2001-07-19-Welcoming Friends

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Topic: Welcoming Friends

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion, Devina

TR: S. Butterfield



Alana : Yes. This is Alana.

David : Welcome, Alana. We have some beautiful friends of ours with us here this afternoon. We are their guests in this exquisitely beautiful environment, and so happy to be here

I want to thank you for being with us on our visit to our relatives in Boulder City. Both the transmitter and I are heartfelt in this victory, this expression of love that we didn’t think we could do on our own. So thank you for all of the instruction you gave us ahead of time. And the calmness, and the courage, and the openness of heart that you helped us to have when we were with our relatives.

Alana : We are just as pleased as you.

David : Wonderful.

Alana : And as grateful. Grateful that you were so willing to follow the guidance that we gave, to follow with trust and faith. I wish to say to you that you were an “A” student.

David : Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. I studied my lesson beforehand, my dear. You know that don’t you.

Alana : You did, and Legion and I could not have been more pleased.

David : Oh, wonderful, wonderful. We were really blessed. It was a big step in our lives.

Alana : So, you would introduce me?

David : Yes, yes. I would love to introduce you. This is my brother, he is my heart brother. He is actually my brother-in-law from a former marriage. Ken and I have been heart brothers for many years. He has a magnificent, ravishingly beautiful partner, Lindi, who has loved God all her life, as well. I just wanted you to meet them, because they are so dear to us. And they seemed willing. This is Ken and Lindi.

Alana : Welcome. May I say this to you first. Our friend, here, he becomes, sometimes, so, may I say, enthusiastic.

David : (laughter) I’m a holy roller!


Alana : And this leads him, sometimes, to introduce others in a manner that can be sudden, or overwhelming. Yet, as perhaps you already know, his heart is pure with only love as his motivation. Thus, we are glad to welcome those he brings to our doorstep, you might say. We welcome you into our heart room.

Let us begin: The heart room is a means of opening your hearts and your minds to a fuller, deeper understanding and experience of God’s love, Jesus’ overcare for you and your planet. I, Alana, sit in the center of the heart room now. I will guide you in this construction so that you may feel yourselves a part of the heart room, and you may begin to believe in the heart room, and come to know me and the heart room as a safe refuge for you to enter at any time.

Open your hearts now. Open, go deep, deep, deep into your hearts. Breathe into your hearts, now. Deep, deep into the stillness of your hearts. Open at the very tops of your heads. Open the very tops of your skulls and allow, allow God’s love, Jesus’ love, to pour down into your skulls, down through your throats into your hearts. See the light of God pouring down into your skulls, into your hearts, down into your bodies.

Open your hearts. Open, open the holes in your backs at each space, at the base of your skulls, along the bones of your spines, and allow, allow me to blow love through the holes in your backs, through your hearts. Allow me to blow love now, through your spines, through your bodies, to the one before you. Blowing love now. I am blowing love through your bodies, into the center of the heart room, and across to the one before you. Breathe. Breathe my love in, and allow. Allow my love to pour through your hearts into the heart room and across to the one before you.

Allow God’s love, the light of God’s love, once again, to pour down through the tops of your heads, filling your bodies, down through your legs, down through your arms. Allow that light now, to pour out through the sides of your bodies across to the ones at either side of you, creating the walls of the heart room, pouring love out through the sides of your body, creating the walls of the heart room, pouring into the ones at either side of you.

Allow me now, to create love with you. Through your bodies, into you. Breathe my love. Allow the light of God’s love now, pouring into your bodies, filling the heart room walls, and pouring now into the heart room where I sit, in the middle of your heart room, breathing love with you.

I welcome you now, into my heart room. I welcome you now. Place your head upon my lap. Beloved one, allow me to embrace you with love. Place your head upon my lap. Beloved one, allow me to embrace you with love. Beloved Lindi, I caress your heart. Place your head upon my lap and let me whisper love.

Yes, you would speak to me?

David : Alana is asking if any one wants to ask her questions, or address her in any way. You don’t have to have your eyes closed for this event, if you prefer. I have a request.

Alana : Yes.

David : Our hearts have been touched today by their beloved daughter, Heidi, in our conversations today. You saw a picture of her taken in Costa Rica, and was touched in my heart by the radiant beauty that is coming out of her. I would like to put Heidi in the middle of our heart room, and let this love that each of us feel flowing from you and from Father, to focus that energy upon this beloved one. Is that ammenable?

Alana : You know, my friend, that any whom you should wish to bring into the heart room to rest in my arms is always welcome. I would say to you, bring this daughter into the heart room now. Yes, this is one who seeks God’s love and knows not yet the Mother. Yes, she is troubled and we will love her now. Bring her into the heart room now. Each of you, see her with me now. I embrace her now. I hold her now. I caress her face. I hold her now to my chest. This is one who seeks to know God, whose love of God is strong, whose love of God is pure, and still she seeks to know God. This love is what she hungers for. But in the desire to know God, so often the human child struggles to find a path she can call her own. The songs and the prayers that suited so well, like an old garment, must be shed. As she steps alone along the path that would be hers, she stumbles, of course, and this you understand. But then she chooses new pathways, and struggles to make them her own. Like yourselves, once, new structues are created within the mind, again seeking that purity of the living waters once known. The pathway to God, for this one, is troubled by her lack of understanding of her own true beauty. The path to God, the path of gratitude, the path of love, the path of study (the tr sees hard work, she sees books, study is a good word), these paths the child has understood, but she does not yet understand the path of beauty, her true beauty, the Mother’s love.

My friends, this is a first meeting, yes? This has been a very beautiful and peaceful, and yes, successful first meeting. I wish to assure the transmitter that all is going well. Yes, she has our permission as well as yours, yes? to do this again. What I wish to request of her and yourselves is the opportunity to consult with others regarding this beautiful child you have brought to me in this heart room, this Heidi, before we continue. So, I would recommend, that you reconvene, either after you have had a repast, or early in the morning as is often the pattern for the transmitter and her partner. And so, I will close this heart room with a blessing: Father, Mother, God, embrace and bring your love upon these human parents who I have welcomed into my heart room. Thank you.

David : Thank you, Alana.

Legion : This is Legion. I am here only for a moment. I wish to say to you, my friend, Well done. As well, I wish to welcome your friends, and to speak for a moment, of the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. God’s love, always, always, always, has within its center, God’s joy.

We will speak further of this discipline, for I would have you understand that it is the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy, that will be our gift to you. It is this discipline which I have given to your beloved friend, David, to share with others. It is this discipline that is the ground floor for the strength that allows the power of God’s love, the power of the heart room, to grow within you and be effective in bringing your love, which is God’s love coming through you, to those you would love and heal. Take comfort in these words, my friends. It is the comfort of God’s love that your beloved David brings to you. Alana and I are here to bring her love and my comfort to you. Thank you.

David : Thank you, Legion.

Ken : Thank you.


Alana : Yes, this is Alana.

David : Welcome, Alana.

Alana : May I say unto you, the human child passes from one parent to Another. On this journey their understanding grows. Their understanding of human love. Their understanding of the Father’s great love for all.

Your daughter knows not her beauty. She seeks it from another, from praise, from achievement, from another’s need, from the temporary, that is the temporary glow from the outside stimulus. We have said, all joy, truth, and beauty resides within, deep within the stillness of heart where is God’s love. Still the human child must evolve through the natural passages of human life to discover what was always there, within.

Yes, your daughter is considerably troubled, seeking love from without. Troubled in her belief that what she has within is not enough. She seeks to please, yet unaware that the greatest joy is hers, within her heart, not another’s, within the stillness of her heart. Human beings often are distressed by stillness. You have become accustomed to the distractions of the material world, and this I say is no criticism, but an observation for you to contemplate. It is natural for the human being to interact and to play with the world. And your cleverness has created more and more playthings for your crib, shall we say. In the natural world, most discovery leads to the peace and joy within. You study a star at night and blissfully pass into the sleeping dreams. But the human attempt to replace the natural joys given by God, creates your labyrinth of despair. Seeking joy and finding tragedy, emptiness, synthetic joys.

But what have I to say to you, directly? Your prayers have been answered. She is deep within God’s love, our care. Still, like yourselves, she has the will of choice. Study your prayers. Pray that she know she is loved. Pray that she knows the beauty of her love, the love within. Pray that your love, your freely given and freely releasing love, will be carried to her, transported to her, by the power of the Spirit, by the power of God’s love pouring through you to be given away.

Do not fear. Do not fear and do not be shy with the truth. The truth is your love. You can not, as you well know, construct for her the knowledge that as a daughter of God she must stand tall. Stand tall in her beauty. Stand tall in her recognition that she is loved by God, as truly and completely as any other. I say you can not construct this knowledge for her. You can, however, demonstrate your own certain knowledge that you are a son and daughter of God. That you stand tall in God’s love. That you allow God’s love to pour through you to be given away. That you fear not the truth. That you doubt not the power of God’s love, the greatest power there is to heal.

So, I have been, shall we say, quite serious. For, from your perspective, this is most certainly a serious matter of which we speak. There is much that is not for me to say. But I would reassure you, we cook her, as our beloved Sir David often says, in our heart room. You should have every faith in your power to send your love to her by your own efforts to recreate the heart room within your own minds and to blow love upon her. We shall do this every day, every hour, every minute of your time. When you pray, my friends, and you discover that fear and doubt guide the language of your prayers, breathe love with me, blow love upon that fear and doubt. Surrender that fear and doubt to me, to God, to Jesus. And let your prayers become a song of love.

Would you now, prefer to dialogue with me? Have you any questions, a thought you would share with me? Or would you prefer to pray with me, now?

David : I don’t have any questions, do you? She’s kind of covered that area of your prayers. Do you have anything else?

Lindi : I’m just concerned as to what it is we can physically do…(Alana : Yes.)…or say. We love her without question. Our thoughts are with her in love without question, but is this the way to help her to be healed, is this the way to help her…I don’t know…to escape, possibly, this strong tie that is holding her, mentally crippling her I think. I don’t know how to approach it. I don’t know what to say. You say to speak truth to her, but that is very treacherous territory, truth, when you don’t know exactly what to say. We don’t really know what to address, everything is concealed. Nothing has been opened for discussion. It is all covered over very carefully, almost believably.

Alana : And there, my beloved, lies your concern. There in the very word, “almost.” I say again, do not fear to speak the truth. It is your fear and your doubt, of yourself I might say, that prevents you from uncovering the “almost” covered.

Yes? Do you understand? You feel, my friend, your own…let me put it differently. You recognize your daughter has not opened the door, invited you in to her inner chambers, shall we say. Still, you recognize she has only “almost” covered the truth with an illusion. You fear, quite naturally, to step into another’s privacy without permission. That “almost” completely shut door, might then, in truth, be completely slammed shut. Yes?

So, you dance with her around the “almost” open, and the “almost” shut. I do not instruct you to storm the citadel, so to speak. I do, however, encourage you in your stillness practice, in your quiet time with God, to seek the release of your fear, your fear to state the obvious, in spite of all illusion, you see.

Unhappiness reveals itself to you. There may be nothing you can say. Nothing, as you say, that you can physically do. Except to begin, without fear, to acknowledge the truth that is yours, that needs no greater opening to be known. The truth told with love.

It takes great strength, and you have it. It takes great courage, and you have it. To love one choosing, you might say, the wrong direction. But all directions are embraced by God. Has this been useful to you?

Ken : Yes.

Alana : Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Not by the language of the ambulance chasing after the fire, but by the compassion of love. Thank you.

Mother, Father, God. Blessed Jesus. Assist me, now, to pour your love upon these whose hearts would know your protection of the one they so dearly love. Pour your love, dear Father, upon the one I bring now into my heart room, once again. Join me, my friends, in blowing love upon her. Dear one, weep not, for you are whole. Thank you.

David : Thank you.

Ken : Thank you. Thank you.


David : Alana, dear. Are there any words you could give to Ken and Lindi about how they could avail themselves of the comfort of your words, other than the transcript of the recording we are making.

Alana : My friend, you know I am there. These two have known God’s love in their hearts. These two have now my love in their hearts. Practice the stillness. Practice stepping into my heart room. Practice bringing your loved ones, your troubles, your “enemies,” as you say, into my heart room. And surely, my friend, you will not cease to share with them. My words, my communication, my presence among you, yes?

David : Yes, yes.

Alana : Thank you. God’s love be yours, yes. Thank you.

Devina : This is Devina.

David : Hello, welcome to you.

Devina : I come here, briefly, simply to remind you, you sustain God’s joy with the light in your hearts. Be light hearted, my friends, even in the darkest shadows of your fears. Seek to turn your faces upward, toward the light, the light that is God’s love. This, my beloved, this is my joy. This keeps the angels aflutter. This keeps the song alive. The heaviness of your hearts is the density of fear. Thank you.

Ken : Thank you.