2001-04-11-On the Adjudication

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Topic: On the Adjudication

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning, this is Tomas, and I am happy to address the questions of any who would seek the truth. Welcome one, welcome all to the Teaching Mission.


You would know of the adjudication of Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia, the rebellion in general. I am forbidden to speak in great detail, but I would seek to stimulate your further investigation, which will be fully satiated in the course of your morontia career, a career which beckons even now. Do not wait, but let us proceed.

The rebellion was adjudicated, was closed only recently in your time, but scarcely ten twelve years or so earlier than the present. Yes, it was a momentous occasion, and yes, the broadcast of this closure was received on high with great acclaim and celebration, but not the extermination of the rebels. We would never applaud; we would never celebrate the choice of any for extinction. These Sons were loved by many, before they went into rebellion they were brilliant lights serving our Father and Michael and as you have read and known, Lucifer took exception, took a position of resistance and open rebellion. He envisioned a better way he thought, he envisioned a way of isolation, he envisioned a way of denial, affirming only that which he saw before him, refusing to assent to the reality of a greater universe, the reality of our Father.

In the course of his rebellion, he took many with him. I stood by watching these events unfold. I was tried as you though not from my mortal sphere, no, I was tried in the course of my own ascension, my morontia career. I contemplated Lucifer's proposition, and I found it weak, I found it dependent upon assertion of his own claim, a claim that I observed required all of his skill, and great it was. Yes, you find persons in your world today lacking confidence but appearing to have it all the same, who would argue against what they know will be. This defiance, this refusal I saw as desperation. Yes, I too made a choice, but a choice it was, and in my case it was a choice to affirm that greater depth which I could not see, but I knew in my heart to be most true. And yes, so were many, many more who chose likewise with me and my fellows in the course of this issue, this issue of contention, this rending of so many hearts, and Michael, as you know, gave great allowance to these for there is greater wisdom of allowing the course of choice to proceed.

The case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer as you know was brought immediately, was petitioned upon the outbreak of rebellion. The wisdom and the love of our Father embedded in his system of his administration upheld the allowance for these rebels to have their course, to have a period to consider the realities, the consequences. Michael of course, proceeded with his bestowal upon your world, and for practical purposes, technically speaking he met these archrebels on their own terms and as a human even turning away his seraphic guard reliant only upon our Father who within the mortal dwells deeply, speaking quietly, inviting you steadily into the progress, the purpose of his love. Shortly after, you know the story of Michael's life, upon its completion, his triumphant resurrection, upon the roll call of destiny, upon the acceptance of Supreme Sovereignty, upon the elevation of Nebadonia as Co-Sovereign, the case then proceeded.

These rebels were taken from their detention to face the judgement of the Ancients of Days which, as I have said before, is a revelation not to be feared but to love, to look forward to, for in this moment you see in perfection the projections of your choice affirmed over and over, concluded by your own commitment, and yes, many of these rebels were committed to their choice, many embraced the projection of extinction. Many more had begun to reconsider even before then, many, many more had begun to rethink the gift of life, a life which has its conditions, its time and place in this universe, in the larger context of eternity. In time, this life unfolding moment by moment guided by a wisdom and love which these saw transcending the assertions of Lucifer, and so, yes, in their choice there was sorrow for having been misled, having considered and acted upon their opinion at the moment that this was worth forfeiting, this was worth refusing because of what Lucifer perceived to be its arbitrary enforcement. These saw not the arbitrariness of a capricious ruler but the gentle hand of our Father's love, and it was their love, it was their affection which guided them through their renewal.

He would never turn any away, he loves all of his children, each and every one without respect for these choices, he overlooks these, he gladly embraces these, those who have rebelled, who have resisted, he courted even as Michael, he sought to restore. It is for this reason that time was allowed. Had this not been given, surely he would be what Lucifer accused; one indifferent, uncaring and automatic without recognition for the value of the life of the one rebelling, but such is not our Father. Our Father's motivation, our Father's source of action is his limitless and divine love for each, and there is grief, there is not celebration when one chooses extinction, but it is the exercise of that freedom our Father gladly gives us. He does not compel; he does not require or impose any recognition. He gives each of us the opportunity to respond as we will to the experience of his love regardless of our station, our status in the course of the heavens.

The broadcast of the termination of this case, its closure, was made shortly afterwards, after this pause, after this recognition of loss of our fellows, those that are no more. From this sadness we turned to gladness, the gladness that all the universe had now chosen, and we were now free of this quarantine, this isolation, separating a segment of Michael's creation. And so the closure of rebellion, the case itself was the signal for broadcast of plans laid long before.

There is a tendency for mortals to consider that they are victims of this misfortune, that they suffered unnecessarily. Michael never ceased to lay plans for the restoration of his own creation, his own universe, wondrous and marvelous it is. When the news of the termination of rebellion, the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer was made through these broadcasts which are beginning to appear in your world, and some received these broadcasts even then. Yes, then was made known the plans of redemption, restoration, reconnection; of Michael's mercy, his provision for the needs of those segregated from the rest of the life of a universe held firmly in the loyalty to that love of our Father and his Sons and Daughters.

My own opportunity, when it became known that this Teaching Mission would proceed to reach out to mortals, most of whom had grown accustomed to isolation, I joined with gladness. I was moved in my heart with the thought of my friends suffering under the burden, not knowing the truth of our Father's love, and I, a mortal in the course of my ascension, endeavored even as I had upon the planet of my own birth to visit, to learn, to observe, to teach, to share with those whom I saw as less fortunate, and now, more and more, I see as recipients of a great opportunity, one that is the source of real drama; it is yours. I am only here to awaken you to the gift of experience that is yours in this sphere. It is rare, it is a jewel in the making, a jewel of rare and exotic color and form, and so I join with others, many of us there are, many more in waiting for this coveted position to share in this awakening with you.

In the course of your own ascension you will study the history, the details and documents of our young universe, still young and growing. There are many things beyond your imagination that you will explore, yes, you will witness the monuments of these moments even as you might as a child on a field trip visit a marker of history and ponder its meaning, ponder the struggle which ensued in that place, in that time, consider its lesson and with your friends return to your class for discussion, but you are already in class. We would prepare you for this expedition; it is one that you will enjoy. Indeed, it shall be your heart's desire fully received in rejoicing, but even now we would have you recognize more fully the gift of our Father within you, and as a mortal, this is your greatest gift, this is your treasure, this is your key to ascension. Use it, learn its shape and contour, learn the sound of its turning within you, allow it to unlock your own door through which your passage will begin, your adventure. All of you are close, closer than you think to this moment. You should not worry yourself with your circles of attainment, for the passage through them by your decisions in the course of your experience is brief, it is done in a relative moment of time. Proceed with confidence, we are here to assist you in learning this key, learning to allow it to turn you towards that light ever shining within you.


My friends, I will take up other questions which you have already expressed at another session. I would give this one a rest for a moment, this one who is learning to allow himself to serve as a link, as a way of passage without barriers, without the gate of exclusion. Be patient with him, be patient with yourselves, understand this process is sometimes slow. It proceeds upon your faith, and it is built by those sincere and loving connections of your heart reaching out to one another, extending our love. It is given freely. We ask you to do likewise.

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