2000-10-01-Discipline of Love, Tenderness, Privacy

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Topic: Discipline of Love, Tenderness, Privacy

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield



TR : I dedicate my words and this time to the doing of God’s will. I dedicate myself to learning, to growing. I ask that God’s love come through me and all of us for the greater good will of those we know and love. I welcome the teachers to help us.

Alana : And so, we are here to help you. We are glad to be here and once again we welcome each one of you to our circle of love and bless each of you. I welcome you now into my Heart Room This is Alana, and I presume you recognize me. Yes?

D : Yes. Welcome Alana.


Alana : Thank you. We were very interested in your discussion. You spoke of, among other things, your sense of invulnerability, of being protected. This I would assure you is very real. We do not, of course, ask you therefore to drop your awareness, your sensitivity to who you are and who others present themselves to be. We ask you always to co-operate with us in the effort to bring God’s love and the power of God’s love into your world. As you do this you grow increasingly strong, and you grow in your sense of our strength and our power to be with you in time of need. You, of course, begin to understand that we do indeed have great powers of protection. Those who surrender to God’s love always experience an unquestioned sense, or faith, in all being well. Nevertheless, it is still your task to practice the stillness, enter into daily prayer for the well-being of all. And that includes, of course, your individual selves, who meet from time to time those who have not yet opened their hearts or their minds to allow God’s light and love to be a guiding force in their lives and they often choose different directions from the path of love. It is of course their fear that misguides them. However, you can not expect to escape the need to pay attention. It is a co-operative effort between ourselves and your individual self to allow us to protect you from harm’s way. It is also a co-operative effort between each of you to not allow negativity to go pell mell down the path of life’s ventures. It takes your conserted effort to substitute your negative thoughts with gratitude and love. There are times when your negative thoughts become so repetitive, that you can not even imagine something positive or loving, or new, to replace those thoughts. When that happens I ask you please to remember me and the Heart Room. Step in immediately wherever you are and pray with all your heart for God’s love to pour within you. Your negative thoughts, I promise you, are of a different construction and they do not belong in your legacy. Do not place them on another’s head. Each of you has great enough difficulty making it through life with confidence and joy, without being blessed by one another’s presumptions and negativities.

In addition, I wish to acknowledge each of you for the loving respect you granted to your fellow member when he choose to travel into realms that brought him a greater understanding of that which he already knew. It was your loving respect for his experience, and your loving respect for this interruption in your lives, that allowed us to give you an experience of the Heart Room in Action without a single word from me, or Legion, or Devina. But I am sure you know we were there. Legion would join you now.

Legion : I would speak to you again about the Discipline of Love. It is comparable to the man on the watch when a ship is at sea in the darkness, perhaps even when a storm threatens nearby. The image of a storm is not mentioned in order to form a sense of threat in you, but rather I attempt to express what it is for each of you to live a life in which for God’s joy to be fully brought to realization requires you to discipline yourselves when it comes to handling fear, doubt, and emotion.

The discipline of love requires strengthening your body, strengthening your mind, and strengthening your respect for yourselves and one another. We are on watch all the time. We have the continual, glorious, unbounded light and love of God showered upon us at all times in such a way that we do not need to wrestle with fear, doubt, and emotion. But you live on a different planet in a different way and so we endeavor to contribute to your lives in such a way that you truly may experience. at least to some measure, the surety and confidence of God’s love and guidance. At least to some measure, in kind as we.

It is a discipline for you to meet together as now. It is a discipline for you, sometimes difficult, to practice re-creating within your minds and thoughts, and in your practice of stillness, the reality of the Heart Room that was constructed for you and with you by Alana and me. It is a discipline for you to tender…to tender…she (the TR) understands that one of the beautiful experiences for her last week was the experience of bringing E to the fire and looking about her and seeing all of her friends lovingly conducting themselves for the hour or so during which it was important to keep the fire burning, and during which it was important to continue to communicate to E that he was safe, comforted, comfortable and well loved. This is the image that is in her (the TR’s) mind as I use the word tender…I mean it also, tenderly. Speak tenderly to one another. This, I understand, is difficult sometimes for you find yourself needing to express an emotion or a belief or suspicion or a dissertation that you have created, and you feel the need to do this with great force. Or you feel that you need to speak in such a way that you cannot be questioned, or doubted, that you speak the truth. But of course you must understand that the truth has more than one voice, and the truth comes only embraced with God’s love.

And so it is the discipline of your tongue that I speak about to you today, as tenderly as I, Legion, am capable of speaking. We understand the difficulties of growth. You do not always know your self, much less do you know another. And so to learn this discipline of voice and tongue and mind and body with Alana and I and with Devina’s supervision, we continue to emphasize bringing you into the Heart Room. We shall do that now. I ask you, if you have not already, please step into Alana’s heart room now. See those lines of loving energy, of God’s love and light, see them growing from your heads, from your sides, open you back, open those holes, let them be safely opened for us to breathe our love in, into your bodies to heal them, in through your bodies to pass through across to the other. Feel those lines of energy pour through the holes, into your feet, straight through your toes in to the toes of those across from you. Now sit inside this Heart Room you have created with Alana and me embracing you. Now bring into the Heart Room those you wish to love, those who need your love. See your selves in here. See your loved ones in here. See those you have difficulty with in here. Shake your negative thoughts inside this Heart Room and let me blow my love through them. Open your mouths and allow Alana’s and my love to pour through. Let Devina tenderly touch your tongue with her magnificent poetry.

Alana : And now, I am Alana, welcoming you to speak, if you wish, for we are here.


S : I, personally, am incredibly grateful for the sense of protection that I have been feeling in every part of my life. Something that I find helps me, when I am tempted to feel fear, is knowing that you are with me, but also remembering the statement that “the outcome is assured” no matter what happens here. I find that extremely comforting, and I am much less fearful, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart…(there were difficulties with the tape…D speaks and apologizes for the difficulty. Tape is changed. D welcomes Alana back with an apology to her for the delay, and reminds that S was awaiting her response.).

Alana : Thank you D. We are always pleased to see you being responsible for as gentle an interruption as you can muster.

Yes, I do wish to respond to you, my beloved. Your growing lack of fear is something so beautiful to behold that it would be very difficult for me to resist being around you to see. It is much like those beautiful images your cameras create that show the blossoming of a rose, petal upon petal, darkening shades of color revealing themselves, opening fragrance moving from the center to the world, to those who pass by, to those who pause to contemplate. It is a blessing that one who has so long felt the captive of fear should now captivate others with her blessings of love, blessings brought to her by her sincerity of seeking, and that she should now be so willing to share her joy at such liberation. It is my pleasure to be grateful to you, that you, in spite of many questions, doubts, and even beloved, your need for temporary secrecy, nevertheless you welcomed me and it is in such co-operative ventures between God’s love, our spiritual efforts, and your spiritual work, that brings gratitude into everyone’s heart. Thank you.

I am pleased to speak to everyone, yes? (Yes.)

D: I’d love to talk, but we have three other shy people here and I’d love to give them a chance. Is that ok, Alana?

Alana : You might like to share with them your same vulnerability with me, yes?

D : I’ll give it a try. Let me see if I caught it right, you are suggesting the possibility that I share with this group my vulnerability with you? (Yes.) I was afraid of that. (laughter)

I’m not sure what Alana is getting at, except for me to share with you what I mentioned earlier in our weather report, which is that my usual inner dialoge, or talk with God, has been with Father, or to my elder brother, Jesus. I sometijmes feel in touch with my thought adjuster, the inner spirit of Father, and when I speak to Father it is a very intimate experience, also. My usual discourse with Father has to do with the beauty that I observe and I am saying, Thank you, Father, Thank you, Father, Thank you, Father, when I see beautiful things. And then sometimes when I am very disturbed emotionally, I am also talking with a great deal of intensity with Father. But something happened…when earlier on and these teachers came on, Alana was very much in the background, she didn’t seem to be as vivid. Legion came on very strongly, and Suzi had some adjustments to make to the nature of his vibration. Alana came gradually to the forefront for me, I began to see her beauty, and I began to hear the way she spoke, and I began to…the first thing I began to do with Alana was, it’s like telling about a love affair, this is making me feel shy in a way, the first thing I did with Alana was when I was having trouble quitting smoking. I talked to Alana, and I said, “I’d like to smoke you, Alana!” Like Legion said today, “be in this heart room and open your toes, and open the holes in your back, and open your mouths and let us breathe in this love.” And Alana said to me at this time, “Breathe me. Breathe me.” I’ve had experiences when I breathe in the Mother’s love, the Divine Mother’s love, because it is my paradigm that she is everwhere present, so that she’s here and we can breathe her love if we wish to. And so I began to breathe Alana when I would have those experiences when I wanted a nicotine hit. Instead of going for that, I’d stop, and I’d think I need something to satisfy that urge, something to go through my mouth, sucky-sucky. I just began to breathe Alana, is what’s happened. And it is this marvelous experience where I just let her love me. I just breathed her in, her spirit. It seemed like an outrageous thing to do, to breathe your teacher, but I did, and she helped me a lot. She centered me, and gave me loving energy instead of nicotine and I made it through a lot of difficult places with her.

When I was in my experience of emotional difficulty this week…well, the first moment last week when I saw E down, so to speak, his body in a state that I didn’t understand, and it frightened me, I immediately went to Alana. I immediately said, “Alana, Alana, what is happening here? Is everything all right?” She didn’t speak to me, but I was enveloped in peace, that everything was well, is well, and all will be well. Apparently I can transmit Alana even when I don’t know about it, and she gave me this increadible peace. I also know that she knows everything I do, everything I think, and every emotional blow-up I go through, she is right there watching the whole thing…the point of this is….it allows me to be myself. I don’t need to deny my humanness. I am being taught constantly that my humanness is divine, that that separation is pretty much a false one, that all this part of me that manifests that I usually put on a negative scale, she is helping me just to say, “ OK It just is. It just is.” She accepts me in such a loving way that it helps me to accept myself a great deal.

Perhaps I’ve talked too long when our teachers are here from such a great distance. I hope I have expressed some of my heart feelings for you Alana, and the place that you have in my life at the present moment, my willingness to learn from you because I feel your love so steadfastly. Amen.

Alana : You will discover, each of you, this lack of privacy to which he refers. It is always in the process of growth that the human being must go through certain difficulties, some of which they would prefer not to be known. For our friend here is telling you truthfully that he was on his knees begging for my help. Begging is not something that human beings are generally very proud of, but this was true. I in turn begged him to breathe with me, to allow him to feel, to allow us to feel……(tape blurs)…..for you can not do it alone. I know that in many cultures it is a goal, a statue to be emulated, that you can make it alone. But it is indeed just that, a statue, not alive, for no live being makes it alone. You have always God’s love and companionship available to you. It is simply a matter of opening your mind to that possibility and then allowing all those negative fears and doubts to spill out upon the floor. It has been a very gracious pleasure to breathe with D as he scrapes off some of the tar, shall we say, that has accumulated about his person in the seventy some years that he has been playing upon his planet. With each of you, I will come. With each of you, Legion will stand ready. And each of you is profoundly loved. Is there anyone who wishes to speak to Legion, now?

D : Yes, I do. Legion, the discipline of love, your major theme, and you brought it up again today. You spoke of the various disciplines, of the body, of the emotions, and of the mind. Would you give us a little more guidance on the discipline of the mind. What has come up for me, particularly during times of emotional disturbance, the mind seems to go into a period of turbulence. It appears as if thoughts arise in our minds, unasked for, on their own, etc. Would you please help me on the matter of the discipline of the mind? And, secondly, what is this traffic that arises in our minds, is it automatic? Where does all this stuff come from?

Legion : Discipline is practice. Discipline is holding the wheel steady even when all the turbulent forces would seduce you into thinking you should turn it another way, or let it go entirely. Discipline is the willingness to practice again, and again, regardless of failure, or lack of understanding. With discipline comes the transformation, or that inexplicable change from hoping, wanting, seeking into simply being. A disciple, you might say, becomes one with the discipline. The turbulent thoughts, these unpleasant behaviors, come from the many shapes and diagrams and beliefs that are created over time, by fear. And so when it appears that your mind is on a rampage, which you would indulge yourself in believing is beyond your control, your first step must always be, my favorite word, discipline. You must step into the heart room, if you will. You must step into prayer, if you prefer. You must stand before yourself and whatever precious fear you are nursing and feeding in that moment; through the process of being to confront yourself, to ask about, to look at, to study, but primarily to acknowledge your fears, you will be led back to love, security, truth, and God. For your security lies within, where we and all God’s messengers reside, waiting to speak to you in tender words of loving guidance.

D : Thank you.

S : No fear. The outcome is assured.

Legion : I can not tell you often enough how irrelevant your fears are to the outcome. Your fears simply, let us say with a certain amount of humor, your fears simply make the journey more interesting. (laughter)

D : Like the banquet you were advertising several weeks ago, yes?

Legion : Yes. (laughter) I do not wish to present the idea that where I reside, or that the journey within lacks entertainment.

(Legion suggests a short break.)


Legion : There is one message that Legion would pass on to you about discipline. It takes focus. Single minded dedication. We are not asking you to turn your lives inside out and to become miserable with your hard work. We are asking you to open your hearts and your minds to love, and faith, and God’s will. We ask you to do this tenderly. Tenderly with your self, and tenderly with others. You are in a unique situation, allowing your lives to become everything that your lives are meant to be. Your lives are in a body, and on a planet, Earth, but the truth of your lives is spiritual, is love. This opening to the reality of God’s love is demanding. It is an experience that the human being, child or adult, goes through……yes, she is trying to give you words to describe what she has felt as I give her my description. She felt great compassion for each one of you and for every human being whose growth into the knowledge of God’s love requires the relinquishment of secrets, of shame, of fear, of hidden compartments. You relinquish these one at a time to God. You surrender all of your life-long privacy to God. The rewards, of course, are great, for God’s joy, God’s love, God’s compassion, is not any longer hidden from you. Every small and great experience is welcomed. We give you love. We give you strength. God be with you.

D : Thank you. Thank you, Legion.