1998-04-27-Example of Fatherly Affection

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Topic: Example of Fatherly Affection

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina




I am ABRAHAM. Welcome my friends. It is always a source of joy to meet with you. I am intrigued by your questions and energized by your searching. I would make it a point at this time to remind you, my friends, that this method of communication that is before you is not for a certain few that would make effort, no. The gift of transmitting/receiving is for every individual in earnest searching.


You can see, our communication is two way. I am not put before you to assign tasks or lessons. I would not ever cross over the line of freewill. Your input to me is as important as these lessons we receive. I trust we maintain a healthful connection. Your faith in me and these lessons allows me to better teach. My faith in our Divine Parents enables me to release any results with regards to my teaching. I can impart helpful words to you and then allow the Spirit of Truth to turn these words into meanings and values. From there, the choice is yours your freewill intact.

Liberty, Confidence

Do you see the beauty in the bestowal of Fatherly affection? You return weekly on your own accord to receive these divine lessons. There is no attempt made to force certain lessons upon you. You, in your freedom, elect to be present and learn of these divine realities. You would agree that there is no controlling circumstances that bring you back weekly, no. There is no fear of loss should you forgo these lessons. Therein lies the comfort of our Divine Parents who leave a lamp burning for each child to enter when ready.

As you have discussed, there are those who would seek to be controlled. There is a fear of faithlessness in their own abilities to search for God. There is very little confidence in what they know. There will be many individuals you will meet with such as this, and to them, your inner confidence shows attractive. It is on a soul level. Individuals will recognize this within your personality makeup, and to this I can say... many will be inspired to search for their own inner confidence.

Over the next few weeks I would ask you to continue in your discussion on relationships, and I will meet with you to answer personal questions. If there are questions you have thought to ask but time did not permit, I will take these few weeks to assist you with anything I can. Have you questions?



ROLAND : Abraham, I have been reading the Jesus papers again in the section where Jesus bean to teach in parables. He gave a number of reasons why that was beneficial. First, it allowed people to hear a story that they could relate to and they could hear it with their own spiritual level of understanding. Are we to develop this ability to teach in parables as apostles of the modern day?

ABRAHAM: Some, yes. There are everyday circumstances which people would share to teach in some way. There are lessons individuals live and assist others with the lessons therefrom. There is not the developing of talent to give parables wherein there already is. The parables are the retelling of Father's fingerprints in your daily living and the lessons you've learned from them. Is this answering?


ROLAND: Yes it is. I am sure I will get more out of it reading it again. A part of the experience of Jesus with the apostles at the end was that He asked them to hide, except for John. He was allowed to be with the Master during the time of trial and crucifixion. In that same section, He said to one of the apostles... "Your purpose is to live long on the earth so that you may win many souls to the Kingdom." That is really the first time I have really absorbed that as an overall purpose of perhaps one's life and to a certain point of reality, of understanding. Would you comment as to how that purpose might affect us?

ABRAHAM: I can say, the Master's words to this individual was for him personally as I understand it, a mission task of sorts. I do not however understand your meaning. Is there a question on how this may apply in your mortal life?

ROLAND: I guess I could be specific in the sense that when I read that it resonated with me as truth for me. My purpose could as well be the joy of bringing people into the Kingdom. It would be a great purpose to adopt, and joyful. So my question is... Could I adopt that as an overall purpose?

ABRAHAM: Yes, if it is your desire. Your Father knows of your dedication to introducing individuals to Him. This is well. It is not required of any mortal to win souls for the Kingdom or recruit for Father, no. A splendid way of perceiving this would be in acquainting individuals with Father for their benefit, not for Father's, not the growth of the Kingdom, but to extend love and fellowship to your fellows, a gift to give, I suppose. Father appreciates the introductions and he then can go from there. Yes, I understand your meaning now. Another question?

Mother Spirit, Mind

MIRIAM: Abraham, I am intrigued by the work Mother is doing with our minds, the circuitry, the work with the energy. From my point of view, what I can do with that is to get to know my Divine Parents.... practice stillness, like with the inner child work, like going into my past and looking at wreckage, if you will. That's my side of it; I know how to do something with.... Is it more than that? Is it just circuitry? Is it stuff that's like going on... just on an energy level also? Is there other stuff that Mother is doing, circuit wise and energy wise? Is the pattern a rut that we have to work out of, or is She also helping us to get out of that rut?

ABRAHAM: I understand. Yes, Mother assists us in reconditioning our thought patterns. There are Her Adjutant Mind Spirits who assist individuals in their efforts to be liberated from negative cycles. There are some ministries found on the cosmic mindal circuit to aid in your efforts to ascend, and yet, the real change begins with taking action, actually finding the courage to move from one pattern into the unknown. The Divine Sources assist you, us, and as you have discovered, the real work is yours. Another question?

MIRIAM: In the cosmic mind circuitry, is it like I was reading on the Internet this week, someone was talking about... a teacher was telling a student how to approach her childhood stuff, and the teacher was giving them guidance to work with their crown and heart chakra's, like Orin and Debin work with energy centers, light work. If any student finds something like that they are drawn towards, is that a beneficial thing to work with or is it just better to go with the flow of what is in front of you?

ABRAHAM: Yes, each individual will be drawn to various techniques in one way or another and only time can prove if these are helpful or not. If you find positive means in which to aid you in your understanding, then by all means use it. You have explored enough spiritual techniques to which you can trust yourself, your divine guidance, to know if these will serve you. Does this help?

MIRIAM: Yes. You know how I internalize the negative stuff and physically I've got a deal going. Do certain parts of the body hold certain types of negative energies?

ABRAHAM: Yes they do. Yes, the brain, human brain in its complexities, is connected to various neurons that would send signals through the central nervous system that would cause illness, for example, a repressed personality would feel arthritic and constrained in movement. Does this answer? (Yes. Thank you so much.) One more question?


CALVIN: Abraham, you asked a couple of times recently that the group be able to meet with you individually. I think that was what your request was, and that I should let the group know when I am ready to transmit for you. Were you referring to these group members only or also other interactions that I have outside the group?

ABRAHAM: No, not this group only can you provide personal meetings, but for those who would seek spiritual assistance. It matters not the group affiliation. Minister to where you find a need. The more private meetings you can have the better and more accurate will your transmissions be. Yes. Is this answering?

CALVIN: Yes it does, very well. That is what I wanted to know.


ABRAHAM: I would return next week to answer any question you might have, personal or things concerning the mortal life or perhaps the spiritual life. We have found it helpful to take a moment to minister to our students on a personal interactive level. Have your questions ready for next week. My love goes with you always. Until nest week, shalom.