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Topic: Logistics

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning! This is Tomas.

This is Tomas. Stay with me.


The plan of the Teaching Mission is to bring as many as will come to this growing light of friendship offered by Michael in advance of the coming of his Paradise brother. It is to prepare your minds for greater gifts. You have been accustomed to thinking you are alone. This is in need of correction.

We began, as you know preparing some time ago. This is the meaning of your being told of a line which was forming that many had entered and more would follow. This is still occurring and in its early preliminary stage. You have observed, as have others that the Teacher Bases are in somewhat remote places at the moment. This is preparatory. You will observe this Teacher Base in the heart of a highly populated area. We will move slowly relying upon yours and others’ willingness to engage one person at a time. This is a personal outreach; it is a personal message, a message of personal love extended by Michael to each of his children and the abundant provision for your growth, your care, and your well being. Yes, this will become more widespread as we literally are all around the world, changing this world one person at a time. There is no haste, there is a sense of timing, timing of our Father moving as he will in the context of Supremacy, that evolving stage of his own expansion in time and space. After this period of your own practice and preparation you will naturally be led to share this contact, to share the news of our coming to whomever listens introducing them as you have been through this friendship which we seek.

Yes, there will be many others, and yes, you will entertain and receive others. Already you have many different orders of personalities, children of our Father, descending Sons from on high, ascendant humans, the midwayer cousins, seraphim, cherubim, and countless others who are gathered here to effect this transformation consonant with your movement into a greater alignment with our Father’s light and the circuitry which transmits it.

This human linkage is critical for we are not separated as we have been largely. The opportunities for contact are great, more numerous. That which your world took to be a rare endeavor shall become commonplace, and yes, there is a time allotted for this stage of contact extending well beyond the lifetimes of you and your children and theirs, a thousand years or more. We will be accompanied eventually by the presence on your planet visible to those around you of the Magisterial Son and a complement of Melchizedek teachers. It is their function to teach the minds of mortals, not to seize the reins of what you would call power for these are yours, but to nurture the mind and culture of this planet allowing you to manifest its fruit as you will.

This practice of transmitting will remain a part of their extension as it is now. Does this help your understanding of the logistics of our plan?