2001-04-19-Your Time

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Topic: Your Time

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



My dear child, your heart, it aches to be joined to the one who made it. In me you have found a friend in spirit with whom you join in adoration of our Father, of our Mother, their affection springing into life in and through us. What words can speak of that which is the glory of God, his love joining us as one in this movement which stirs the heavens, creating the array of light you witness in your sky, in which your very world dwells, moving in its course, circling its own light, absorbing its own warmth, and yet all of these and many more yet to be made, yet to be seen, all of these spring from this place where love is joined.

There is not one child, one struggling soul who is not showered with affection walking in the most trying of circumstance in the most backward of worlds who is not bathed and adored, yes bathed in the light which shines from within. When once the threshold of humanity is crossed and our Mother's circuitries begin their activity in and upon the animal mind, from that moment each are treasured, each are drawn into this gravity which grows ever more strong, and as you once in your distant evolutionary past crossed that threshold becoming imbued with wisdom and worship even in its most primitive forms, so today you prepare to cross a threshold, a threshold yielding to the greater glory and gravity of God.

You would not stand still; your heart, it cries to the heavens and this cry of the child which bids you to come and walk among the stars throughout the heavens is the spark of creation which continues to invite your world and all others to do likewise. In this way we all pass from room to room in this great house our parents have provided, threshold to threshold, and yes, there is the moment of pause and reflection before the exit from one and entry to another. You may pause, you may turn and look where you have been; you may reminisce with deep affection gathering all of your experience, searching out, reviewing each corner to savor its memory. Yes, there is a pause which would cause you to linger knowing now what has been given to you in this room of your nativity. Stand and absorb its gift, carry it with you in your heart, and as you turn to consider the room before you, be confident that you carry with you all of this treasure of experience, and you bring it to us as a gift; you share with us with whom we likewise share our own treasures.

Welcome, you belong now to another, another room, another present linked together with all others by this love our Father infuses within us. We await you; take your time, it is your time to come.