2001-04-04-Introducing Malvantra

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Topic: Receptivity

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas, Malvantra

TR: Tiahuan



My son, this morning, I, Tomas, would have you exercise yourself, stretching a bit in this connection we enjoy. I am going to introduce another. His name is Malvantra, a Melchizedek, our brother, our teacher, one of many.

Thank you Tomas, I would greet Malvantra and rejoice to receive him.



This is Malvantra. I with Tomas would greet you this morning. We have enjoyed witnessing your contact, your progress in this procedure, this practice of transmitting. You have done well. We are here to engage you in the project of this awakening, awakening upon this world even as you awake in the mornings greeting your Father fragment, receiving his affection. This is a joy that we would have the world receive and know. I am here with my fellow Melchizedeks, teachers volunteered and assigned in this project of awakening and restoration. You may have questions about this, you know our general outline, you know many of these whom we have contacted, with whom we work, and you know of the many who wait for opportunity to enter this service upon Urantia. I would direct you to the consideration of these allowing yourself the opportunity to receive them as well.

Student: Certainly, is it not my pleasure always to receive another child of God regardless of their apparent standing in his kingdom in this family of ours? I would draw nearer, I would walk with you; I have found much friendship in the course of this adventure.

Malvantra: You have indeed, As Tomas has intimated, we would give you gifts beyond your capacity to imagine. There are those who stand upon the threshold of service in this world and this world stands at the threshold of this door we must open it and allow the traffic to commence; exchange; to flow.

Student: I would assist if I can if you think me able.

Malvantra: I do. Indeed, we treasure our human friends.

Student: You know how much I esteem, I admire the Melchizedek family, how I long to learn of your culture, the manner in which our Master gave himself to you first, my elder brothers?

Malvantra: We have taught you; we are teaching you now, and we will proceed in this project of restoration together. Our Father rejoices in this reunion of our family to receive those who have stood apart, not by their choice, but because of the actions of others. I would enjoin you to our family, yes and you will journey in this; you will rejoice in this adventure. Extend yourself; stretch; we are with you.

I would return you now to Tomas. Thank you for this moment.

Student: Thank you for coming.

Tomas: This is Tomas. I am glad you would receive Malvantra. There are others. Let us proceed one step at a time.

Student: Tomas?

Tomas: Yes, my son.


Student: You know how much I have treasured this lesson, most recent on expectation and hope. My heart looks forward so much to these sessions. I am realizing that the method of sharing them and the sharing of them in any way sometimes may result in disbelief, it may put others at a distance. I am concerned about my friends Charlie and Doug with whom I have shared our contact.

Tomas: My child, you must trust all of this to our Father. In his hands we move, within him we dwell. It is his purpose we pursue and serve. The seeds are sown; they are good seed. They will yield their fruit in time. Trust our Father to know when to plant, when to sow, when to harvest, when to nurture. Allow yourself to trust in this time of germination, in the silence of soil deep, unseen, beneath the surface of the visible; these seeds are planted in the hearts of our fellow and the miracle of light, of life opening within proceeds. Of course, the directions it will follow are its own subject to the choices of those whom have shared, in whom has been sown this seed. Rest in this confidence.

You would worry, you would doubt yourself? Allow yourself to yield the fruit of this seed within you as well for it shall grow in confidence, and you too will yield the glory of its fruit.

My son, do you have further questions?

Student: Yes, I think I am trying to sort out my relations with my fellows, to know best how I fit in this program of correction, in the Teaching Mission.


Tomas: My son, you are received, you are known, you are valued as a friend. Your feelings of distance, of injury are the foundation for a greater love, a greater exposure to this love. You may not be content in these circles drawn thus far, but these circles are growing; you are part of this growth. Share as you feel lead, as you are able. Already you discern many others with whom we work, and yet they are unconscious, as they are many laboring in this moment to heal the wounds of this planet. Find your place, walk in your path that our Father has prepared for you; encourage others likewise and your life shall yield the fruit of his glory.