2001-03-28-Human & Divine Affection

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Topic: Human & Divine Affection

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Unknown



This is Tomas.


You have heard from Michael, our Master, speaking to your heart of the relation and difference between human and divine love. I would underscore his points. This human affection which you have for your fellows, and particularly your wife and children, is touching and beautiful. It has been nurtured by divine affection, but whereas the former seeks you in exclusion of others, this divine affection would gather you and all in its embrace.

The loyalties of love are given freely according to the nature of that love. We who are here as your friends from on high do not seek to take you from your human experience and your human friends. We would infuse these friendships with that of the divine. We would mix and mingle with you, indeed we would stir these as one. Tiahuan, in no way would I tear your heart. You would do well to ask any who love you why they might ask you to choose between these human and divine affections.

The isolation of you and this world have ended, and yet the customs of isolation are still with you. It is these which we would correct not with the forceful hand of a disciplinarian, no far from it, we would caress your face and cover you with affection, and any who would bring themselves to this place of communion and find this love extended to all of them. Each will come as they will but there may be those who choose not to, but all are sought, all are loved.

The human family is precious, it is, for what other unit of human relations in itself functions so clearly as the microcosm of the divine family, this infinite and eternal home in which you find yourself, in which you know you are loved? This is not to say that the human family is the highest family, no, but it is closest human experience of the model of our Mother and our Father extending their affection to all.

Do you feel betrayed? Do you feel forlorn? Do you feel antagonism? Where are these born? They are born in the refusal of the gift of life, the light we bring, the love we share. Be patient with any who would persist in this refusal who would stand invited and would not come, and if it is those of your own household, you know well our Master's sympathy, his understanding, his appreciation for your human dilemma.

Who is your family? Those who share your body? Those who share its space; then this alone? The treasure of your heart is a divine affection dwelling within you, guiding you and others, as many as will come into this arena where love is normal, liberated from human influence, activated by its divine friends’ purpose to open the doors to your eternal adventure. Allow each the freedom to choose the manner of their response to this invitation. Act in faith upon this love, leave the repercussions to grow as they will according to the will of God who gathers all these reverberations, but act you will, in the confidence of this love we bring.

My child, my friend, receive this love, rejoice in this love, return to this place anytime you wish.

Thank you Tomas.

Thank you my friend.

Are there other questions?


Yes, I as you know, I would see this project of the restoration of John’s revelation fulfilled. Do you know John? Do you know this work? What would be my involvement?

This is John.

Hello John.

I appreciate your recognition of the value of this gift which I set in speech conditioned in the time of its making. As you have discerned, the language of one realm often precludes its acceptance in another even though its message would otherwise gather many into the image, the spectacle of its beauty. This project will go forward. I am encouraged by your comments and shall speak to Stella. Indeed, I would encourage you to speak yourself. That is all.

I leave you with my blessing, my love.

This is Tomas again.

Hello Tomas.

My friend, you will begin to work without fear. Your Creator himself moves within you as he does within all. His love sustains you, his truth ennobles you, and his spirit will guide you. Go in peace to see him awaken many with this song. I love you.