2001-04-24-Charlie, My Friend

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Topic: Charlie, My Friend

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Charlie, my friend, this is Tomas.

You would feel injured by this apparent departure, and in your injury which you would nurse in your solitude, your apparent isolation, I would have you know that I and others are joined with you.

Your name you have begun to hear; you will proceed in discovering who you are. Yes, and your Agondonter status is cherished, and it will serve you well for you will grow showing forth the wisdom of our Father in giving of himself to you and to each of your fellows without regard to the apparent means that you observe, that you possess; your books, the clamor over buildings, any number of those who would transmit the regard with which you are held by those of us in the Teacher Corps. Yes, you will find stillness and it may surprise you, the voice of your own indwelling spirit, that gift of our Father, that gift of who you really are which you will carry with you throughout your journey, giving of yourself, this gift to all of your fellows. It is that which endures.

Soon, your world will pass from this Agondonter state; soon you will find your place in this procession of our Father in and through your world awakening more fully you and your fellows to your own procession in and through his creation.

We would not slam doors and never would we shut them holding out those who would enter this joy. In the dark of this room, dark because it is beyond your sense of sight, but in it is more easily heard the sounds of our presence here. You are in this room, and yes, you have heard the door banging as it were, but it is the sound of that door opening to you, opening so wide that it strikes the boundary of its fullness, the walls upon which it is hinged, these very persons human and divine who stand together inviting any who would enter, to come and join hands.

Do we not observe your efforts? Are you not ever more dear to us as you endear yourself to that tender affection of our Father's spirit, and the distractions so appearing, are they not our gifts to you to remind you of the simple joys of being a child? Be loyal to the love that is lavished upon you in any moment from any place, for whether from within you or around you, you are greeted with joy, and yes, it is true many will never hear us as such, but all can receive us. As you receive the gift of our Father's affection through the course of your every day human experience so you walk then more deeply in his embrace, and whether in distance or nearness, darkness or light, on Paradise or Urantia, you are adored with the same divine affection.

Proceed in that faith that is your gift to us on high. Your vigor, your determination, your undaunted willingness to walk alone if needed, but remember, many walk with you seeking ever more to assist you.