1997-11-25-More Personal Interaction

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Topic: More Personal Interaction

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you, my friends. It is well for me to be witness to such fellowship. What a wonderful family attitude you each have. Its well known that each one can express any feelings at all and know that always does love remain. I am always in gratitude for my various friendships. I am always made to feel more balanced with the friendships I have. The love and care I feel from those I know makes me to feel that energy that I feel when I am in worship.


As you progress in your spiritual education, worship becomes altogether natural and constant. There is little effort made towards worship as you get to know our Father more and more. With your focus on giving praise and thanks to our Father for all things, bad and good, the ego is made smaller. As your worship becomes more frequent self-mastery becomes more easy, more apparent.

When one has continued focus on their personal life's difficulties there can be an interference from the ego. The ego always seeks its own praise, seeks to be worshiped, so to speak. The ego seeks to be appeased and rewarded for efforts made. As you learn to be even grateful for your difficulties, and worshipful towards Father's watchcare, the ego is made smaller, and room is allowed for Father to guide.

Worship is for you. Our Father is not an angry God in need of flattery, no. God is not to be bribed by bargaining worship, no. He is only asking to help, and worship makes you smaller so Father is able to assist. In true worship we are made humble and teachable. With self-mastery worship is a wonderful habit to form for success.

There is an energy that helps one strive towards things spiritual. There is a decrease in cares over things material, or how things may look, aesthetics. Your new found energy is helpful in decreasing any spirit poisons to allow for clear direction. Father is not to solve your difficulties, but assist you in choosing those correct spiritual tools. I am aware that many have believed that happiness was to be earned, or traded, or bought. I would say that to find the true meaning of worship would allow you to have a clear definition of happiness.

We are at a point in our lessons where I would like to begin to focus a bit more back on self-mastery and the brotherhood. It is our desire to see more personal interaction among you each in discussing those things spiritual, those points of interest regarding self-mastery. I would shorten my lessons to allow for more discussion between you each. This I can say with certainty, there is an important point I would make in these following weeks. Along with your journaling and learning to receive spiritual messages, I can say that the personal discussion between you each also brings spiritual messages, a form or transmitting, if you will. Tonight I would only take a few questions.


ROLAND: Abraham, first I just want to express just how wonderful it feels to be back in our little community here, and how much I appreciate your lessons. I am also very grateful about being able to go to the Foundation's meeting in Chicago, and how instructive it was being a fringe element, and recognize how detrimental that judgment can be, and humbling it can be. I was just wondering from the celestial government point of view how that meeting went, and if there is anything that is evolving out of it that is a benefit to the purposes of raising the world?

ABRAHAM: Yes, yes, there is great benefit in you and Vincent sharing your experience. There have been seeds planted, and minds have expanded, but I can say you will find the most value in your experience by sharing it with others. I would say that your various perspectives on this experience are turning into a collective lesson. You are indeed embracing truth, and sharing it even if it would perchance make you appear small or short-sighted. That is a wonderful lesson for all. I can say that your efforts were indeed successful, although the outcome is now uncertain. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, are you saying our lessons that you don't need as much time, or would it be more helpful if we would like get here on time to discuss, instead of later, and then discuss into your lesson time? That's a little blunt put, but I'd like to see us start discussing earlier so we can have good time for your lessons as well, cause a lot of us come for that. I can feel what you are saying is we can get a lot of cross lesson teaching if we discuss these topics you are wanting us to catch this point. Maybe we need to meet earlier to do the chit-chat, informal off the lessons stuff, or are you saying you really don't need as much lesson time?

ABRAHAM: I am meaning for the small talk to be kept at a minimum while discussion on spiritual values is practiced. There is great training for self-mastery in combination with the brotherhood during your interaction. I would ask for more participation in each one discussing their spiritual understanding while maintaining a loving attitude towards one another, and allowing Father to speak through you each. There are many transmitters here. Transmitting is allowing ones small self to be put aside to allow for Father's greater presence. In your discussion you will recognize many teachers, many Thought Adjuster's, perhaps Christ Michael, and others, who would chance to become involved in your group enlightenment. Do you see this exercise calls for self-forgetfulness. This is an exercise. Yes. Does this answer? (Yes, very much. Thanks.) One more question.

WILLENA: I guess I want to clarify with what Calvin was asking. Is what I heard was Calvin asking whether or not we needed to be more timely in order to be able to get the most out of it, or was it okay how we are going? I guess there is just a bit of a question I have in that. I guess my question is about tolerance, and about accountability. So will it serve us more to be more timely in being accountable, or is it okay as its going, and we should grow in our tolerance?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Time is a matter of personal choice and if used wisely there can be entire lessons that grow through your discussion. Do you see our Teaching Mission is to expand beyond the one transmitter to all allowing Father to move the world into Light and Life. One and all will have participation, and with each viewpoint tolerance will be practiced. Yes, it will require some stepping aside from your desires to allow for Father to speak. This will be wonderful practice at being self-forgetful, and I can guarantee that once that this concept is grasped there will be much cause for much happiness. You will be able to comprehend what I spoke on at the beginning of this lesson, yes. Our Mission is also action. Does this answer?

WILLENA: Yes. I guess the only thing I just (?) about was I was hearing a little bit in your question that maybe that you want us to be on time so we can start promptly...

CALVIN: No, people can come when they want to, but if they want to hold off lesson time, and want to get into personal sharing time, that's interfering with other people who came to get the lesson. So it depends on when you want to come.

WILLENA: That answers it. Thanks.


ABRAHAM: You're welcome. My love is with you, and I will continue to assist you in your journaling. Take a moment tonight to further discuss this lesson. Until next week, shalom.