2001-03-25-Mercy & Judas

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Topic: Mercy & Judas

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



This is Tomas. I greet you this morning with affection.


You have inquired as to the fate of Judas, and I say, he lives. His name has changed, Lonand, who sends his greetings and thanks for your interest. Yes, he has learned to use his experience of betrayal to speak of the mercy of Michael. As you know, those who are forgiven much, love likewise. Michael would not lose any and would not impose his love upon any, but would gather all who would come to sit with him in this creation of his making, this joint undertaking of service to our Father and to the Supreme. It is this mercy which offers the flexibility, the fluidity to the form of this organism that is the evolving, emerging body of Supremacy.

Michael’s patience and love is great. You have understood correctly that it is undying, and while he continues his devotion to all his children, there have been those who have refused this gift. This grieves him, but he knows it is the choice of these, and he therefore surrenders them to those judges of the greater creation, the ones you know as Ancients of Days. You and all shall rejoice knowing this mercy; in it realize confidence before and after and during each effort however flawed our execution, like a father assisting a child learning to walk.

How devoted have you been to your children in this moment of their most tender expression of desire to come to you? Do you not reflect your total devotion in that moment? How patient you are, expecting uncertainty in the child, ever ready to catch them when they fall. It is this joy and devotion to the lives of all these of his to which we are born, summoned to service, summoned by the joys of his love for each and all.

Do you not see everyone is at their moment of effort? It is more difficult for you to see your fellows in this light, but if you allow yourself to see in them the little one that is the child whom you adore, these little ones to whom you have given your love, energy, all that you have, all that you are to assist them in succeeding, you will with great ease love your fellows as does our Father and speak to their spirit, appeal to that which is greatest within them, stir their mind and heart in recognition of this value enhancing their capacity to do likewise.

Yes, Judas has become Lonand in this mercy understood and who sends his love.