2001-03-31-Differences & Drama

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Topic: Differences and Drama

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning, this is Tomas, your friend.


Yes, you have arrived home, and how happy you are to be here and happy are those who have awaited you. Does your heart not glow in this joy? How long has it been this journey of yours to receive the blessings of this human affection? You see, we do not exclude this in the divine affection we offer, we would infuse your human relations, and we rejoice when we see you extending this love to those with whom you share your physical proximity whether in route or upon arrival. Each person can be touched by this light of life that we bring.

Consider the many opportunities that await us; realize the possibilities of service in this time. We would enjoin you as our partner in this endeavor, the human hand of divine love, and are your perfect? Of course not. Will you stumble? Certainly, but as you have seen, the beauty of this process is that we are with you, and in your error you find renewed relations, a re-invigoration of the meaning of this moment, this moment of communion, of connection, immersion in that light of our Father’s love. Reach out to those whom you can, your friends, your family, whom ever will listen, bring them here in this moment and this place where we dwell together and where our Master’s spirit speaks, where we might hear together the good news of this reunion of family relations crossing the borders of one world and another.

Do you have questions?



Tomas there is the thought I had that arises from our sharing attitudes that perhaps it may be difficult for some to distinguish between us and especially those who would be inclined upon acquaintance with this process, to doubt its veracity, indeed, to assign you anyway, as a function of my own imagination, my own personality expression. Is it possible for minds to be so mingled and mixed that they are indistinguishable, certainly it seems that is our destiny in regards to our human mind and the mind of the Father fragment?

Well, you think that I am not clear enough, or that others might think so? Yes, of course this is concern for some who will doubt, who will question this process and my authenticity. It will however, be difficult to doubt the authenticity of the truth I share. I am not concerned so much with my being received as myself as I am the reception of the light I would bring working with my fellow teachers, with Michael and Machiventa. This is a light that is welcome upon your world, that is needed. I would enjoy making friends, and I would hope there will be those whom you might bring to this that will know me and befriend me as you have, but it is the light we bring magnifying the light within you, the light of our Father that is our chief concern.

Each will choose as they will, each will sort and sift according to their preference. Be patient with them, remember your own questions, your own doubts, your own distaste for this initially upon your first exposure. Yes, you who began with disinterest in the personalities involved found yourself in love with them along the way, and so it shall be, and as it should be. For those who would seek to discredit my presence, your own sincerity, remember to love them, to welcome them and their questions. It is by this gradual process sustained by our confidence in this love we share that progress in this purpose of doing our Father’s will is advanced.

You will allow perhaps certain expressions that are dissimilar from time to time. I would not test you in this; there are others who will, surely, this is your choice, you know the personalities whose expressions require movement of your body. You may have difficulty with these; you may not feel comfortable; this is well enough. There are personalities who might engage in expressions that you do not like. Give yourself the opportunity to host these for they bear the same love only in a different form, Yes, you are comfortable with my expression, yes, we do share things in common. We all share in the light of our Father’s presence, and in this light are countless numbers of many different kinds of personality, different orders of being with different functions but all alike serving our Father, Michael and Mother, serving the Supreme in this moment.


The woman upon the plane, the stewardess, in your world your color of skin and hers are truly different as black and white, and of course, there are understandable differences; perhaps there are displeasures that arise from these from time to time as they do with the children of God whose differences abound in his creation, and yet how beautiful, how touching when you reach across this boundary, this demarcation of difference, to affirm your common heritage, to recognize your shared love? This is where beauty is made more fully manifest. Friendship and love are wonderful in any occasion, under any circumstance; how much more so when it is through experience of injury, when forgiveness is required for renewal? These are the dramas of divinity attainment. Never fear the certain victory, the triumph of this love over the apparent tragedy of disfavor, of disunion, disconnection, disharmony, disease and death, the dissonance in this drama. These are the means of revealing a greater depth of the glory of our Father.




Are you here to train me or will you work with me for a while to build a Teacher Base or would you prepare me for another?

I will be here. I will be training. There are others who await additional opportunities for service. It is my pleasure to invite them, but yes, this would be one in which I would work. You have observed these teacher bases changing, but we endeavor to establish long standing relations, permanent centers; this is a beginning. Proceed in this confidence of long term relations, longstanding commitment, with lasting effects.


That is all for today. Go in this peace, enfold others in it, and rejoice in the privilege of this service that is offered to all the children of God.

Thank you Tomas.