2000-10-29-Opening to God

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Topic: Opening to God

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield



Alana : I am with you my friends. This is Alana. I have been with you as you prayed and brought your friends into your heart room. Are we all here in the heart room now? (Yes.) We bless our friend, D. (D was sick in bed in another room.) This is a special day for you. We will take into our heart room anything you bring. Is there one who would present a question? Yes, my friend.


O : I have a question concerning the circuits. I was living in a commune in the early ‘70’s where also lived an artist. I was confronted by his art, and his art said, “the circuits are open.” Then in the early ‘90’s this phenomena of the teaching mission was happening and I wonder, were the circuits open in the early ‘70’s, was the Lucifer rebellion adjudicated at that time, or not until the ‘90’s? Is the opening of the circuits a process? Olfana said that the circuits are a reciprocity between human beings and yourselves.

Alana : First we will study how the answer will serve you, my friend. What you particularly need to know and to understand is that time matters not at all when you consider that you have opened your mind to the possibility that your life will be changed by surrender to the powerful energy that flows through when you accept that your circuits have been closed, but now they may be opened.

Now you may ask me, why do I say “may be opened,” if indeed the circuits are open? Are they not open without doubt? We must speak of two touching points. There is the opening of your heart and mind, and there is the opening of our energy source, our gateway to you. Our gateway to you has been opened. We gather at every opening. We send forth our loving energy at every opening. We shower you with love. We sing our music daily to you. We say: “Come. Come, listen. Come. Come, learn to love. Come look. Come look for this opening. See. See through God’s love. See the vast open universe of love.”

But, my friend, if you have not opened your circuit, do you think we, with all our circuits open, would blast you away? force you? crack your head open? No. We whisper. We whisper to you. We sing to you. Devina flutters about you. But yes, you have picked up the correct phrase from Olfana. It is give and receive, give and receive. Give and receive. Open your circuit and you will see the circuits are open to me, to Michael son, to the Father, to the Mother Spirit.

I suppose your question would pin me down. But that is not my task, my job with you. My job with you is to assist you in opening, opening, opening. Opening ever wider to the heart room, to the possibility of allowing our love and our power to siphon into you through the opening we have created and the opening you have created. Our moments together, right now. The heart room is constructed. All the openings in your body have widened and softened. Yes this is true for you? All of you? (Yes.) And now, feel my love flowing into you, flowing through you. Feel my love circling you, circling your circle. Now allow the connection. The connection to that which is so much greater. And breathe it in. (Deep breathing.)

I apologize if I took this opportunity to follow my own way, you might say, but it is yours as well…each of you in the near future will be asked to stand on your own for awhile. This is of great concern to your transmitter. This is of great concern to some of you. But I will ask you to come together, those of you who remain behind while your transmitter travels, and I will ask you to have faith and to trust that together you can open, open as you are now, and that you will hear me. Yes, you will hear me. And you will hear Legion.

Not having answered your question specifically, have I answered it in a way that suits you?

O : I thank you for your answer. I am very surprised how you are able to bring about and change a more technical answer into a more spiritual answer.

Alana : We work together, do we not?

O : Yes. One reason for the question was that if the circuits were opened in the ‘70’s, then we had a lot of time to connect with you, didn’t we.

Alana : Now we will speak very specifically to the experience of recognizing and choosing and opening yourself to God in a new way. You are used to counting time, obeying rules, following rituals, or some of you rebel against all of that and go your own way, still counting your steps, watching your face change. We toss aside now, time, ritual, rules. When you step into the stillness all of that falls away. The opening and the connection is Now.

Be in the stillness now, my friends. Surrender. Say, Yes. (Yes. Yes.) Now, every time you wrap your mind around a question, do as I have said, step into the stillness, surrender, and say, Yes. (Deep breathing.) Your anxiety, your need to know, your emotions, your anger, your sadness, your frustration, all of this, take it into the stillness, surrender, say, Yes. Allow God’s love to show you God’s joy.

You have a dear friend. She suffers. She suffers because there is a process going on in her body that may bring physical pain and has the opportunity to take her through the transition you call death. She suffers in her mind because she has finally accepted what is true; she regrets she had never once before truly believed this could happen to her. This inability to grasp the shortness of time, this desire to claim an extreme length of time, or more time, these are very much a part of being human. Accept this. Accept this in your friend.

Your friend practices now the art of being sick because she has not yet accepted that perhaps her time would be better spent practicing the art of dying. This you may be able to convey to her. This truly is no different than practicing the art of living with God’s joy.

Any one of you may die today. Or tomorrow. It is when you know, when you see a beginning and an end, such as your friend is now contemplating, that you suffer. In her distress she sees only the illness and an end. She must become comfortable with this, must learn acceptance of this, before she can choose to feel any joy. But it is a choice. And I ask you my friend to study how it is possible you may bring joy into her choices.

S : I would very much like to be able to help her in that way, Alana. I am already thinking about that. Since we’ve been having these conversations I’ve begun to look forward to my own death. I’ve had an image of taking off my body and going home to God. There is a beautiful spiritual from the South, Going Home. That has been a great comfort to me, recently. If I can help give my friend that idea, then I will have done a lot to comfort her, I think.

Alana : I am pleased. And I ask you, is that not what you do? Take off your body and step into the heart room with me? Is that not what you do to bounce on your blue trampoline? Take off your body and bounce with me into God’s Joy?

I do hope that you can see how blessed it is for me, who has taken off her body…what a blessing it is for me that you, each of you, join me for moments in time in the stillness of God’s love. Thank you.

S : Thank you.

Alana : My friend, you had more to say, yes?

O : Well, I can only say thank you for bringing more complicated intellectual thoughts into a whole new realm for me. As you know the UB is full of information for the intellect, and I think that the teaching that you and Legion and Devina and Tarkeem are doing are less concerned for material facts, and much, much more concerned with God’s spiritual love.

Alana : Thank you.

S : Alana, may I ask another question? What were you hoping would be achieved by my calling E every day? (Alana had given S the assignment of calling E daily to talk about the phrase, “ask and you will receive.”)

Alana : Practice, my dear. Practice.

S : That’s enough. Thank you.

E : You refer to your love opening the channel to Michael and to the ultimate energy and love of the Mother and the Father. Describe to me please the Mother and the Father.

(Long silence, during which the TR is transported up, up, up to a wide open space of light that is infinite and filled with light. It is beautiful. The TR is enveloped in a deep feeling of love and is filled with compassion almost to tears.)

Alana : This was, and still is I must say, what she (the TR) would call “a radical experience” for her. The closest she can come to words for the experience I have given her is to tell you (E) to remember that open sea of limitless love that you so nearly arrived upon. (Alana refers to a recent out-of-body spiritual event in E’s life.)

E : Thank you. That is my understanding and I appreciate you telling me. Thank you.

Legion : I am Legion. Thank you. I took this opportunity because there are some issues of discipline that relate to your gathering today. Remember, always, discipline involves choice. You choose your world. It is true there is much about your planet and the availability or the lack of availability of love…there is much about your planet that you can not say you created. Yes? (Yes.) However, it is your choice how you respond to your world, and how you respond to the daily events that you encounter. It is your choice whether you accept our existence, you might say, our presence, our availability. You must choose your acceptance. If you do, then you see with new eyes, and your world changes. You can not help but be distressed sometimes, or frustrated, or even angry and sad, when your body, or a beloved one’s body, behaves in a less than desirable way. But I tell you, if you choose to know God is with you, if you choose to allow God’s love to flow through you, then you will see how there can be joy.

My young friend over there. You have the power of vision. You see something good that you can do. With the power of your vision you make it happen because you choose it and you encourage others to choose it. Since you have that ability “down pat,” you might say, then is it not surprising that there is yet another task for you today? A task similar to that of everyone gathered here today. That is to Express God’s Joy!! Yes!

Find God’s joy everywhere and you will no longer fear, and your tears, even when they weep with grief for the natural loss any human heart endures, still there will be in the still silent center of it all, I promise you, a drop of God’s Joy.

I also came to give my blessings to each of you. I have a message for your TR. There is always room in my heart and in Alana’s heart and in the heart room and in Michael’s love and in Mother-Father’s peace. There is always room for what you call failures, backsliding. You do not need to hang your head in shame. Discipline, as I believe I have told you many times, discipline is choice. When you take a few moments to choose “not this, not that,” embrace that choice with my love as equally as when you choose the choice I have apparently given you.

And there, my friends, you will see the crux of the matter. She (the TR) imagines that some of the discipline that she has choosen, was given to her by me. If in opening your circuits to connect to my circuits, if in opening your window to match up with Michael’s window, if in opening your heart to God’s loving heart, if then it appears that what God says to you, that the path God shows to you, if then it appears to have been given to you…you must always remember there are two...you,too, have chosen to receive, to accept, to take in our gift of love and guidance. And so you give to me, give to Michael, give to Mother God, give to Father God. Give and receive. Give and receive. Give and receive.

You may have noticed, and I will affirm it, this has been what your TR calls a “collaboration” between Legion and Alana. I become quite eloquent, yes? (laughter) And the softness creeps in to the discipline with Alana’s love.

S : Yes, you were more eloquent today, Legion.


Legion : Had the TR opened just a little more, you might have heard Devina’s singing. But perhaps it is enough that I could be poetic.

Hold hands again. Be together with me my friends. Love is a word easily used in your world. You are at the very beginning of discovery, the discovery of just how strong and powerful and indisputable our love can be. You are at the moment of discovery of just how powerfully you can carry this love and give it away to others. There is soft love. Delicate sounds of birds. And there is…well, the TR does not wish to use the word harsh love…it is the love that comes through you and to you like a bolt of lightening. It is the love that is strengthened by your discipline of choosing each day to greet your world with joy.

I reach out to each of you through her (the TR’s) body, through her voice, through her hands, through her feet. Allow my strength to flow into each of you.

We are a grand open dome of light and love. Shower the blessings of your hearts upon your world encapsulated within your dome, in your heart room. Thank you.

(Thank you.)

Feedback from E : When Legion described that grand dome of light and love…that is exactly what I saw, a dome of light and love.