2000-09-17-Heart Room Part 2

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Topic: Heart Room, Part 2

Group: Arenal TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion, Devina, Tarkeem

TR: S. Butterfield



We open our hearts and our minds, and send our prayers to you Father, and Mother, that we may be dedicated once again to doing thy will.

Alana : This is Alana, and I welcome you all once again.

D : Welcome to you.

Alana : Thank you. Are we all in my heart room right now?

S : Yes, we are.


Alana : I would add another dimension to this heart room. Are you ready? (Yes.) As you contemplate the lines of light that you have already established between you, across, and reaching upward to the love of God, I would now have you recall that you have a backside to you. It is not uncommon among those of you on your planet to be fearful of your backside, is that not so? To be fearful that someone might come up behind you, and you would be unaware of this, yes? So, I would have you each now, focus your attention, right in the center of your heart, facing out your backside. And I would have you imagine this great hole that peers out your back. And I would have you know, now, that Legion and I are moving around your circle and we are breathing through that hole in your back, straight through your back, our breath, the energy of our love, the power of our love.

(There is a great disturbance by the dog.) Excuse me, we will wait a moment. (Dog is settled down.) This was, perhaps, a very welcome opportunity to experience the munificence of the heart room and the capacity for your stillness practice to incorporate all interruptions.

I ask you again, to allow that opening to be felt as we breathe through the opening in your back. Our light and our love, allow it to fill your body, to spread out through the lines you have drawn. As you breathe in, we blow in our love. We would have you now feel the power of your heart room is so well constructed that you will feel protected.


Legion : This is Legion. We have been listening to you carefully. We are certain that each of you in your own way is committed to creating a heart room that is strong, and easily accessible by each of you simply by remembering to love each other. Use the connections of this love, the strength that your heart room represents, the power that it holds, to give yourselves confidence in your daily lives. Know that you can give love without emptying your heart room. Know that you do not need to demand love from others in order to fill this heart room.

Alana has taken you through this exercise once again in order to continue to engrave upon your minds, hearts, and bodies, the idea, the image, the experience, so that you become even more accustomed to knowing and accessing our love at any moment in time. Simply remembering the heart room, remembering to reconstruct the heart room in your stillness practice, you empower yourselves to function at a higher level on your planet, in your world, and in your daily lives. Practice. Include each member of your small group into your heart room at all times. Each of you is an essential part of this heart room. Essential. Required. Necessary. Big or little. No one more important than the other.

We will respond now to some of the concerns that have been expressed about the nature of our activities, namely, the heart room. As you become more familiar with the vast possibilities of love¹s inclusiveness, and the power of God¹s love pouring through you now to heal, each of you knows someone, including yourselves, who needs God¹s love. Our lesson for today: every being deserves love.


S : Legion, I am experimenting with putting two people into my heart room now who have been the most difficult, caused me the most pain, in recent years. And there is something so light and joyful about the experience of doing that! I see the crossed lines of light among all of us working like a trampoline, bouncing these people up into the love of God. It is a wonderful light energy. It makes me feel very, very good. It is almost the kind of thing that Devina would come up with.

Devina : I am delighted to say that love is that light, it allows the heavy heart to fly. We hope that with your help we can bring this message: all love is a blessing, a blessing that allows for joy to be expressed in every way. In play. In sex. In families. In groups. We ask you first to express God¹s love with joy. We are delighted to be your loving trampoline.

Alana : Is there anyone else that we might bounce into the heart room right now?

D : Yes, I would like to put W in the heart room. He has been diagnosed with cancer. I wish for him to be surrounded by your love, and the love in this circle, at this moment.

Alana : Very good. We have a great deal of room here. Let us see how many we can place upon the trampoline of love, in the corners, in the center, on the sides, how many can you bring in today?

S : This one¹s a challenge, because one of the things I love about our group, our heart room, the teachers, the love of God as I know it, is that it is inclusive. What I was hearing in church this morning was exactly the opposite, exclusive. (TR: There was a funeral for a "gringo" friend, and several of us attended. The preacher was a "bible pounding" emotional Central American evangelical Baptist.) This bothers me tremendously, so I am going to put the preacher, whom I really had difficulty with this morning, put him here on our trampoline and see if we can¹t bounce some sense into him.

Alana : This is a pleasure.

D : You better be careful, S, you may bounce him into the fires of hell! (laughter)

S : No. I¹m going to bounce him into the love of God! then maybe he¹ll stop being so exclusive.

Alana : There is room, as I have said. You must understand that love¹s power enters where it can, and accepts what is so. There are many who speak God¹s love, but have, shall we say, a limited perspective. If you would be an ambassador of love, you must find how to extend your joy to those who might consign you to hell.

S : That¹s a good lesson. Because I was very angry.

Alana : Yes. Give me your anger.

O : I would like to suggest one wonderful brother, G, be put on the trampoline in our heart room.

Alana : He is a beautiful soul. He is troubled, but we gladly lift him up into our embrace. Each of you suffers from time to time from believing, or thinking, that because you are having difficulties you are therefore less loved by God. We give this beloved soul the breath of love right now. Let him be filled.

One of your troublesome worries is that you do not live up to those ideas, rules, regulations, that have been brought to you by earnest, well meaning ministers of God, who bear their own misunderstandings. Let us allow the misunderstandings now to be tossed away. That was pleasant for a moment, was it not?

O : It felt good. (More conversation. Tape unclear.)

Alana : We understand how difficult it is on your plane to communicate with those whose vision is narrowed by conditioning, or limited experience. That is why before we go much further, we will continue with this blessed exercise of simply getting the six of you to come together and create an open heart room that may include the rag-taggle groups you each represent. (laughter) For a moment now, I will surrender the floor to Tarkeem.

Tarkeem : (There was a great deal of thunder. It was difficult for the TR to transmit. and the transmission is difficult to hear and transcribe.) Love is one power and the most powerful. The laws of love are many and there is only one law, that is to love. There is fairness in love, and we could, if we were so inclined, make a long list of what it means to be fair. There are many arguments on your planet because one or another disagrees about what is fair. Love will persist, always, again and again and again, to bring the power of love¹s fairness and mercy and compassion into all human interaction. I have come here because your heart room has summoned me to be with you as you drag in all your squabbles and protests and objections that love, or life, is not being fair. (A lot of thunder.) We will meet regularly to sort these matters out.


Legion : This is Legion. We hope that you will take with you this week the remembrance of the blue trampoline. I say blue, simply because that is my favorite color today, and my energy is as blue as the sky on your most beautiful day. I ask you to practice the fairness of love each day, bringing your squabbles and your heart aches to me, and to your heart room where Alana will always welcome you with love. We leave you today. We thank you.

D : Thank you, all of you, for your presence. For the gift of your wisdom.

S : Thank you for the direct experience of your love.