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Topic: Mercy

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



TOMAS: Good evening, class. I am Tomas. Merium and I have an agenda for you this evening, a double header if you will. We are going to approach the study and the understanding, the recognition and the application of the word, the value, the quality of God you see in the word "mercy". Mercy is our subject this evening, and I would like to ask you each, in your extended stillness here, to give a moment to an understanding of mercy and, if you will, examine in your mind's eye a moment of awareness wherein you received mercy and were aware of knowing divine mercy, by and through Our Father or any of his agents.

I will ask you to think of mercy privately, and I will ask you to share individually, if you are inclined, if you are willing, an understanding of mercy so that we may all participate in this understanding of Godlikeness. Please then, think for a moment on the quality of mercy as you have known it bestowed upon you. Later we will look at how you have bestowed mercy on others. One moment.

I am curious now as to your interpretation. Are there any volunteers to discuss your comprehension of the value mercy?

Everyone expresses their interpretations of the quality of mercy.


TOMAS: I thank all of you for your intimate sharing and understanding of this quality, this quality of divinity that we try to attain. Indeed, as we become more godlike, we can understand mercy more readily for you begin to give an affection for your brethren that incorporates mercy in its being.

Think, if you will, about a newborn babe. The newborn babe sleeps and is perfect. It has no thought to be destructive or retaliatory, it's cries are only in order that it be heard for its most fundamental needs to be met. In many ways you are like the infant. You cry in order to see to it that your needs are met and, foolish babe, Our Father knows your needs even before you do.

It is such a quality that, in the infinite sense, it would not even be required, it is so inherent in love. In your dealings with others, are you aware of this godlike quality in your composition as a result of your association with your Adjuster? Are you aware of the quality of mercy resident within your own soul?

I would like for you all to think and savor an understanding of your own understanding of mercy as you have applied it in your life. I will not ask you to share your example on the record, but I would like each of you in your heart of hearts, to be clear in your awareness of a moment where you yourself manifested mercy. Proceed into stillness with this thought. One moment.

I would like each of you to see that mercy is an essence of divinity. In your experience when you practice mercy, interpret it as patience, forbearance, tolerance, long-suffering, sacrifice. These are not actual mercy, but mercy allows for all of these interpretations to be manifested. Mercy is existential, like love.

It is something that comes from divinity and passes through you as you are in alignment with divinity. You cannot love by an act of the will, nor can you manifest true mercy by an act of the will, but you can say, "It is my will that Your will be done. It is my will that You manifest Yourself in my life," and thus you give God the occasion to express Himself through you. If you are not in consort with divinity, you cannot manifest mercy, consciously or unconsciously but in concert none-the-less.

I have expressed the topic and prodded your comprehensions regarding the word, the act and the deed, but I would like to turn the podium over to Merium for her indelible mark.

MERIUM: Good evening. GROUP: Good evening, Merium.

MERIUM: It is apparent the sun kissed you all today and, if you did not step outside, found your heart. What a lovely day in your realm, and it spins upon this home, this time for renewal, newness. It is time to continue to read the story of your progressive ascension in the spirit. Your ability to act, your ability to act more often, warms our heart to see you all gaining confidence in this area -- to just Be and enjoy your day, doing what has to be done. You have all heard this before, but I understand in your realm you need to hear it often.

I do come to cheer you on. You are getting used to this newness within yourself. You are more comfortable with yourself. You are more comfortable with the new you. There will be many aspects of your human personality that will not be heard from because you will be busy being appropriate, being kinder, more patient than normal, as you would have termed it. You will not have heard from the ghost of Christ past. They will hang in your cupboard like clothes that no longer fit.

There is a line from a poem that a friend wrote that stood out. It says, "an appreciation dawned in me." You will have many of these experiences. There will be this comforting warm fuzzy appreciation, not for something external, but for the fact that you are allowed to be sensitively alert and you will be able to watch your demeanor. Then there will be those delicious times while it will take afterthought to realize how beautifully a situation went, how easy the conversation, how effortlessly, and it is the times when you do not think about what's going on that are the very best. They are the most NATURAL. You are going to be more natural.

I often feel that you think that I sing the same song all the time. You can almost anticipate my Pollyanna light-hearted touch, and it will be pleasing to you if you have been in an accepting mode, but if you were in the process of processing something, it will sound, "Oh, here we go again." Your eye will be slightly jaundiced, but it is understood on another level that this exchange is one of manna, you are being fed, and if I just said to you, "WaWaWaWaWa," it too would be a sufficiency.

Tomas, would you like to handle some questions?

TOMAS: First I would like to thank you for calling to our minds the quality of mercy in the seasons, in the dawning of the new day and the warmth of the sun, in the development of friendships, in the awareness of association, in the sensitivity of your own insights. All of these experiences and awarenesses are reflections of mercy. Indeed, are there questions?

MERIUM: I would like to comment. Wouldn't it be sad to be in Paradise and not to realize it? And in a sense, that's exactly what is going on. You are Paradise-bound. You are totally surrounded by love. You have all the support and all the ingredients for the sublime expression. Because you have human senses, you will always hear a cacophony of distraction and the secret is, of course, as Rachel pointed out, to maintain your focus, to maintain that smile that does not want to leave, that says that you are in business and you are reading the mail as well as writing it.


RACHEL: I have a question. This doesn't have to do with mercy. As thoughts are flowing into your mind and you start acting upon them without really thinking about them, it's a foreign thing for me. I'm having a little trouble with it.

TOMAS: I must know more.

RACHEL: Like living in that river in your mind and as things come in and you're told to do things and you act upon them, you just start flowing through life and yet the humanist in you wants to say, "Stop! I want to look at this! I have to analyze it," and that seems to be where you get in trouble.

TOMAS: Well, your Rodan says that where the spirit is a goal, the flesh is a fact. You cannot live in imbalance. You are in the world but not of it, and this too connotes balance. It is good to look at the circumstance but not allow the circumstance to own you. Eventually, even if you were to crawl upon the shores and allow the living waters to pass you by temporarily, momentarily, you are developing an instinct to swim. You will jump back in and you will not drown. In time you will become accustomed to the flow and you will allow yourself to touch upon the lily pads and walk upon the water.

RACHEL: Thank you.


TOMAS: It is apparent that the needs of you sleeping babes are all met, at least for the moment. Thus, Merium and I will have mercy and depart, leaving you to your rest in the joy of sonship.