2001-02-25-Paradise Commission, Excerpts

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Topic: Paradise Commission, Excerpts

Group: At Large


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Elianne



We began with a prayer to Father, Michael and Mother, indicating our willingness for anything (or nothing!) to be given, and asking that first and foremost, His will be done in this, as in all things. Almost immediately I saw in front of me seven pillar-like forms of light and color, all of the same size, one beside the other in a line, equidistant from each other. One by one, as the transmission progressed, the images began to differentiate into more personal forms; their first order of business seemed to be to convey to us how they work together, perhaps so that we might learn to work with each other in similar ways, and taking on a personal form makes it easier for us to relate to them and their messages. (TR note: Rob had said there were 7 commissioners composed of 3 women, 2 men, and 2 who were non-finaliter recorders. The 5 finaliters spoke during this transmission.)

Each of the commissioners now step forward to identify their area of expertise. First is a female spokesperson, who refers to the experience of the commissioning, and how we can connect to that for strength and inspiration. "You have within you the energetic memory of being down on your knees in the tent, something that caused a very strong bond between all 36 of you to be formed. It will be really useful for those of you who go back in small groups to bring back the "feeling tones" of that experience. For some people, actually taking the kneeling position may be helpful, as certain body attitudes promote the recollection of what occurred. If you find yourself with an impulse to kneel, trust that feeling and do so, to connect quite easily to receive your blessing."

"If you ever feel doubt about what occurred, always go first to the Father, Mother, and Michael, but you can also tap into the group's energy. Think of the group as a Corps, which indeed you are. (She then gave me an image of all of us in a circle, with a wire circuit that connected us all sideways through the waist.) She said, "Imagine what it is like when everyone is kneeling upright and the wire is taut and strong so everyone is balanced and supported. When one person falters and begins to fall, then everyone, because you are all connected via that one wire, can help that person come straight up again. That is energetically how you can help your brothers and sisters."

And further: "You must not compare one commission to another, thinking one is more important than another. Every commission is equally important. " She said that if people fall into doubt it is because they may feel themselves unworthy of receiving, or not sufficiently competent to carry out, their commission. "If this should happen to someone within the group, hold your brother or sister in encouragement, reassuring them that they are loved by the Father, that their weaknesses are only human, that they have been entrusted with these commissions with the understanding that they do not have to be perfect--only sincere--and are expected to just do their best."

2nd: The next finaliter to speak is very venerable, like an old abbot with a beard and staff. He is a source of strength like Van the Steadfast, with great and long experience. We can tap directly in to him to receive his strength if needed. (I could feel the immense respect they all had for him; he was the oldest of all of them, and had seen many many things come to pass on Urantia), He takes personal responsibility that the endeavor will not fail. The other commissioners look to him to hold the tent flaps down when the wind storms come. There is a certain sternness in his countenance, but he is not critical.

3rd: The finaliter who follows is an expert in loving relationships. She is about the artistry of it, about fluidity of motion in interpersonal interactions. If you find yourself stuck in a difficult situation with individuals or within the group process, she is the one who will help with the flow of energy. She is attentive to the one in a group who wants to be included in but is not. Her great delight is in finding the key that unlocks the human heart of each individual so that Michael may enter in. The notion of 'breaking open the heart' is more of a male approach, she comments; as a female she'd rather melt the heart.

4th: The finaliter is male, and in charge of organization and order, coordinating the movement or resources and specializing in work efficiency. He is a mastermind of the physical domain, and will have the most to do with planning the New Dalamatia. He knows how to teach us to extract the greatest benefit from the least amount of effort. He says that there is a lot of wastage in human endeavor because there is not enough focus toward the goal. He is definitely a no-nonsense kind of guy. He tells us that we have the responsibility of preparedness. It will reduce the time factor and effort factor in half if all those who come to him for aid are ready with plans, blueprints, specific thought out questions before coming to him for guidance. He is the celestial equivalent of the head of the Army Corps of Engineers.

There is a weak spot in terms of the group: It has a high energy, but it is an energy that must be tamed, in the sense of channeled correctly. There will be several individuals who will try to insert their personal ego-will in unbalanced ways. Dealing with that will be part of the process of the Corps learning how to work together to create things in alignment with the Father's will. The hardest part for some people will be letting go of personal ideas of how things should be done, especially if these make good sense. Always the priority is to know and do the Father's will. The efforts that you make now and continue to make in the future, to harmonize your personal relationships will pay off in terms of the stability that the overall project will be able to maintain.

The 4th finaliter then states it will be well if we can do some research on community governments in the realm of how decision making is done, and bring this preliminary data back to the Corps. For example in Scandinavia and now in America, there is co-housing and other kinds of communities. Study actual communities being brought together, and explore the problems they face with decision-making, financing, building,etc. Learn from the mistakes of other communities. (They really were emphasizing the need to take our time and do our homework).

5th: The next finaliter is a female in charge of world outreach. She is the being that will help us present the work of the group to the outer world. "In the building of New Dalamatia|New Dalmatia, the importance of the correct presentation to the greater world beyond yourselves is of critical importance. Others must feel that equals are welcoming equals. So many groups have set themselves up as arbiters of right and wrong, and thus have alienated the very people they were asked to serve. The pattern of failure in this regard is well documented, and it would do you well to understand the mistakes that have been made. The inability to understand how others think and feel has results in groups thinking they can bring others into what they know without first building the appropriate bridges. It is so important that what is created must be build on true understanding of what sort of approaches will be most successful in bringing other people in.

So we want to ask you to make sure that you do your homework. There is no need to repeat the mistakes of others. In the rush to complete a project to please the Father, it is easy to turn a blind eye to potential problems. When you are ready to invite the others in, I'm the one you can come to for inspiration. The responsibilities you have taken on are great, but we have no doubt you will prevail." I guess you could call her our celestial PR consultant.

This commissioning was delayed until such time as the need for it on this world outweighed the potential risks for certain things going astray. Some individuals may fall away along the way by losing their personal, inner connection to what was given during the commissioning...and that is fine. But the energy of the group can counterbalance that likelihood. The team of humans can learn to work in a similar manner as the celestial commissioners, with each one supplying their gifts and talents, loving one another, encouraging one another, and learning to work in harmony and always in alignment with Father's will.