1998-06-01-I Hear Your Voice

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Topic: I Hear Your Voice

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Steve



Thought: Our experiences allow us access to the wisdom and love of God. It creates our truth within which we are able to find ourselves and present that transformed self to the embrace of the unconditional love of God. No matter our condition, no matter our station in life, no matter our intellectual abilities, no matter our self worth, no matter our past experiences, mistakes, and misfortunes of living in the world of self centered men and women – we all have equal access to the open heart of God. Each of us, from the lowest to the highest, are equally beloved of the infinite God.

Meditation: Each of us may talk freely and openly with Him, and in that conversation, come to know and understand that we are a unique individual expression of God and man, and are loved beyond our understanding. Our salvation is not about what we have done, not done, or even what has been done to us in our lives. It is about whether those experiences with ourselves will separate us from the loving embrace of the Infinite or whether those experiences will cause us to grow closer to God and allow Him to overcome any condition of the mind and body through the fruits of the spirit.

Only self can separate self from the recognition of the love of God; not man, not powers, not principalities. You as Living God have created me. The world as living mother has birthed me into an imperfect life and incomplete experience. The more I have to forgive, the higher I am able to understand and transcend – for it is in forgiving that I am forgiven. It is by seeing the damage done and being able to overcome the tragedies of life that I am able to grow strong enough to help others find their way in a world not of our making. It is by self forgetfulness that I am able to begin to serve my brothers and sisters. It is through discovering the love that God holds for me that I am able to discover the buried love that hides in my heart for my brothers and sisters.


Response: Sons and daughters, my mind cries out in agony for the crosses you bear, but my heart rejoices for the strong sons and daughters that you are becoming. Look at yourselves. Hurt upon hurt has been heaped on you by those filled with the fear and the rage of the blind unknowing. You were born into a world in which many choose to fail to hear my voice as the true sound of life. They seemingly can cause much suffering. Many of those unknowing souls who seemed to have power over you in your youth will never seek the Light of God to replace their will of license. They think they have freedom when they walk into the prison of self will. In their blindness many will sleep the unconsciousness of soul death. You who seem so hurt will someday be with me in Paradise. Who has won the race of life?

It is important that you forgive others, but it is as critical that you forgive yourselves. I see you standing in perfection before the throne of God. That is an accomplished fact that is manifesting in the eternal now. It is done. You have nothing to apologize for or to ask for forgiveness from God. Your forgiveness is foreshadowed in eternity. It is complete. All that remains is that you forgive yourself.

Of this I promise – in time and eternity all wounds will heal, all hurts will be covered over with the balm of love. You each are essential. You each teach yourselves and others the path to God. Each of you is a gift to the world. I smell the sweet perfume of your love for me. We are connected at the heart and you can never be separated from my love for you. You recognize the voice of the Shepherd. It rings as a resounding gong played by countless players, a song sung by countless voices. And yet, I also hear your voice, and I would recognize its individual melody anywhere, for it is also the voice of my own heart telling me that you are mine and can never be lost.


I love you.