1998-10-19-Our Readiness to Teach

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Topic: Our Readiness to Teach

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Welcome. What a beautiful beginning for our meeting. Our thanks to Ham our brother and to you that shared his message.



I can remember my mortal life being filled with difficulties, and now I can comprehend the value they hold. Many mortal lessons we experience are not always understood in this life time, but surely at some point you will also understand the universal values they teach.

The Master's apostles, having given their consent for the sharing of their life experiences, are of great value to those we teach. For this, we are grateful. Their life experiences being at times embarrassing, are now within the foundation of our lessons. The apostles having experienced such difficulties, did find themselves qualified as teachers. With the Spirit of the Master they were exceedingly encouraged to share the good news. Michael's ever pervading spirit had strengthened them to go forth and teach from where ever they were in life's circumstances. Many a new believer entered the Kingdom from the words of these past courageous Teachers.

My friends, you must feel by now, that when you call upon the Spirit for words wherewith to teach, it is certain to be at hand. As our beloved apostles of old were trained to minister to Father's children, so are you. You each embrace the presence and personality of Christ Michael. Your relationship with Him has grown in love and trust. Many of you now find the confidence to go forward and live your beliefs. Your trust in Michael endows you with the power form on high wherewith to teach and spread light.

I would not add a new lesson for this evening, only ask that you ponder over your readiness to teach as occasions arise. Are you sufficiently leaning on the Master for His words and strength to live your beliefs?


Have you questions?


INEARA: (A question asking if she may be at a standstill, not "getting the message" in those times when Michael is approached and/or present. Perhaps "not listening.")

ABRAHAM: I am understanding you listen well, but there appears to be a small amount of fear in speaking with one who is so great and close to our Paradise Father. It would do you well to study His life before His hour to teach had come. He was truly one of us, and now is a close friend older Brother. Michael is awesome in presence and power, but so warm and loving, deeply personal. I am always made lighter by His presence. My daughter, seek first the man who was Jesus, and then can you relate to lessen your fear of His "Almightiness." That is all.

HARRISON: (asks a question of what to do about his new work and finances. He thinks he lives "too close to the edge.")

ABRAHAM: I usually cannot comment on things material but for you my son, I can say that Father truly desires abundance for all his children and assists where He can. He works within mans will and understanding and therefore, is in a way limited. As you experience these matters, you find that doors open and close. There is always a call for persistence, and yet, common sense shows us when to find other avenues. I am sorry, this is about all I can say.


(At this time, Abraham offers an answer for Frosty who lives in Northern Idaho, or Montana, who is not present, but did send in a question. Question not read, so I can only give Abraham's response.)

ABRAHAM: A question for Frosty? One moment... Frosty is on track when she believes that some of these new illnesses are caused by the opening of the Universal circuits. The illness comes more so from denying the realness of spirit; denying that life is meaningful and thinking it is merely haphazard. Some individuals find mortal living shallow and hopeless. They do not believe in Father's orderly conduct of the Universe that the isolation is over and Nebadon has once again embraced Urantia as the circuits opening is new and available to be known. There is a lot of energy being used to stand their ground and to hold fast to their old beliefs. There is hopelessness in refusal to grow. As always, hopelessness, despair, anger, anxiety and suspicion bring illness. With the re-incircuitment of Urantia, there is much confusion and many unanswered questions. This is natural and to be expected. As time passes and new generations grow up with the new incircuitment of Urantia, the new universal truth will be more naturally embraced and the spirit poisons will not so easily have their way over the physical bodies. That is all.

MIRIAM: (A question concerning what Abraham said/meant earlier in the lesson "Many mortal lessons we experience are not always understood in this life time, but surely at some point you will also understand the universal values they teach.")

ABRAHAM: This soul knowingness is absolutely real. Your knowingness can not be found in a book or some religious doctrine, or history, but only from within. You understand what it is to go against your soul knowingness. You feel it physically. When Peter had denied his Master, he knew instantly he had made a mistake and his fear would not let him react in any other way. But yes, Peter knew immediately of going against his inner soul understanding.

Teacher Contact

MIRIAM: (a question concerning Abraham's personal work with us.)

ABRAHAM: I have been working with each one of you personally not only during a meditative time, but mostly in the moment of living drama actual life circumstances when quick decision making is needed. I have endeavored to be with you assisting in your spiritual answers. Yes, it is always well to seek Father's advise as you had mentioned, but also, did Father bestow upon you common sense, and Mother a wonderful intellect. These are to be utilized to the fullest. Spiritual thoughts need to be filtered through the intellect.

(Rachel shares a humorous joke)

ABRAHAM: My dear Rachel, I can always catch your wit and humor during our visits. I receive plenty thank you. You do add a wonderful touch of light heartedness to our group.


I also thank each one of you for your patience and willingness to go forth as Michael's ambassadors. Know that there are legions of helpers at hand for each of you. Until next week, Shalom.