciate for a moment how it must feel for a Creator to experience being discounted, disabused, discarded, disrespected by his own creation, and you may have some understanding of why it is that those descriptions are indeed accurate, for what but a "lowly" being could in his heart crucify his creator? Only those who wallow in darkness. And you now have within you the framework for grasping and holding and making real in your life the reality that he himself came to teach - that being the noble and dignified stature of a living child of God himself.

No honor is greater. No adventure more thrilling. Even those high above you in the celestial hierarchy look upon you with envy for your experience here, for the wisdom that you will gain as a result of this experience, and for the strengths that you can attain if you are but willing to accept your tadpole status, in order that you may grow, flourish and flower into the creation that you are intended to be.

Lament not your origin, but celebrate your natal sphere, for it has been the home of Michael. You share that experience throughout eternity. When you look back on your experience on Urantia, when you visit with Michael in person in Salvington, trust that you will see that life with deep affection, for in God's hands your past is your greatest asset, and there is no greater asset for you, for any of you, than having come from Urantia. I hope that has answered, or if not answered, at least fed a hungry soul.

And so, yes, Hunnah, thank you for the opportunity for Gerdean to put forth a question. Are there others?


Hunnah: I had a recent experience where compassion sort of took over, and I was thinking of the world situation and it occurred to me that I could choose a person who is in a position of responsibility and take them into my prayers indefinitely. I read this inspiring article by Linda Buselli in Spirit Quest recently and she talked the importance and the power of prayer, and that it was very unfortunate that many people who use the Urantia studies as their truth tonic, often neglect to pray, and she gave a wonderful discourse on prayer and the power of prayer. So I was thinking about that.

I chose someone that I decided that I would not tell anyone about who it was and that I would hold them in my prayers, and then it occurred to me that the others who read our transcripts have this idea that they too, in their group, may be up to the same thing. And it's a volunteer arrangement. There are people probably that do that already; they -- we tend to think about it, those in our own inner circles, but I was thinking about, just for an example, supposing somebody decided they were going to remember the President of Mexico in their prayers, that it would seem to me it would have a very beneficial effect. I'll stop so you can comment on that.

TOMAS: Prayer is a way of building bridges. It is a way of taking into your concern, and then taking your concern to the Father. That is a part of creating the tapestry that covers all humanity. The words and the lesson of our co-worker Linda rang true and are true for those of you who relinquish your selves sufficiently to devote a loving energy toward others.

It is indeed a ministry to pray. And as even your scientists are discovering, there are benefits to prayer even when one does not know they are being prayed for. Indeed, those who are receptive to prayer, and those who are indifferent or ignorant of the power of prayer, are your more susceptible targets for prayer, for those who are struggling against their own spirit life will be resistant to the effects of prayer. Even so, it would behoove you to attempt to infiltrate their spirit barrier by directing loving prayers in their direction, for as they (the "enemy") allow that door to open even a crack, the effects of prayer can enter in and touch them in spite of themselves.

It is as Jesus said, to love your enemies and so whereas it is easy to, as you say Hunnah, pray for and include your loved ones in your prayer life, it is also beneficial to take the time to pray for those others who will also be affected by your prayer.

Hunnah: Linda used some excellent imagery, and I'm saying this because there will be people who have not had the advantage of her article, but it shows you that you're allowed to be creative and playful with visualization. The person I chose is more apt to be seen in a business suit and he is not young. I have the liberty in the private space of my creative visualization to be affectionate with them like a child would be, and Linda used the imagery of taking that person with her, up to Jesus, for me, up to Christ Michael, and have him put his arms around him, and you can literally snuggle in this embrace. This is what seems to be so lacking and it was so effectively pleasing for me that I thought I would comment about it.

But, it also brings something forward for me that is a concern and I would like to have you help me with it. My previous teaching tells me that when I pray, anyone I know in my consciousness is benefitted, and especially those, of course, that are in a closer (as I used to say) "vibratory compatibility" would be more apt to be responsive, but I come from a teaching where you did not need to individually -- you did not point people out individually. It was more personal, that you worship the Father and that all else was added. I do like the idea -- I have been, over the years, abandoning prayer in preference for worship and praise, so, I think I've probably said enough to get you going.

TOMAS: I will respond firstly and use your phrase of creative imagery, and obviously your creative imagery has provided you and Linda and countless others with that avenue of prayerful function which personalizes the process. Any way in which you can focus loving energy on a personality, you have benefitted through prayer. Indeed prayer is an extensive activity, not limited to the realms of quiet time and formal supplication. Prayer also is a way of life, and a method of interacting with your peers. It is a response to the newsreels. It is a reaction to an accident. Your very life is a prayer, if you are actively involved in a spirit relationship.

Formal prayer is a means of direct focus for your prayer, and is also a salve for your need to portray your concern for others and to then see the results of your prayer in the subsequent results, which results will come from effective prayer. So whether or not you engage in formal prayer, you are none-the-less effectively impacting your environment merely by living the life, for as I said, a life well lived is a prayer.

There are some who lament that their prayer life is not what it once was, prior to coming into an understanding of the Urantia Book and the vast cosmology presented therein, for they found great comfort in the traditional prayers they were taught, that they enjoyed from their religious conditioning. This form of prayer is very satisfying; it is also a group affair, by and large, and it bonds individuals when they have prayed together.

Even when they have gone through the motions of praying together, they share a union. Another facet, however, of prayer in the religious sense, is that it does opportune the participant to steal a moment of worship, and if each worshiper recognizes its contact with divinity during that short period of prayer, then they have that also in common, that they have worshiped together.

And so the early prayer learning has a profound and lasting influence. It is for that reason that we encourage your continuance of prayer, that indeed we offer up prayer, for in praying together, in acknowledging our dependence upon and our appreciation of divinity, we have bonded our fellowship and we have perchance touched together that venerable sphere of group worship.


It is perhaps time for us to call our session to a close. We have had a fruitful evening. I would like to invite us in this configuration next time, to project your selves into an attitude of availability for another practice session of transmitting. Each of you has gotten your feet wet and it will be fun to once again do some water ballet. Will you return to play with your comrades in the spirit?

Group: Sure! You bet!

TOMAS: When next we meet then, barring unforeseen circumstances, we will have a party of a celestial nature. I am your loyal friend, your steady associate, and your faithful companion in the quest, in your quest and in ours. So much more I would like to say, but I understand the time constraints, and so I will only say Good Night.

Loreenia: Thank you for being such a pillar of strength.

TOMAS: You are welcome, my daughter, my fair child. All of you are my fair childs. Farewell.