1998-05-30-Brothers & Sisters

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Topic: Brothers & Sisters

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Steve



Brothers and Sisters,

I call you brothers and sisters since you are members of the Kingdom of believers in our Father's grace. You are called to service of man. It is a needful time on your planet, and you must be stalwart in your convictions and beliefs in the invisible brotherhood and the power of the spiritual side of the great movement that is life manifested out of the First Source and Center to effect radical change. Be not dismayed by those personal failures in your life. This one whom I teach has twice rejected me during times of crisis, but life and faith has a way of rebounding in the children of God. He learned that being adrift in the material world is akin to spiritual orphanhood. There is no loneliness like the loneliness of the soul.

I have hope, confidence, and abiding love for each of you in these times of shifting alignments. Be aware of your own path and be not so conscious of the paths that others may be taking in current times. I love you each equally, and each of you may contact me for love, solace, comfort or advice. Try to be conscious of your part to play in this panorama of love and life. A place has been prepared for each of you at my Heavenly Father's table. Your names are written in the book of life. So do not be concerned for your small defeats and failures along the Way. You never fail me. You merely disappoint yourselves. Be of good cheer. Many plans along the path can be delayed until you are ready. Life can be difficult, but the love of life and your fellows offers such rich rewards. It is the direction in which you move that determines the place you end up in time and eternity. It is a vast wave of humanity moving toward our Father. You are not alone. Be not afraid of listening to your inner guidance. It does not matter who you are today as much as who you are slowly becoming day by day. You have all the time in the world. Try to stay in touch with each other. Build each other up as I have built you up. Encourage each other to strive for the highest and best that they can achieve, as I encourage you to reach for the stars and beyond. Be happy for your brother’s and sister’s accomplishments, they come through hard work. Stay your troubled mind on me and I will give you peace. Listen to your heart and your heart will sing with joy as it finds the spirit that exists in all of us.