1998-08-31-Worship Rest For The Soul

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Topic: Worship, Rest for the Soul

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. This meeting is always a weekly highlight for me. To view you each now with such open and willing attitudes makes my position as teacher quite simple and joyful.

This week would have appeared to some to be a real test in attaining soul rest. In times of trial it is not always easy to be worshipful, but certainly can you be trustful that Father is quite involved in all you do.


You spoke this evening on this world's re connection to the whole of the universe. With the reconnection comes the understanding that worship becomes literal. In your worshipful attitude, are you renewing the mortal mind, clearing the fog of confusion and spirit poisons? In worship, are you connecting with the cosmic mind and those benefits that go with it? Sharp and clean thinking, quick perception, foreknowledge of events, solutions to everyday problems . .. these are all benefits of your connection with the cosmic mind the utilization of the spiritual circuits. Does not this information bring you peace and an ease to your mortal mind one could even say soul rest? Worship is the ultimate rest for the soul.

In your rest there is renewal and a material energy link to those on High. This is how the Master could be such a beautiful and brilliant expression of Father. His soul rest allowed Him to partake of Father's infinite energy and equipped Him with the knowledge He needed to be a bearer of spiritual light. The Master, going about His daily business, was enabled to display a manifestation of Father, a good and true expression of what our Father really is.

Jesus could display a fun loving attitude in the midst of a group of children. He could sympathize with a downcast fellow mortal. He could comfort one in tremendous pain. He could ease the mind of one who was anxiety ridden. These are all expressions of Father, and Jesus performed these wonderful acts in simply living His mortal life. He was an expression of Father in all He did, to all He met.

Had not the Master craved such closeness with Father, He would perhaps have not been such a beautiful expression of Father. What an excellent example we have in which to learn!

Worship, and quiet time with Father, was indeed a priority in the Master's life. He completely trusted that each day that came, He was well taken car e of; He need not look to His Father to say, "What about me?" no. He, rather, looked to His Father to express His thankfulness and trust. There, was that connection with the cosmic energy. There, was His motivation to be an expression of the living God.

Our goal for the week ahead will be focused on continued worship and striving to be an expression of Father in all we do. From the mundane to the anxiety filled events, should we focus on connecting with that cosmic energy. Allow time for worship and meditation. Have you questions?



CALVIN: Abraham, thanks for that beautiful lesson along with all of these helpful lessons. I think we join you in our worship, in our observing you and your teaching and truth through your teachings. A quick question... from Jim in Oklahoma who is starting a new Teaching Mission group. He just asked me to ask you how he was doing in his TRing and if you had any words for him?

ABRAHAM: I am informed his transmissions are quite adequate, and for him to release his concerns about pleasing those who hear his transmission. To receive a more pure message, one needs to feel indifference toward the actual message from a teacher. In indifference there is allowance, allowance for more accurate messages. With certain desires towards what mortals want to hear, there is static in actual reception of the messages. That is all (Thank yo u. ) You are welcome. Another question?

Teacher Contact

MIRIAM: Abraham, I have been trying to practice these things of late and the lessons have been helping a lot. I appreciate the help that you and Azara have been giving me. I just have a real need this evening . .. I know we are supposed to be connecting with you personally, and I have been enjoying that, and I am doing that, but I just have a need to ask my friend and teacher i f you have any guidance for me this evening?

ABRAHAM: My understanding is you do well. Your ministry to others is effective and allows many individuals to be attracted to the light. At times however, do you have concern for individuals that would cause you some emotional strain. It would do you well, after ministering to your fellows, to take a moment to recite a short prayer to release those you help into Father's care. My overall understanding is that you are proceeding as expected and you do quite well. Is this helping?

MIRIAM: This morning, I seemed to be changing my relationship with Azara. Does that seem on track?

ABRAHAM: Azara is only temporary and was initially assigned to you to help you understand your physical condition. With time, her ministry will fade and myself or Manfred will take over. Is that answering? (Yes, thank you very much Abraham.)

HONOREY: Father Abraham, we have a visitor tonight 'Mark.' Maybe Harrison could tell us about him.

HARRISON: Abraham, first of all, I'd like to say that we all thank Father for your presence, your guidance, and this Teaching Mission to be a part of i t. I am especially grateful for the help that I received last week. Then I would like to introduce my brother in law Mark, who is staying with us, and if Mark would care to ask a question, we give him the opportunity. He is certainly a wonderful man and a great friend.

ABRAHAM: I would thank you, Honorey, for your thoughtfulness, and Harrison for our kind words, and... Welcome Mark, I do perceive you to be one who is close to your Indwelling Spirit. Have you a question at this time?

MARK: Abraham, I'd just like to know if I am on track or if I am doing things that are considered right to the people around me?

ABRAHAM: Yes, I believe your intention is for the good of all concerned, and at times there is a confusion of what is right and wrong in the eyes of our Father. I can say, you are motivated by what is logical and right, but you could possibly add an element of love to your decisions. My information is that you are a spirit led individual. I would ask you to consider Father's feelings for you and believe to the full extent of your being that you are indeed His cherished son. That is all. (Thank you.) You are welcome. One more question?

Urantia Book

RACHEL: Father Abraham, this is something that I have been wondering about off and on. I don't know if you'll be permitted to answer it or not, but you k now me, I am going to ask you anyway! (Laughter) During the time that the Urantia Book was being transmitted or whatever, any part of that time were you or Machiventa Melchizedek present?

ABRAHAM: I was not involved in the actual workings, but I was aware that these changes were happening and becoming organized in word form. Machiventa however, was involved with this process and helped to oversee many papers in the Urantia Book. I, along with others, was receiving training to assist in this era termed the Correcting Time. Is that answering?

The Teachers

RACHEL: It certainly does and I thank you kindly. Another thing I was wondering . .. approximately how long have you been on Urantia this second time?

ABRAHAM: I would say not more than approximately twenty years even then, I have not been here constantly. I am assigned to take other tasks and associate with my fellows in other areas. Is this answering? (Yes it does, and I thank you for answering the questions and you do it with love.) You are welcome.


I would express my gratitude to you for your faith in me. I give you my love. Until next week, Shalom.