2001-04-07-River of Communion

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Topic: River of Communion

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Again I say, good morning my son, you know this is Tomas.


Yes, we have shared before now in the context of communion with our Father. I and others have joined you in your devotion. We have joined you in communion with our Father, and how much we delight in this; it is our joy; it is our rest; it is the source of our renewal, and how happy we are to join you as a fellow sibling without regard to our relative positions of movement in the course of heaven for in this place of worshipful adoration, receptive response to his own voice within us, his own gentle hand guiding our thought and feeling, in this moment we surrender the barriers of mortality and immortality, the seen and unseen, the high and low, the experienced and the novice; in this moment we are one in his love.

You have been presented the image of a great river, you have seen how your mortal life consists of walking and working on its banks admiring its beauty, pondering its purpose, studying its currents, and periodically entering its depths, drawing from its water to feed yourself and others, and you have rightly seen that some would build dams to create a reservoir, a pool moving but only slightly, others would build canals to divert this water to another land, but this river is the substance of our Father's presence that is love, his love, perfect love moving through your world and in your midst , indeed flowing from within us. You are invited to join in this procession, and yes, many mortals stand and would build a permanent dwelling on its banks often debating which side is best, from which position to best view the river. Not unlikely, they may argue over these points of contention, but they rest afterwards in their joint admiration of its presence, but it is true, the river invites you to enter its depth, to shed the clothes of your mortality and come with us swimming within this fluid of our Father, his very person, and take your place amongst us.

There is plenty of room for everyone; there is no contest for position; we are carried upon the currents of his love gently, steadily progressing in our course. We may be called upon to speak from its depth hailing your fellows, inviting them to come to consider the life that is offered, to accept the invitation, and we may perhaps describe as we are able the nature of our light moving in and through it, and of course mortals will feel it somewhat alien. It does not become their form; they must work somewhat to learn the strokes, to propel across the river, up or down the river, and that is because if they should enter it as a mortal they must retain their mortality even within it. We delight to receive them any way they come, we delight to give this light to all who would take it, and if you should fall in love with this, if you should rejoice in the feeling of its support, of its caress over your body, and if you should feel the lure of longing to melt indivisibly into its form, we would welcome you.

Regardless, until that moment you are welcome to enjoy our passage from any point you wish to view it. We delight to feed you with this spectacle even as you stand upon the shore as there are many ways you may enjoy this presence. When you give yourself time to dwell with our Father wherever you are upon the dry land, wherever you dwell, when you dwell in this place of communion, you join us as one, suspending the movement of all creation to be with our Father in his motionless isle of Paradise. Yes, to connect with this your true place, your true home from which he pours himself through many channels even in the midst of time, and we your siblings on high are part of this, and as we pass by we call to you from this depth where you dwell in worship, in the quiet and the stillness of its presence we invite you to come with us. It is not so distant, it is not so great a transition; there will be so many more, before you dwell in fact with our Father in his home as you dwell with him in spirit and truth even now.


Let us not disturb this stillness just now, let us not leave this embrace in our intellectual queries and exchange for these are very helpful in their time and place, but now just now let us dwell together in this wondrous embrace, and so, I will leave for the moment from speaking, I will return you to your own indwelling spirit, and I would join you in this as well. I am your friend, truly a friend in spirit with others gathered here rejoicing in this moment of communion.