2001-07-06-Down To Earth Reality

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Topic: Down To Earth Reality

Group: Snowbird Conference


Teacher: Gorman

TR: Gerdean



GORMAN here.Thank you, Michael, for your good tidings and Divine Minister for the Spirit that pervades our atmosphere in this mountainous bowl of infinite celebration in the initial resounding effects of how many centuries of effort. I am a Secondary Midwayer. I have been working for a long time, as have many, many others in service to the divine plan that is beginning to be revealed in your faces as you light up the environment with your beautiful souls.


The essences of effort and desire to do the will of the Father in Heaven and in devotion to Michael, our Master Son, we are among the army of workers, the elemental grunt workers along with you in the trenches and in the fields. I am truly honored today to be given this space on the podium to express my appreciation and gratitude for those of you who have been able and willing to follow the guidance and the direction we have injected into your paths. We have helped you go left when you wanted to go right. We have directed you in subtle paths and obvious. We have stubbed your toe and thrown things in order to get your attention--and having gotten your attention, it is my privilege to honor Prince Machiventa for his untiring efforts and his unspeakably patient and loving Teacher Corps, who have invested their entire beings into the work at hand, the reclamation of our pretty little world on the outer rim of Nebadon.

I am small and lowly in the hierarchy of Spirit ascension and dissension, but I am happy to be in this phase. I have such regard for my superiors and they have devotion to my growth and yours. It is an ideal you have yet to perceive in fullness, for you cannot see quite beyond the veil of material perception, and yet I encourage you to look, to attempt to see, to realign your eyes, exchange your vision such that you are able to incorporate the celestial reality as your primary reality. These few days ahead will give us that opportunity. We can practice the greater family reality.

There is no separation in Creation. We are an inter-species alliance of the material, morontial and spiritual, just as we have the Son, the Father and the Grandfather over all, an unspeakably wondrous experience. I now embark with you on a continuation of this unspeakably wondrous experience in these incredibly beautiful environs with some really cute creatures. Thank you mortals and celestial alike for helping bridge the gap, and yes, you are welcome. We are also invaluable in the process and are happy to serve, happy to rejoice in the work at hand. The Kingdom is upon us. Rejoice and be glad.


2001 Snowbird TeaM Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah