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Topic: Appearances

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Eleanor



Greetings, I am Abraham. I have been listening to your discussion. I am quite moved to see everyone's willingness to participate and be accepting of one another. Your acceptance of one another shows clearly that you are believing no one human has entirely all the answers. However, your group participation enhances your concepts a great deal toward finding some of the answers. With these lessons on relationships' you will be provided more time to have discussion and add to the totality of your understanding.

Today in this stage of Urantia's development, there is a great deal of emphasis put on appearances. Appearances, meaning the physical body make up or financial status or positions of power. There is a mass amount of people who live their lives according to how they would appear in the eyes of others.

Many people live their lives on the reflections from their relationships, this creates a great confusion. One who would appear to see negative reflections in their relationships might cause them to create change. The change is always subservient to mans concepts; subservient to mortal acceptance.

It is said: You cannot serve two masters, one being the Father of all Fathers and the other being those things before material eyes. In a small way there is understanding to be had in observing those reflections from your relationships. You are aware when you have hurt someone; also, you are aware when you have helped someone. This is an inherent internal meter easily understood. But when one has chosen to serve the lesser of the two masters there is conflict. This experience is valuable, yes, and I make mention of this to you who would deal with your fellows daily.

Many do find their loyalties lie with a human God or material things. Their faith vision is narrowed, and their techniques of the ego manipulations are increased. I can understand them and would desire to assist them if at all possible. I cannot help if their mind is so closed. You know these types of individuals I speak of and you have each experienced this to a certain degree, and are able to minister in small ways to these individuals.

There is always an underlying motive that runs through most relationships and that is one individual believes they can change another. In their mind they are helping the individual who they think needs to change. In the other individual's mind they see this as an insult. This is a losing situation. I would never find shortcomings of one of my students, and believe that I could change them, no. I would never seek to change an individual who is a unique child of God. I would not seek to lift my own perception of myself to point out another's faults, no. I would only ask that I could be within the Father's will to minister where I could, to embrace one who is troubled and build upon his awareness, to bring a bit of light to their darkness. Never would I be so inclined to force light on another, but I would attempt to detect any opening there might be for acceptance of Father's words through me.

As I have ventured from mortal life to morontial, I have found that I can easily notice the unique attributes of every individual that I meet. There are always positive aspects of every personality. I find it most agreeable when helping others to begin with the positive aspects of their personality and build from there. I could never tear down those negative aspects of a brother or sister because that would be to criticize Father's plan for them, to make a mockery of their spiritual path.

In this day and age many may look to you for some sign of hope or solid foundation. There is perceived in you a God knowingness, and your reflection out to individuals is important. If you constantly cry out for them to change and become as you or better, there is an increase in their darkness, there is a narrowing of spirit vision. I would remind you that you cannot understand yourself by the reflections of your relationships, no. There is no accurate definition of how you are progressing as an individual material or spiritual. You have available to you all the positive reflection you would ever need.

Your Indwelling Father patiently awaits your attention. You are encouraged to be able to withstand whatever He may reflect. In His reflecting, there is love, mercy, truth and understanding of pain and joy. This is all part of your path to Him. Can you see how Father would not chastise His learning child for stumbling? Can you see His hand is out to guide, yet, not to re arrange anything about His beloved child? God seeks not to change you for in His eyes you are already loved as you are at this moment, at this time. In learning about Father's attributes we can indeed find the key to dealing with our fellows. We can become immune to our fellows' negative reflections regarding us, our ways and personalities, and become open to Father's adjustments.

This week in journaling ask yourselves if you live your lives not according to your fellow’s perceptions of you, but what is reflected to you back from those you know. Is there truth in this? Remember when tending to your mortal relationships seek not to change another, but perhaps build upon their positive aspects of what they know. Every individual is unique and precious to our Father. As you are more open to Father, will you more easily find these positive aspects which will enable you to use the more spiritual methods? Are there questions?


(Some personal question/answers deleted)

Calvin: You are probably familiar with a Pat Sonti. He wishes to know if he is a member of the Corp. of Destiny?

Abraham: I am aware of him, yes. He is a reserve corps member. I am aware of his deep and abiding faith in our Father and that is sufficient. He is living a life devoted to Father, and he need not to go where he feels discomfort, no.

I can say, that when he does feel a need for more active work within the Kingdom I would then so welcome him. There are individuals who believe as he does, in our search for Father and of the Urantia Book. And yet, this is only a handful of what is contained in the well of spirituality. For some, the Teaching Mission provides an active role in assisting Michael to bring Urantia towards Light and Life, rather than a more individual participation.

Erinson (new to group): Abraham, I am very honored to be in your presence. I have spoken of you and quoted you in the past many times, and yet have not known you. Many nations are your progenitors. Could you share a little of God's blessing to you about your seed being as numerous as the stars? (Paraphrased)

Abraham: I would first give you thanks for your kind words, and have you look at me as a brother who stands side by side with you. I would hold no more value as any other son or daughter of God. I am next to you in that we are traversing the circuits that will lead us to the Father. My fellows who have written about my life have overblown my importance. As for seed, that is not of any importance. Although, I am in understanding that your meaning is deeper and I am unprepared to answer.

Miriam: (question asking if it is alright to address Abraham about matters in planning the July conference in Nashville, or would he prefer those questions to be deferred to Ham.)

Abraham: Questions to me are acceptable, and I would say that Ham is more knowledge- able about this conference. I am always one to promote fellowship, and this conference would be a benefit concerning your fellowship. It is not my place to ask you to attend, though you each already know where that information should come from. But yes Miriam my daughter, you can feel free to ask me, I will do my best to answer.


Abraham: I am slipping, I would ask next week for you to feel free to ask more personal questions on relationships and how we can help to promote the Brotherhood. My love is always with you. I will attempt to assist you throughout this week. Shalom.