2000-01-12-The Supreme Adventure

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Topic: The Supreme Adventure

Group: At Large


Teacher: Aaron




Dear Brothers and Sisters: I have been on [the list] for two years but you have rarely heard from me because my reason for being on is completely selfish. Since I do not have a personal Teacher I read the messages from the teachers posted on [the list] and occasionally when I am really struggling with a problem I ask my Thought Adjuster to let me receive help from one of the teachers.

This Christmas my whole family got the flu, I ended up in the hospital in near respiratory arrest only to find out that I had severe emphysema and would have to be hooked to oxygen the rest of my life. Kind of a shock! You ask yourself do I want to live like this or should I just check out now while I am so sick.

Weak as a kitten I sit down in front of my computer and the following message from Aaron I claim as my own. Think of the frame of mind I was in and then read this beautiful and compelling message that not only told me I must live but that by doing so I was making a contribution to the Supreme. Not only why I must live but how by living I can still be of service. WOW! what powerful stuff. Love & Blessings , DH


Aaron: There is a supreme task awaiting each of you and you must simply wish to pursue for it to unfold before your very eyes and existence. You may ask what this entails and I would gladly answer. You must simply live. Take control of your existence. Know it to be yours first and foremost. Choose to experientially attain, to grow beyond the state in which you currently exist.

This progression often is coupled with reticence and hesitancy, for mortals do not always understand that the supreme struggle of life is the task, is your growth, is what you are here for. To look at the challenges with enthusiasm will bring to you a more favorable disposition regarding your development rather than being polarized against the changes occurring within your being, your circumstances and your life as a whole.

Understand when you struggle, when you find despair, when you are troubled by the circumstances of your existence, that you have been issued a challenge by the universe to "roll" with it, to take your struggles and make them victories, to bring your being into alignment and acceptance with your circumstances by either learning to live with the change for you, or positively, progressively, enthusiastically changing the circumstances before you. We do not need saviors for this planet. We have one.

We need personalities willing to manifest in the environment that was bestowed upon them, to actualize the potentials inherent in the many frictions caused by divergent energies. We need humans filled with a sense of power about their existence, to live faithfully with the endowments that have been given to them -- to become, simply become... simply become.

The purpose of the universes is to become. Always, wherever you find yourself in your ascension career, this holds true. The Supreme awaits your decisions to evolve. The cosmic family requires your presence to realize its true nature in combination with all other personalities.

You are creating unity amidst your individuality. The Supreme is the experiential attainment and realization of all finite reality as it is made manifest through the unique endowments of the First Source and Center to all universe ascending children. All personality waits for your arrival at the 'get together' at the culmination of time, the grand party of awakening wherein you, as an individual, have realized your capacities while always maintaining your relationship to all other universe personalities.

This is thrilling, indeed! This is a Supreme adventure, calling to each of you, each individual, to grow, to accept the purposes of the universe, to be perfect even as your Heavenly Parent is perfect, to strive to achieve understanding of these statements and accept, enthusiastically, your role in the universe. How blessed are we that we were even conceived to be a part of this grand adventure.

Take up the task. I have complete faith that you will do admirably in it, each of you.