2001-03-15-The Alliance

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Topic: The Alliance

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



This is Tomas.


Teaching Mission

There is an alliance forming, an alliance of siblings, human and celestial, which comprises the Teaching Mission. This special class of Michael’s mercy designs whose curriculum is the study of divinity here in that spirit of our Father within you. This is not a small parochial human organization. It is the gateway to the greater creation of Nebadon where you will grow and serve for a season. This special class is for the benefit of our siblings who have suffered isolation, and in this isolation have been chilled in their hearts and minds, constricting to a very narrow focus the range of your vision, your hearing, and your imagination. We will come here to help you, to teach you and would thaw by warming you and your fellows with our love, inviting you to do likewise in and upon your world, to activate those energies that lie dormant within you that are given by our Father as a gift to his children.

While it is designed to build upon this alliance’ efforts, it is more than an organization, it is a living organism, this family of God. We have asked you to enjoin others as you can and you are able, reaching out to your fellows as we reach to you. This contact is not a figment of your imagination. It is most real, more real than you can see.

Apply yourself to its extension, be astute in seizing opportunity, be unafraid to love and to explore the depths of this affection. In this experience you will find that which is most real; the light of life is what we bring. Light and Life is our goal; its service is our constant hope and aspiration. In this service each person we encounter takes on new meaning, each moment is our method of living. Is this clear?

Do you have questions?



Tiahuan: Well, Tomas, I am most interested in knowing how this process of transmitting works.

Tomas: You give me cause to smile for it works by the simple method of your mind acting in recognition of the circuitry which has been enlivened. This circuitry which penetrates your mind and over which we travel, through which we speak, we think, we are. Yes, the midwayers are active in this for they provide a linkage that is essential, but you are the human link; this is the point of contact with your world. Does this help?

Tiahuan: Yes.

Tomas: I see you are a bit anxious, afraid I will disappear, afraid this is an indulgence of your active imagination. You will learn otherwise.

Tiahuan: Tomas, when I read, think, composing thought, writing friends, are you there? Do you see me for instance reaching out to Doug Huntzinger, Susan Meyers, Stephen Requa, and I know you have encouraged me to reach out to Charlie Beyer.

Tomas: Yes, I am aware of your efforts to cultivate friendship in this exploration of spirit, in this curriculum of mind and soul that is built upon the alliance of many hearts joined together in the purpose of doing our Father’s will.

Tiahuan: You mentioned Judas the other day, Lanond, sending his love and greetings. I know also [[John, the Apostle|John] is working with Corelli and Stella. Are there other apostles of the human Jesus who are here?

Tomas: Yes, they are interested in what is transpiring in the course of this Teaching Mission. They are not assigned here. They may visit. What of Nathaniel you say? (reading my thought) Yes, he who went to India to proclaim this gospel continues his teaching, but not here.

Tiahuan: Can you tell me where? What he is doing?

Tomas: He spends time on other worlds also isolated, telling the story of the Creator living the life of a human.

Tiahuan: Tomas?

Tomas: Yes.


Tiahuan: I still wish to thank you again for your lesson on forgiveness. You seem to have been responding to an unspoken need.

Tomas: It is the unspoken desire of the heart, hidden, that we treasure.