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Topic: Entitlement

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning, I am Tomas, your friend, your teacher who would endeavor to assist you in this struggle of adjusting the mortal sense of entitlement to the reality of that gift our Father would have you enjoy.


What is the source of this entitlement? Is it not the feeling of a legitimate claim, a possession that is yours rightfully to hold. In you own mortal experience, are you not given titles whether in your work or in recognition of ownership of property? You have titles to your cars, your homes, and the titles of your various functions in your work whereby you earn your livelihood. These identify ownership and the proper relations of these possessions to those who would possess them, and in the case of the title of your work assignment, it identifies your role in the context of the larger labor of those with whom you are joined. And so, these titles you see do give us some clarity, understanding of proper expectation, defining the boundaries that are needed in your day to day living.

Your experience in your world, your very culture that you inhabit conditions the thought of your mind and therefore any feelings that might arise from their being misplaced, these proprieties. This culture has been scarred, you have been deprived of your Prince who rejected his trust, his own title, aligning himself with others who would rewrite their job functions, their job descriptions, and clearly broke that bond of trust with those to whom he must, and he inevitably did have to answer, and he broke his trust with you his mortal children and so you have understandably a sense of frustration a sense of being deprived of that which is rightfully yours, the opportunity to grow in and upon and through the experience of this your mortal sphere guided by a resident representative of our Father, of Michael and his creatorship, representing the last line of contact between your world and your fellow spheres.

Your hearts have been broken; yes, you have grown in the context of this deprivation and it is confusing, and so it is as we labor to restore your world, your minds, your culture to its rightful place establishing one as a rightful Prince, re-formed, re-titled that your culture may be re-encircuited, that you may again receive the gift of our assistance, the assistance of all within this local creation of Nebadon, benefiting from those circuitries linking you to the broadcasts of heaven. These are your rightful belongings; these are given freely by our Father in and through Michael and Nebadonia. You are encouraged to draw upon these, to replace your sense of loss, yes and your anger, your frustration, your confusion with the certainty of its gift, the reality of its provision, the substance of these communications which in other worlds are not strange, are not unknown, are not regarded with suspicion.

Nothing that is known is hidden from you, is withheld from you arbitrarily. There is a program of restoration, there is a procedure to follow, and we follow it in this Teaching Mission by encouraging each and all who would benefit from our presence, from our purpose of remediation and restoration to look within themselves, to look for this contact in and through your Adjuster. We would reconnect your broken heart attending to this first and foremost. All of you in different ways have adjusted to this culture of deprivation; you have learned to fill that space, that emptiness in your heart with many things other than that which is designed to fill this, to inhabit this core of your being. Some would fill it with busyness, some would fill it with many books, some would fill it with exotic experience manufactured by your own knowledge of your chemistry, many would fill it with the misuse of their bodies, the cravings of your flesh alone, some would fill it with a religion constructed not by spirit, but by the work of your own mind. Any and every thing it seems you can use to fill this place where our Father's affection would dwell. In all of our labors of re-encircuitment, of restoration, it is the title of your heart that we seek first to restore. What is the word heart, is it not the center, heart, is it not the soul? In this place rightfully re-titled you lay claim to all that your Father would give you, treasures it knows, it embraces with ease, wonders your mind can only imagine.

So why would you linger in your love of all the clutter that you have used to fill this place of connection? Certainly it is understood that this is your custom, this is the way you have survived, but are you happy? Do you awaken in the mornings rejoicing to be held close by our Father? Do you walk through the day with your hand in his? Do you retire in the evening resting your precious faces upon the pillow of his affection, his provision for you? Do you dream of his glory, are you filled with the spectacle of his own projections of purpose in and through the imaginings of your mind? If not, then you are missing the treasure of experience to which you are entitled, which we would give you. We bring you news of our love, and we direct you to recognize this gift of our Father within you that should you embrace to receive his gifts, the outpouring of his love, all these other things will become what they in truth are, mere things, material possessions which all too often you have tried to push into your hearts, filling this space, this emptiness with which you have struggled, and yes, your world has learned the value of information and knowledge, and you swirl in a society bedazzled by access to information, and again you seek to fill this space. We would remind you, it is already filled by our Father.

Revisit your rightful claim, revisit the title of your heart and discover there the treasure of heaven overlooked, neglected, denied, ridiculed for many, many generations, but now restored. Your world is home again, it is held in the hand of a loyal, wise and loving Son, and even more so, in the hand of he who created it. You upon this sphere who have lost so much, your tragedy is now your treasure, your loss is now your gain, your heart is rewritten, its title is Love's Supremacy. Let it lead, let it guide you; you will find yourself in our arms, you will find all that is needed.

Rewrite the story of your lives, wash away the graffiti of rebellion and reenter the galleries of the treasures of divinity that are within you, these pictures of Paradise which your minds may behold, which your lives are becoming. Rediscover the title of beloved son and daughter. No one can ever take this from you; no one can deprive you of this treasure. It has been yours all along; you have suffered though through its distortion, and you have learned to live through all of this experience. You exhibit the resilience, the endurance, the vigor, the undying hopes, presents of the Master of all creation. We admire you, we love you, and we long to lead you home. Do not hold to your trifles with which you have entertained yourself in this interim. Your Prince is here, come and adore him, he is yours. His title, your Planetary Father who would regive you the treasure of your world's experience; reclaim all of this; it is yours.