2000-08-18-Dance of Disappointment

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Topic: Dance of Disappointment

Group: Unknown


Teachers: Alana, Legion

TR: Unknown



Alana : "Yes, this is Alana once again. And I would continue to speak to yo u about Self-love, self-love, and family love. The family is made up of many individuals, at least three, struggling to develop into their mature selves.

Yes, even parents are still involved in this struggle. At the same time, these individuals have been born into a grouping that instills in them the idea of loyalty to kin, especially when the family gives comfort. This loyalty is the early understanding of the loyalty-love that we would have you experience toward God, our Father and Mother Spirit.


Early loyalty is based on love and care, safety, and in the most despairing of families, fear. Later in time, each individual differentiates, especially children growing out of early innocence and ignorance. Then loyalty is tested because new ideas and untoward experiences, changing lives, even the development of new families, create situations in which one must decide what one will believe, and what one will stand for as meaningful and valuable. Unless one has developed the power of the stillness, the inclination to consult your center within for God’s council, it is possible to make mistakes from one’s limited viewpoint or defense of old patterns, and thus break with family loyalty and stand alone. This division may also occur when one is standing for God’s will, which is to love. In the first situation, one must eventually break down the personal belief system to understand the disloyalty. In the second situation others will break down their belief system in order to turn toward the higher loyalty.

Naturally, in family groups, and most groups resemble families of one sort or another, the separate egos test themselves out against one another, children testing themselves against parents, siblings rivaling to distinguish themselves against one another. Until the ego has established itself as strong enough to withstand the disruptions and disappointments of ordinary life, and to discern the disloyalties that can cause betrayal, it is vulnerable. The strength that goes beyond ego strength is the strength that comes from God’s love. And so we recommend that families teach prayer, the prayer that is stillness and seeking within for God’s love and strength.

Children find this stillness even when they are taught word prayers. But the trick, the major challenge, is to learn to consult this confident stillness even when the ego is being required to keep up with the social and developmental challenges that the social world demands. Many mistakes are made along the way and hearts are broken. Disappointment is the river over which God’s love carries you. You know that your earthly life comes to an end. You imagine that end will be your greatest disappointment, but still it must be accepted. It is in this acceptance that you will find stillness and peace and the will to go on living with God’s joy. So it is with even your small disappointments. Stillness and peace can be found if you will go within and watch, from within that quiet loving place, the dance of disappointment."

Legion : "I will give you an example: you tense up your muscles at times when your mind has "locked up" surrounding an issue that is unresolved for you. Carrying the stillness within you, is to bring the relaxation you now feel speaking with me into those moments, into those habits of tension and worry. Your tension is a form of intention: a focus designed by the ego function in life and intended to serve you. The focus of Faith is upon the ease with which God loves you. Our Father’s love does not need tension in order to create clarity. God’s love is clarity, clarity of mind and heart. Love takes all tension of whatever kind and surrenders to joy, joy in the light that shines upon your world and surrounds your very being. Ease your tensions into God’s love at every opportunity." Legion