2001-04-15-Expanding Socialization

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Topic: Expanding Socialization

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning my son, my friend, this is Tomas.


You have struggled, as have many, with this question of the socialization of your contact with us. In this phase of the Teaching Mission, a phase defined by an expanded outreach, an enhanced social experience, and what is it that you wish to share with your fellows? Is it not your joy, this discovery of our presence as well the as the presence of your own indwelling spirit, its reality, its effect, its influence? Yes, we are here to awaken you to this truth, to build connections first and foremost to your own indwelling spirit and the manner in which our Father directs all of his creation through his varied means of coordination. Yes, the Thought Adjuster is your contact with Father; the spirit of Michael, the Spirit of Truth is the means of your contact with him, and yet there are others.

Obviously, you have contact with your personal teachers to the extent that you have given yourself this opportunity. You are likewise increasingly in contact with Machiventa as well as he who comes amongst us, Michael's brother, to teach. The broadcasts of heaven have alerted you to his coming; our own presence has alerted you to the same. Machiventa himself speaks as does Michael, and soon you will hear from another. You have seen his light, he has greeted you; he comes amongst you as one of you. Do not concern yourself with the recognition of his identity. He will make himself known in due time, and yes, there will be those who share the gift of his physical proximity, but greater importance is upon those who share a devotion in spirit to his teaching. Has not Michael himself, when living as one of you speaking to Thomas the apostle said "how blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe"?

You are inclined, mortals by your nature, to rush yourselves to a place, to be like Peter, the first to greet the Master on the shore of Galilee, and of course, when we come amongst you as one of you naturally we delight to greet you likewise, but in this form there is a constraint, there is a limitation which is not in spirit. The Master, should he choose to stand again in person upon your world, of course he would delight to receive you in person and in fact, and he would, as he has, and there would be those whom he would call to this joy of sharing this life of incarnation, but greater is the life in his Spirit of Truth whereby he reaches to all who would receive him without regard to physical limitations.

You know well the errors of the mortal mind when considering the false conceptions of chosen people. Yes, any Son who would come amongst you wearing the suit of mortality would choose for various reasons his place and time defining thereby those from whom he might choose to share this life. These indeed are chosen, but are they valued more highly? No, of course not. Might they have a role, a task in his strategic outreach to your world? Yes, you do well to distinguish between the value of each child of the Father and the task, the function they may perform. Each child is valued equally, each child is loved divinely, held in this embrace of divine affection, but not so the functions, the tasks that are performed in the administration of a Planetary government. There are functions which are more or less critical to its successful administration of these divine truths of our presence, and in this dispensation there are many tasks coordinated on high through various means. Machiventa is your Prince overseeing these things but as you know Michael is ever near as he holds the title of Planetary Prince of Urantia. Machiventa is your acting Planetary Prince under Michael's direction, acting on his behalf. Michael as you know is your Creator Son, Sovereign Son; he maintains his many responsibilities for all of the worlds of his own making, and his brother coming amongst you, yes, will have his task as well, and yet there are others.

Your world is being showered with many gifts, many tasks to be performed, and yes, there are those chosen, selected to carry out these tasks, to bring them to fruition, and these choices are made without regard to any special status as a child of the Father but rather within the strategy of communicating this love to your world at large and to each person upon the planet, and yes, there are logistical elements considered. We have spoken of the logistics of the Teaching Mission, establishing contacts throughout the world representing the outreach of Michael in this time of correction, his own personal design to restore you to him and his larger creation. We will function in concert with the eventual appearance of his brother along with a team of Melchizedeks, and these too shall have their place, their time with whom we will work hand in hand, whereas they will be confined by physical limitations, we are not.

Already you have known well and have struggled to learn the difference between the gift of the text we use as reference and the truth of which it speaks. There are limits to its being a physical thing. It is not the thing itself which changes your world, likewise it is not the physical base of an incarnational outreach; it is the truth of which these speak. Search within yourselves; to which are you drawn more, and examine your motives for while truth cannot be held in your hand, it can be in your heart. How often do you run to grasp upon the truth with your hands holding it, possessing it, having found some thing by which it speaks. You would do well to relinquish this grasping nature and assume instead a nature disposed to embracing, yes, embracing with your heart, and leaving your hands free to greet your fellows.

Would you know how we seek to extend this embrace without grasping for those familiar means of control which have littered your planet? There is one controller, there is one who directs all, and we would never presume to grasp him, hold him in our hand. It is he who holds us all, not in his hand, but in his love. His hands too are free; you are his hands, and you are free. Live out this life of spiritual liberty, embrace the truth wherever you find it, whatever its cost, but do not seek to possess it. Avoid the stumbling of your own past even as you stumble now in your various contests of material control.

There are those assigned to the task, to the trust and its administration, a material responsibility, and so it shall be, yet more so as these sites of incarnation come to be, but remember, you have within you the source of all of these and many more yet to come in all of your discoveries on high. Dwell in this place, dwell in him who dwells in you; embrace those your friends who would share this joy and receive the gift, these gifts which we shower upon your world, which our Father himself would use to draw you nearer to him, and do not be troubled by those tasks by which they proceed. Find your task, find your place in this gathering chorus of heaven, the prelude to the song unending, that symphony of light and life.


I leave you this day, this day of celebration, of remembrance of the resurrection of the Master, and as you proceed in your respective observance, meditations, celebrations, songs, and silence, allow your world to be reborn, to come forth from the tomb of fear to walk in the land of the living, the land of loyal and loving children, the community of creation teeming with lives throughout the heavens singing in adoration of the One who calls us all into his embrace that is our divine connection, that is our home. Good day good friends; we walk with you.

Thank you Tomas, thank you Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, thank you Father for stirring our hearts and minds to consider your unfolding light, your glory, your love, reborn, resurrected in our lives, even in the life of our planet.