2000-10-15-Giving Up Fear

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Topic: Giving Up Fear

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion, Tarkim

TR: S. Butterfield



I open my heart. I open my mind. I surrender my doubts. I surrender my emotions. To learning. To growing. To God’s love. I welcome the teachers.

Yes. And we welcome you, too. This is Legion. And, this is Alana. And Tarkim.


Legion : I will begin. I am pleased to report to you that I have been following each of you, looking, listening, seeking certainty that my lesson on acceptance was accepted. I studied the heart of each of you who participated and I will share with you the results in one, who is beloved by all of you, your beloved transmitter. It may be that what she has shared with you already, tells you that acceptance was hers this week. Deeply within her heart. Deeply within her stillness. Deeply in her commitment to life. Acceptance came flooding into her reality. She told you this brought joy. She told you this brought peace.

She is giving me permission now to tell you that in one of her more private disciplines, acceptance was the bedrock, may I say, of her faith. This was an acceptance that was necessary for her in what she and her beloved partner call the discipline of joy. One form this took through her partner’s understanding was to “make love” every day. The challenge to the transmitter was fear. Fear based in a life time of conditioning to believe this was not possible for her. She feared domination. She feared falsehood. It is enough to say those two things. It is enough to say, she had fear. And so she took to heart my request that she exercise the quality of acceptance, and allow faith, faith in God’s love, faith in my discipline of joy, faith in the discipline of love. By acceptance she discovered many things. The most basic might be, and I say this particularly to our beloved S, the basic acceptance was influential in allowing her to give up, to surrender, what might be called “fear of the future.” She discovered each day that love, when allowed its full expression, did not harm her. She also discovered that her fears have the capacity to draw pictures, create scenes, imagine catastrophes that need not come to pass. I would add to this soliloquy about our transmitter, I would add that her partner also encountered the blessings of acceptance.

Now, is there anyone here who would question me? Who would bring their concerns, their questions, their doubts, to me, Legion? I am ready.


E: Yes, Legion. (Yes.) I direct my question to you, but if it is more appropriate for Tarkim, or Alana, I rely on your guidance totally. (Thank you.) You spoke to me (in a past session) about my adventure in the realms that I, with the blessing of this group, experienced. Would you tell me more about my experience as you saw it? Was I near physical death? What did you mean by the use of the word realm? And lastly, was that you with me this morning from 5am to 9am? Or was that all my mind? Or Alana? I don’t know who was there, but it was most remarkable.

Leigion : There are many realms beyond the body, and you, in a quick slide through, entered realms usually experienced in death. Yes, your body was, shall we say, from time to time in a kind of cold storage. (laughter) Well taken care of. Able to be forgotten by you because it was in the full-fledged heart room of your associates. Your question may arise from the contemplation, What should have happened had I been alone? Of course, there is the possibility of a prediction that you would have died, had you been alone. There is also the possibility of a prediction that you would not have died had you been alone. The outcome, my friend, supported by the heart room and in accordance with God’s will, was yours to choose, and choose you did. Wisely, I think. For you have more to learn. More to give. More adventures ahead of you. You experienced a realm you called infinity – the infinity of love. This is difficult for you to put into words. What you should most remember, and bring to the remembrance of all, is the limitless peace. There is nothing to fear. You were surrounded by love and you drank from the fountain. To allow yourself to be so permeated by faith was a wonder for me to behold in you. To allow yourself to be so permeated by faith was a magnificent experience for everyone with you. It was a gift. And a blessing.

Tarkim : My friend, it was I, Tarkim, speaking to you this morning. I will come again.

Legion : You are correct, Tarkim was not alone. I, too, was there, your friend, Legion. Your beloved Alana? No. She sent me. Tarkim welcomed me. Is there more you wish to say, or to ask me?

E : No. I thank you. And I thank you for coming, and I invite you always to come again. And Tarkim.

Legion : Yes. He is quite a wonderful voice. He has quite an ability to clarify things, yes?

E : (laughter) Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Legion : We enjoy the good heart of your meeting today. Good hearts. And we welcome your young friend.

Alana : This is Alana. (Welcome.) Thank you. I come again to remind you, welcome you, and establish with you our heart room. For we have a young friend who is quite capable of carrying the heart room with him to others. So, I ask you now, shall we do it again? (Yes!) Yes. Let us breathe into you now. Let us feel with you. Allow those lines of light to reach out from each side of you to the other. Open your hearts. Let me breathe through your hearts. Let Legion breathe through your hearts. Let him blow love through your hearts to the one across from you. Open your minds. Let me blow my love through your minds, sending light through your foreheads to the one before you. Open the holes in your backs, open your backs. Legion and I blow love into those holes and through your bodies to the ones before you. Open your mouth. Allow Devina to pour her heart and her poetry into your bodies. Feel the walls of the heart room, the light, the love, the construction opening, reaching, allowing God’s love, Michael’s love, Jesus, guardian angels. Love will pour down now, filling the heart room. Feel that love go way down into your feet and pour out through your toes, creating lines of love and light, spreading out to the toes of those before you. Bring the newness of your brother, your young friend, bring his questions, his unfamiliarity, into the center of the heart room, and with me, and with Legion, let us now blow love upon your friend and his questions.

Sustaining the heart room, bring now your loved ones into the center. Bring now, each of you, place your selves and your troubles, questions, doubts, place your selves into the center of the heart room and let us blow love upon you.

Thank you. And now it is Legion who would speak to you in the heart room.

Legion : Is there any unworthiness to be placed in the center of the heart room?

S : The fear of unworthiness, Legion.

Legion : Ahhh, let us place that fear in the center of the heart room and blow love upon it. Thank you, my dear. And my friend, Mr. Practice, how was it for you this week with your missing spot of unworthiness?

O : I was flying a little bit higher for life.

Legion : “Flying a little bit higher for life.” Is that what you said? (Yes, my life.) My Devina will be delighted.

D : I remind you, Legion, that he spoke last week, when you brought his attention to that spot, of it also being a warm…(turns to O) O, do you recall that, warm, and something else…(O : lighter, I think) yes, light and warm spot….and Legion asked you to spend the week examining that warm spot. I think that is what Legion’s question is all about.

O : And I have to admit I didn’t do much thinking about it. I just did.

D : Is that why you have the nickname Mr. Practice? (laughter) Excuse me for that indulgence. (even more laughter) OK, but you are flying higher anyway, huh? (O : Yes.)

Legion : I thank you, my friend, for reminding me of that which needed no reminder. I thank you for your dedicated attention to what may have been needed for others. There is never any criticism intended by reminders.

D : Thank you. You are the most patient beings I have ever encountered in my existence.

Legion : We will rub off on you. (Hopefully!) (laughter) Remembrance. This is a beautiful opportunity to speak on remembrance. There is always the question, what to remember? There is, sometimes, a long circuitous route, a sometimes troublesome seeking, as you wander, shall we say, through the many…..the picture she (the TR) has is of one of those rooms where there are many mirrors, some of which make you look large, small, fat, crooked…confusing, we shall say. You wander sometimes confused, and in that process you remember many things. You remember fears. You remember warnings. What we ask you to remember is love. How remarkable it is that love should be so difficult to remember.

S : It is getting easier with this training.

Legion : That pleases me very much. There are many on your planet, for example, who remember he who said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” But they do not remember his love. They do not remember, “love one another, as I have loved you.” They do not remember, “do unto others with love, as you would have others do with love unto you.” So it is good, my friend, Mr. D., that you remind us to remember. Practice. Practice. Practice. You know my favorite word is discipline. The discipline of love is a practice. The discipline of love asks you to remember. There is no criticism in being reminded of this. Thank you.

D : I am astounded at your grace. That you can turn seemingly awkward situations into such elements of pure beauty.

Legion : Grace. Grace is born from overwhelming gratitude, the overwhelming gratitude of love. Practice your thanksgiving, my friends. Therein you will learn true grace. Tarkim is here, and your transmitter is aware of his pattern. You may, if you wish, ask him to come forth and allow your transmitter to become more comfortable with him. She has taken him in small doses. (laughter)

O : He is a big guy. Welcome, Tarkim. You answered my last technical question so well. My fellows, at least one, have said that my technical questions don’t necessarily contribute to my spiritual growth, so I have another one. (laughter) When D suggested that we put people in the light before, when we had our round, is it better to utter those names out loud, whomever we want to put in that light, into our heart room? The reason I’m asking is, then the others in the group have the opportunity to also put their love to that particular person. My question basically is, does it enhance the process to speak out loud?

Tarkeem : Your goal, my friend, is fairness in love. It is not strictly a “technical” question. You carry your concern for others in the heart room of your fairness. You would have each one of them receive the power of your love, receive the power of our love, as you bring them to us in this great heart room that Alana has had constructed by all of you, and you would have them receive the power of the love of those who gather together with you. Your goal, my friend, is that no one should be missing, or miss out on, what is available. (O : Right on.) I say this to you, contemplate allowing that nothing is missing in God’s love for you and for every human being. You bring others into the heart room to reinforce your ability to know, and to have faith that they, like you experience each time we meet, they too are loved. It is not as if, should any one of you forget a loved one, or leave out one who needs healing, it is not that they are forgotten, or left out of God’s love. If you feel greater strength and reassurance by bringing one into the heart room out loud with your naming of them with your voice, then I invite you to do so. Clearly. Forcefully. With assurance of our welcome. Thank you. (Thank you, Tarkim.)

Alana : That was good.

S : Alana? (Yes.) I have a great concern about our ability to continue our conversations when our beloved transmitter is gone. (Alana : Yes.)

(Playful conversation between S and D. “She’s gone most of the time already, if you only knew it ,S! She’s a ‘space case,’ that transmitter of ours!) (laughter)

S : I pray that we can continue. I guess I continue to need any reassurance that you can give us that we will still hear you.

Alana : Yes.

D : Who’s that? That’s not Tarkim, is it? (D is hard of hearing and did not have his hearing aids on.)

S : No, that’s Alana.

D : Oh. By the way, S, it seems to me that you are a bit of the teacher’s pet with Alana. Have you read these transmissions? She really slathers it on to you. I love it. (laughter)

S : Slathers!

D : Oh yes. She slathers her love on you, really slathers it on you. Every time she talks about you it’s “beloved” this and “beloved” that. Haven’t you heard it?

S : Yes. (chuckles)

D : OK There you go, acknowledge it. There, look at that look on her face, isn’t that beautiful? (laughter) Look. Right there. (laughter)

O : Do I detect a bit of jealousy?

D : I’m a bit of a lover of the lady, myself, S. So I recognize the trait.

S : Alana’s the one I talk to during the week.

Alana : Ahhh, so. We come to another lesson today. You speak to me, I speak to you, in the stillness. Our “boisterous” friend has been blessed with my presence, my assistance, every day. There is no jealousy here. What our “boistrous” friend truly means to say is this: He experiences so much joy and so much support and so much growth as the result of having taken the leap of trusting his faith in me without turning to his beloved for a daily, even I might say at one time an hourly, need for a fix, for a fix of the sound of my messages to him. He took that leap and took my instruction and allowed himself to breathe me, and me to breathe him, when he felt such desperate need and such great fear of failing, that he truly was on his knees begging. Yes? You have heard about this, yes?

So my beloved, I can not yet tell you how this disruption in what you have come to trust and expect as permanently familiar will manifest itself through the changes of distance, absence, stretch of time. I can reassure you that you will not be forgotten. I encourage you to trust that you do speak to me each week without the transmitter’s assistance. Have faith. You do not need to fear your faith will disappear with your transmitter’s departure. You do not need to fear that your personal conversations with me will stop once your transmitter has gone. If you experience any disappointment at the thought that your private conversations with me are any less important than those that take place in the group, release your fear now. I can tell you this: your transmitter will send what she can from wherever she is, to you and your beloved trustworthy group, and we shall continue to talk. Does this give you some satisfaction for your fear?

S : Yes. But it also makes me feel guilty for having to ask again.

Alana : Ah, so. You, my beloved, as with the boisterous one, could be an endless series of lessons. Put your guilt in the heart room and we shall blow love upon it. That is very good. And now I ask all of you to please take a break. Thank you.

(Break) TR: I come back so jazzed! I meant to tell you, each of you, what it is like for me when I come back. It is so beautiful! Each one of you, your faces, oh! So beautiful! It is such an immediate high for me to come back. It is kind of slow, but as I come back I can see something has been going on, so much beauty is reflected to me. It is very reassuring.


Alana : There is a host of us today, in prayer. For a moment, I ask you to recreate the heart room with your mind. We will say good-bye in prayer. Prayer grows stronger and stronger by your practice of the stillness. Your ability to pray. The capacity of your prayer to hold love and gratitude. So first, we will pray silently. Then I will say my prayers. And then, any one of you may pray out loud if you wish. Is this acceptable to everyone? (Yes.)

Open up your hearts. Allow God’s love to fill the heart room. And pray.

I am Alana. So very grateful. So very grateful to you, my Lord, for all the glory of your love. I am grateful to you, my friends, for this opportunity to give all the blessings of love that come through me to you. I thank you. I love you. May the blessings of God’s true love be known by your world. Thank you.

S : Let us learn to be continuously thankful for this extraordinary opportunity to learn to grow in love, to love ourselves, and to express what we are finding in God all around us to others. Help us to abandon our fears and doubts, so that we can grow in faith and confidence in who we are. Thank you to the teachers. Thank you to my friends. I can’t help but feel blessed, here, with you all.

After the Prayer, E commented: How wonderful for me when S said the word, “blessed,” that a humming bird flew completely around the table over each one of us, and then it was followed by a buzzing bee all around the circle immediately afterwards!