2001-01-29-Perception of Reality

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Topic: Perception of Reality

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Unknown



My Teacher told me to study the holographic body but I couldn't find anything...

A friend tried to explain 'reality' to me - expand my 'reality/perceptions'. He used the example of a chessboard. I might be a piece that can only move in one direction and only from black square to black square. (I don't know how to play chess so bear with me...) So, my perspective of life is limited to back and forth movement and black and squares.

Ah, but there are those that are above the chess board I am on, who know the realities of "pieces" that know different realities such as white squares, diagonal movement, etc. and still other "pieces" that know (whose reality is) black, white, movements in any direction.

Now, expand... Those that understand the chess board that they view also sit upon a chess board of their own. While they understand much more than me, for example, they nevertheless have a limited reality as well. Above their "reality" chess board are those who view them and the entire board that they sit upon. Above them with an even more expansive reality is... and on and on.

This is the concept which was "downloaded"…

Think of us as cells within The Body. Perhaps we are white blood cells flowing throughout the body. Now maybe there is infection over in the kidneys and so the kidney cells are imploring us to come help them fight their battle.

But wait, there is a tumor forming in a tiny lymph node way over in another part of The Body. The lymph node cells are imploring us to come help them fight their battle. It's our job to "fight battles" as white blood cells - that's our "reality." The kidney cells have their "reality" and the lymph node cells have their "reality."

All cells in this case are working for The Body but with different agendas based on their own realities. Nothing "right or wrong" about it. The choice is ours and we are in alignment with The Body if we do our "jobs" - whichever 'job' we choose that supports The Body. In this case The Body designed us this way (giving us free-will to choose.)

Now, as I see it, there may be some free-radicals... Should these free radicals begin to develop their own agenda which would hurt or damage The Body (which may be because they do not even recognize The Body or have a distorted reality whereby they think they are The Body) we could perceive them as dark forces - Dis-ease towards The Real Body.

As a cell, I carry a replicated pattern of The Body's DNA. As a cell, I AM (a) part of The Body composed of The Body's Original DNA, but I AM - not - THE BODY... only a reflection of The Body in one of It's many forms.

As a white blood cell I may have a more expanded understanding of the various realities (awareness) of many other cells, however, I likely have no perception/reality/awareness of the reality of the pituitary organization within The Body. The cells whose 'job' it is to comprise the protective nail on the little toe of The Body have a much smaller reality/perception/awareness of The Body and all The Body's other Realities, but they too, are part of The Body.

So, we as free-will "cells" within The Body may align ourselves with other cells and support their agendas which are still within The Body's Reality as long as it is not SELF-destructive. If we start to go astray other cells come to correct the situation. If we become totally diseased and refuse to heal, we are annihilated.

In the case of a "Lucifer cell" there will be cells within The Body that 'need' a reality that says the "Lucifer cell and all attached cells" are annihilated. They cannot live in their reality with the fear of a "Lucifer cell" threatening them. Other cells perhaps are satisfied that the "Lucifer cell" is far, far way being reconstructed in the liver organ/galaxy perhaps.

The Body knows Itself. The Body, also referred to as The Supreme BEING, experiences LIFE through each of It's cells. Further The Body "sends" a part of Itself to reside within each cell of It's Body.

My celestial guidance and the Teaching Mission, if compared to the above analogy are akin to the immune system of The Body. The celestials and teachers have their own perspective, their own (expanded) reality, and their own agendas. All of the (nonpersonal) information I have ever received has been of two distinct kinds: to expand my awareness/reality and/or it has been of a healing nature.

The messages have been consistent: The "group of cells" comprising the complex of Urantia is for the most part dis-eased and dysfunctional due in part to a "Lucifer cancer" and failure (default) of the "Adam & Eve antibiotic" - The Body's natural "defense mechanism." We, as free-will "cells" (part of The Body), can allow "bacteria to penetrate our walls - negativity" but we are blessed and afforded a certain protection under the circumstances - because our sector of The Body is in the process of being healed.

There will be many "cells" within the Urantia complex seeped in fear and unable to align themselves with the healing agents at work here. There will be many "cells" that will refuse to expand their reality beyond that of a "normal cell." But for those of us who can and so choose, our "reality/perceptions/awareness" is being expanded. Yes, our celestial teachers, guides, angels, etc. do have their own agenda - serving The Body, just as we.

So the questions today followed an opening prayer.

1. Creator-Father, have I understood and expanded my perceptions of SELF/self according to your desires? Yes.

2. Creator-Father, under whose direction have you placed me? Mine, Child.

3. Creator-Father, who are the celestial teacher's that guide us? My faithful children, you have nothing to fear as you have been led into understanding. The Will of the Father is many faceted. There are dimensions in time that can only be understood from an on-point perspective making it seemingly at odds with other perspectives. That is all.

4. Creator-Father, using the analogy above, are we in alignment with the reality and will, you would desire we choose? Yes. There are seeming anomalies within space and time whose very existence depends upon the unique perspective of the observer or player, if you will. It is as if, for those with a broader perspective, they are looking through a one-way mirror showing them the vista beyond, yet for those whose eyes are closed, they stand on the other side looking in, seeing nothing but the window or mirror. The key to this of course lies within the technology and understanding.

The answer to this question is again multifaceted depending upon your point of view and perspective. In other words it not only depends upon where you stand but also depends upon your faith and belief system. If you look at the pictures referred to as the magic eye, not understanding the technology nor how to utilize it, you will see nothing but dots. Yet, for those initiated few, they will look and suddenly their perspective will shift allowing them to see and experience beyond the space time dimension within which they work.

It matters not to the individuals for whom an expanded vision/perception is not possible. It would be analogous to giving college level math to a kindergartner that cannot even comprehend elementary math. Because it is incomprehensible for those individuals, this understanding or perspective simply does not exist.

5. Creator-Father, is expanded reality/perspective the same as spiritual growth? Sometimes.

6. Creator-Father, have we understood and recorded correctly the concepts and answers you have given us, to your satisfaction? Yes.