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Topic: Mind

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Greetings my friend! This is Tomas. What is on your mind?

Tiahaun: Tomas, what is mind?


Tomas: How pleased I am with your question!

Your mind is that part of your Mother given to you and your fellows, and, as you know, is comprised of the seven adjutant mind spirits, that circuitry pervading this local creation defined by her presence. We know and love her as Nebadonia; this you know. What you would know better is that this same mind, yet but loaned, is used as the arena in which you work, fashioning your immortal soul.

Your thought is but a reflection; it is not the light yet is a reflection of the light of your Father dwelling within this same mind. This reflection, of course, you and your fellows call your thought. It is also a reflection of your experience, the focal area of its appearance gathered in your mind for its subsequent use, infused then by our Father’s light, nurtured and enhanced by the presence of many ministering spirits. This image who you are becomes the image of who you will be by the joint efforts of those participating in this moment with you.

You have begun to sense how your mind is pervaded by the presence of many that you do not see, but nonetheless discern you are not alone, nor is any. It is in this arena of mind where is gathered the collective experience of yours and many, even all, but focused in the frame of your personal reference. You may use it as you will. It is truly a gift for you to work with, and the greater mind is one who enjoins the presence of many in this labor that is our love. So mind moves well beyond the merely material focus of its efforts though these too have their place, but the glory of mind is the glory of God working in and through it.