1998-10-30-God Takes Us Where He Finds Us

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Topic: God Takes Us Where He Finds Us

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Steve



God takes us where He finds us. He does not favor one and punish another. He loves us all equally. It is man's will that causes the misfortunes of life. God works in the spiritual realm. It is your inner life that is important to God, not your external circumstances. And, it is in this inner life that you may most closely approach the being of God in this material lifetime.

God takes us where He finds us: Sad, happy, rich, poor, honest, dishonest, and allows us to find ourselves. He loves us so much He will allow us to back ourselves into a corner without escape, with our selfish and self seeking behavior, until there is nowhere left for us to turn. And, when we are at the dead end of our lives, we look up and God has followed us into the pit of our making and stretches forth the hand of love to lead us to a better way. His guidance is constant if we will only hear it. It is only necessary for us to seek Him in the inner world of our soul and have the intention and desire to do what He puts before us.

You can learn your inner lessons of spiritual living and find the living God of your experience no matter whether you are rich-poor, black-brown, young-old, healthy-sick. Your current material position is a matter of happenstance, mortal will, ambition, and natural endowment. Your spiritual position in life is a matter of attitude, love, acceptance, and your inherent willingness to accept the divine guidance, and the inner desire of your heart to know and become like your heavenly Father.

Divine guidance enfolds your living spirit like the oyster surrounds a glowing pearl.

It is God's great gift to us that no matter how badly we hurt ourselves, no matter how badly others may mistreat us, no matter how bad the accidents of time and the misfortunes of life may beset us – God can take the very worst that life has dealt us and, through time and love, turn that misfortune into our greatest strength and hope.

All things in time and eternity will turn to the living good that is God's very nature.

There is no thing that God cannot overcome in our inner life of the spirit. God will take our greatest weakness and make it our source of abiding strength.

When we see bad things happen to good people – we see an 11 year old child killed for no apparent reason – this is not the hand of God. It is the hand of man. The rain falls on the just and the unjust. In the material realm free will has rein. In the real world of spirit the life of that child goes on.

There has been no final revelation. God speaks to each of us each day in a million urges to take the better road before us. The choice is always ours. If you could but see the world for an instant with spiritual eyes, you would see a continuing host of ascending and descending angels and other spirit helpers to this world. If you could only listen for a moment with the ears of spirit you could hear a symphony of joy and harmony surrounding us each day. Look and listen. The choice is always ours. The road to the divine is right here inside us.

God takes you as you are and slowly reveals Himself to you and brings you to Him if you are willing. Religion does not matter. Color does not matter. Philosophy does not matter. What you are or what you are not is of no consequence to the embracing love of God and His determination for you to find his voice of joy in your living experience, if you are willing to hear Him.

God is not silent. He is a joyful shouting God. His noise of love is everywhere around us, through us, and in us. Ecstatic sounds of the creation of loving. We fail to hear Him because we are intent on only hearing the sounds coming from our own mouths.