2000-07-07-How Good Is Our T/R'ing

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Topic: How Good Is Our TR'ing

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



CALVIN: Abraham, how would you comment on the effectiveness of TR-ing in the Teaching Mission, in this conference at least, those various techniques of TR-ing you taught us. How are we doing in delivering the messages from your staff?

ABRAHAM: My understanding is overall the transmitting\receiving process is adequate for this time. I would say however the fruits of the messages speak for themselves. Messages that may be without substance may make listeners turn within to their own divine guidance or they may just turn away. This is a difficult topic, and while I must be truthful, I must refrain from causing pain.

The family unity however is enough to sustain the Mission at this time. Accuracy in transmissions will come with time and experience. This is an evolving process. Experience has brought us all to the point where we are now. It has been a good teacher. This method of communication needs to be rooted in the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of man, with emphasis on truth, beauty, and goodness to be applied in daily living. Transmissions will not bear more fruit if they are listened to . .. fruitful transmissions will bring listeners. Transmissions must be about spiritual reality in a mortal world. It must embrace realness and be applicable in all life's stations.

Is this answering? (Very helpful. Thanks.) You're welcome. Another question?