2001-04-01-Divine Justice

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Topic: Divine Justice

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning, my son, I greet you, this is Tomas. (again) This is Tomas.


Judgment, Decision

I would have you know there are many details of the story of this world and many others which would illumine and awaken you to the glory, the love with which each part and all of creation is administered. This is seen through the acts of many in every circumstance, and when this very order, this structure of creation, this pattern of Paradise is refused, mercy ensues. Mercy would salvage and save, indeed, mercy would reveal more fully the depth of love with which these structures are composed.

You are all veterans of a war in heaven, each of you bear the marks of a battle, but the battle is not waged by our Father and his Son nor the structure of heaven. The battle is waged in the life of any who would choose to banish this love and would lead others into this darkness, but the reality of mercy, the truth of love, the spectacle of light is diminished in the lives of those who would turn from it. In this rebellion that you have survived, through which you have grown and beyond which you now move in confidence has been closed by the final choices of those who would sustain their injury, refusing to receive the healing gift of mercy.

You would inquire as to the details of drama which compose these courts of heaven. You have your own, and your minds do well to consider the likeness of human law to that of divine. It is indeed a distant reflection, but unlike the courts of your earth which impose a verdict which may be wrong, it may be right, in either case, it may be resisted, it may be refused. In the courts of heaven, the finality of choice is affirmed by the one who would stand in judgement. There is the reflection of this choice, there is the portrait of its projection given to them for their own illumination. It is a judgement indeed brought by the one choosing. If there is contest, it is not in the court, it is in the life of the one choosing, and in the case of the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion, it is a sight of these Sons choosing their own extinction, choosing this in preference over the offer of redemption. It is a choice of refusal of a final nature, it is the exercise of that freedom our Father would assure for each, and in this case, in the cases of each involved, it is a choice of refusal rather than affirmation.

Imagine if you will one convicted of crime in your own world and brought before a court of justice and in this court the details of the case are shared, reviewed, reflections are gathered and the knowledge of these choices is perfect, and the persons performing, executing these actions, witnesses their replay, and is offered a choice, and that choice manifests an image of their own life either restored or extinguished. The drama of decision in the court of heaven is in the one deciding. The court of heaven, the Ancients of Days recognize and carry out this choice, administer the justice sought. In the case of refusal, execution, termination of existence is immediate, final. The reverberations are many, for one being, one child irreplaceable whether a lowly mortal or a trusted Son sovereign over a system, each are cherished, but become as if they had never been, their name is lost as they are. The Supreme absorbs the experience, the value as part of his experience, as part of his unfolding sovereignty, and in the case of mortals indwelt by our Father, you know that all is salvaged that can be, that is enduring, by the Adjuster and is given to another, and so it goes, so it is.

Yes, it is dramatic. Each choice of the children of God however slight it may appear is dramatic for in it you create your destiny, and someday you shall see your life in perfection, the fruit of your endeavor, yes, in your own moment of judgement which you have mistakenly feared. It is not an experience to fear, it is indeed a revelation of who you are, it is the gift of heaven. So fear not, proceed in confidence. You reap what you sow, and in you is sown a divine and immortal spirit. Gather this light to yourself, gather your thought and decision. Someday it shall be gathered on high, and you will witness the glory of God manifest in your life, and should you choose to affirm it, you will enter the service of eternity, the glory of unending ages nurturing this experience in others. It is a destiny of everlasting discovery of deeper levels of value, more beauteous tones of that chord resounding within you that is your contribution to the course of heaven. It is hoped that this may help your understanding, your hunger for resolution.


Tomas, I thank you for this, and I thank Charlie for his questions. Indeed it is my thrill, it is so thrilling to witness and experience the way our Father nurtures and gathers the questions of our minds and souls, and uses these to draw us ever closer to him.

My child, you have been given the mind of our Mother to probe as you will the creation of hers and your Father. Yes, you are little ones but growing strong. Within the womb you kick, you roll, you tumble, eager to be born on high. It is our pleasure, our joy and privilege to assist in this growth, the gestation of your soul, sharing with you what we can.

Do you have other questions, comments or concerns?

Spirit of Truth

Tomas, I think I would only inquire more deeply into what I have recently discovered and experienced and that is the depth of connection with Michael and Mother, and in and through them, my connection with their children, those they would introduce for their own purpose. I would know more about the Spirit of Truth whereby Michael communicates his affection, the reality of this life of combined humanity and divinity, its truth to each of his children and whereby he is cognizant of the thought of everyone and how in and through him we draw upon this treasure of experience.

My child, my friend, you inquire as to the gift of Michael. I would let him respond.

My beloved son, you have heard me call, to come forth, to come to me and yet to stand fast upon your world for service in this moment of correction. You have wondered with the mind of a mortal how to do both simultaneously, and you have discovered in me the way that this is accomplished. Yes, you do come to me in spirit while you stand fast in the flesh, and yet we move together as one, we walk, we talk, sharing our lives together. This is offered to all of my children, this gift of access, this gift of communion with me, and through me, all of my family. I gladly share this treasure of our combined experience, I gather from amongst the far reaches of my creation, and all of this I would give you, each of you. Come to me all of you who hunger for the food that I am, come to me, and I will give you all you are and ever will be in and with our Father.

I send you on your way, I walk with you, and I work and live in and through you, and though you shall someday part from these borders, who you are, sons and daughters of Nebadon, you will carry with you, infusing the life of a larger creation, journeying to your destiny in the service of Supremacy, in whose moment we shall all join as one even as I am one with my Father and with you, even now.


Carry on with confidence, go forth sowing the seeds of this love and truth, and reap the harvest of divinity attainment, the realization of your destiny.

Thank you Michael, thank you Mother Nebadonia, and thank you Father for conceiving the means of sharing your glory, the light of your being.