2001-09-07-Practicing the Communication of Love

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Topic: Practicing the Communication of Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion, Devina

TR: S. Butterfield



T/R : Father, I give you my heart. I surrender my fear, my doubt. I pray for your guidance to lead me, let it come through me as it is you will.

Alana : Yes, this is Alana.

Oliver and Nena : Hello, Alana.

David : Good afternoon.

Alana : Thank you. So, you would have me speak to you of love. Yes? (Agreement.) We shall open our hearts, first. Create the heart room with me. Yes?

Oliver : With pleasure, yes.


Alana : Open your hearts. Breathe. Breathe in my love. Allow. Allow my love to fill your hearts now. Open. Open that space between your eyes in the center of your forehead. Allow me to breathe my love into that space in the center of your forehead. Allow. Open the space at the top of your heads. Allow. I am at the top of your heads now, peering deep down into your heads, blowing love. I am blowing love now, down, into your bodies. Thank you. Down, into your pelvises, breathe it in. Thank you. Down, through your arms. Down, through your legs. My love filling you, pouring out through the sides of your bodies, out through the tips of your toes, out through your heart center, across, across to the ones before you, aside, out to the sides of the ones to either side of you. Yes. Yes.

So. Love. Love gives you strength. Love. Love gives respect. Love, given, received, given, received, given, received. Love is a creative interaction. Love is an interaction of communication. Love resides in the stillness with no loss of creativity, for in the stillness is love’s joy given and received, at one and the same moment. God’s love. Your love. Given and received.

It is the silences between you that must be filled with love to bring silence into the stillness of love. It is the silences of fear, doubt, acrimony, division, it is into those silences that love must be communicated to bring those silences, surrendered, into stillness, surrendered into love, brought into the stillness by the communication of prayer. The prayer of gratitude. The prayer of surrender to God’s abundant love, to God’s assurance of love.

So, you practice. Yes? You practice the communication of love. You practice the communication of truth spoken with love. In your practice, your communication achieves the clarity of love. Your communication guides, carefully, all into the communion of love, which is within the stillness of the heart room, within the stillness of your heart, within the stillness that is God within, God’s love within, within, within.

Yes. We are quite poetic today. (laughter) You, my beloved little one, you have an opportunity to say that which is upon your mind. Yes?


Nena : Yes.

Alana : I am here. I am listening.

Nena : I feel your love. When I am here and you speak, I feel my body changing.You are my memory of God. I speak to you sometimes in Sabalito, but I am so lazy.

Alana : We speak together. You are, as you say, “lazy.” But I would give you a correction to that perception of your absences, shall we say, of communication. You, my beloved, undergo extensive change. Change is always disruptive to the human mind, the human body, the human emotions. You are learning. This you must learn, my love, to place your judgements of change into the basket of my love, and allow, allow the fragrance of the tender blossoms and petals that I gather and blow into the basket of your troubles, which you sometimes call change, and sometimes call falling in love, and sometimes call brilliant ideas, creative imagination, dreams, joys, delights. Yes? (Nena : Yes.) So, should you choose, sometimes, to experience the change called “laziness,” do I scold? No. Do I criticize? No. Beloved, walk in your garden singing, dancing, slipping through the shadows of the sunlight thinking now of me, but of many others who also bring you joy, who also bring calm to your distress. Yes, when you come to me here, you are very filled with happiness and surety, and certainty. This, my beloved, is my gift. Do not diminish in your mind the gift of conversation with me alone in your little Sabalito. Nor diminish, my beloved, the gift of laziness.

Still, you are correct, we will creep around my correction and look at what you say. For yes, Legion would visit you as well in little Sabalito, and talk with you about…

Oliver : Discipline.

Alana : Yes, Mr. Practice. Discipline. Yes. You have something to say, Mr. Boisterous. Yes? Many things he has to say about discipline. And he will. He will give you what he has to say someday when he no longer indulges in his little bit of laziness, too. Yes? (laughter)

Yes, my friends. Thank you. You are biting at the bit. Yes?

David : How do you know these things? You seem to be inside of us sometimes.

Alana : Yes. This is true.

David : I have been enjoying, when I finally got down to the business of writing these lessons…it took some time because I didn’t think I knew anything or had done any lessons…but I just sat down one day and started writing. I am having such a good time, Legion may regret that he ever gave me this assignment.

Alana : Beloved, you give me such delight. So many opportunities you give me. I shall take two of them. It is wisdom to recognize the pride of, shall we say, humility, sometimes you call it false humility. But that, my friends, that creates a false impression. When he says, my friends, “I think not that I know anything,” this is not false, this is a genuine remnant from many years of beating him upon the head with the stick of superiority. Yes? And many of your early schools used the rulers upon the knuckles. And his father, yes, used the switch upon the buttocks. Yes? And these “superior” methods of insisting that learning be brought into the body by the use of sudden, quick and…she can not find the word…but it is the infliction of pain that was meant to teach. Yes? And truly it taught nothing. Nothing but pain. Nothing but the power to inflict pain.

And so, when he sat down to share with you his learning from Legion, Legion inflicts no pain, Legion does not teach by pain, and so when he sat down to impart knowledge, his first thought was, I know not pain, I know only the joy of Legion’s discipline. I know not pain. I know nothing.

Oh yes, but when he chose first Devina’s counsel, which is…surrender…and he surrendered, he surrendered all past ideas about his knowledge. He surrendered all thoughts of previous methods of learning. And suddenly his fingers flew across the keys with beautiful lessons, I may tell you, beautiful lessons written to Legion, and someday he will give them to you, when he brings them to read with Legion before you in your group as he was requested. Thank you.

There was the second. Yes. I am in your bodies. Yes. Legion is in your bodies. Yes. When you speak to me. When you listen. When you speak to him. When you listen. When you hear. We are in your bodies.

Oliver : When we really, really hear, we surrender to you so that you can come and bring your love to us.

Alana : Yes. And this my friends, is how you may practice. Practice the discipline. Practice the stillness. Surrender. Surrender. Listen. Allow. And allow. And allow. Allow your bodies to feel love. Allow your bodies to feel loved. Allow the discipline, the discipline of love, the discipline of joy, to live within you. There will be Legion. There will I come. Come to breathe with you. Come to blow love upon you. Thank you.

Yes, and you should understand that every discipline has its moments of silence. You understand, I mean silence, not necessarily the stillness. Every discipline has its moments when silence becomes, shall we say, laziness? Shall we say, distraction? Shall we say, frustration? Shall we say filled with myriad baubles and bangles of the mind. As well, silly little indulgences. As well, the many crooked pathways developed by the human past time of creating past time, time that passes, time that flips itself quickly into the past and is not present.

This my beloveds is nothing to criticize, this is, shall we say, sometimes like the baking of bread. You push and you punch and you knead the dough. Then you set it aside, to read a book, perhaps, or go for a walk. Then you push and you punch and your knead again. Then you set it aside, to make love, to sing a song, to write a letter. Then you push and punch it once again, and pop it in the oven. And then, my beloveds, in the stillness of the oven the miracle of bread occurs.

So it is with the writing of lessons. So it is with the creation of plans, the steady…what she sees is Nena putting down a plan, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven…the careful creation of steps toward change accomplished, that you, beloved little one, must do. The sorting out of that which you, beloved Sir Oliver, would keep and would toss away in the creation of that which is true, that which has the clear ring of truth, the steady path of truth, the way that guides you and leads you. To create such things, allows you recreation, allows you respite.

So, have I been understood? (Oliver : Yes.) Very good. So, Legion would speak to you.

David : We welcome you.

Legion : Thank you. Strengthen your bodies, my friends. Yes, you have the means. Daily, strengthen your bodies, my friends. To carry this basket of love that your friend, Alana, has described, requires strengthening the body, my friends. The weight of love, not a burden, not really heavy, but a power, an electricity, a current, a communication of love requires strengthening the body. It is true, is it not, that your engineers, your electricians, use a strong cable, a heavy wire, nearly indestructible strength of material, cable, wire, to send the energy from one place to another, to support the bridges of communication of light, of transportation from one place to another, from center to another, from one bundle of information to another, and so it is with the human being. To communicate love from one to another, to enter into the communion of love from to another, to sustain the communion of love, to sustain the respect of love, to sustain the surrender to love, to sustain knowing love, this, my beloveds, requires strengthening your bodies. The discipline of love, the discipline of joy stand upon the discipline of the body, the strengthening of the body.

How can you allow such extraordinary light to enter, to enter your heart room, to enter your mind, to enter your hearts, to enter your throats and wrap itself around your tongues, without strengthening your bodies? Allowing your bodies to become so flexible, so…she sees a gymnast springing…so flexible, able to hold the light, receive the light, give the light, receive the light, hold the light, give the light. Yes. You understand?

Oliver : Yes.

Legion : Thank you.

David : I don’t understand the necessary connection between bodily strength and the discipline of love and joy. The only place I get close to it is by conceptualizing love as a very high powered energy running through us, 220 watts, amps, whatever it is, that because that voltage is so strong, we need a strong body to handle that. That’s the only connection I get between a necessity for a strong body and for love to dwell in us.

Legion : It is, of course, possible to be a body laying practically inert within a machine that makes the survival organs work. This you would not be likely to perceive as one whose body is of such strength as you presently imagine and describe. Still, one could be in such a position in life upon your earth, and exercise the discipline of strengthening the body to what degree that person is capable. So you will see some in such a position and they will demonstrate the difference by the light that comes from their eyes, or the light that is communicated by what ever means available to them, be it the very simple movement of a little finger, or be it more. Does this clarify anything? When I speak of strengthening the body, I do not send each of you running to those expensive gyms in your cosmopolitan cities where everyone wears the same uniform and exercises the muscles to look just so. I send you to my gymnasium of the discipline of love/the discipline of joy. You strengthen your muscles, you strengthen your practice of the stillness, you strengthen your minds, you strengthen your discernment of thought. Yes? To discipline for strength requires single focused thought and single focused will. Do do the will of the Father, requires single focused thought, and single focused will.

Nena : Yes.

Legion : You strengthen your discernment of what fills silence. Yes?

Nena : Yes.

Legion : You strengthen your muscles of surrender. Yes?

Nena : (sigh)

Oliver : Yes. And the muscles of faith.

Legion : Yes, my friend, the muscles of faith.

David : I’m not tracking as well as I ought to today. I didn’t quite get clarity out of the illustration you gave. That may not be your fault as much as my own. I’m having difficulty listening today.

Legion : Yes.

Alana : There is no fault finding here.

David : I know that. I do…

Alana : This is Alana. Alana returns to stroke the bearded one.

David : Sweetie, I don’t need stroking. I just need to be listened to for a bit, may I come on?

Alana : Yes.

David : I feel a relationship between strength in my body, my body feels joyful when it feels strong. I can say that.

Alana : Yes.

David : And I can see it in nature, the chipmunk, the dog, the deer, that spring up into the air, just the gesture of the body, to the eye, gives this sense of joy. And I know that with those skinny legs of the deer have to be very strong to make it spring that high in the air. So I do pick up from looking at the world, physically, some relationship between strength and the mastery of the body, whether it is diving, swimming,, ice skating. Whatever it is when the body looks beautiful and looks joyful. This is particularly true of dancing. Yes. I wasn’t allowed to dance, you know, when I was younger. Excuse me for indulging in that.

Alana : Yes. I am listening.

David : Yes, you are listening. It’s a wonderful art form isn’t it, to get on track with that in learning how to do it. I feel like a baby in that, Alana. Like I’m just a baby. But I must say that I hear, either you or Legion, or Devina, or Song, every once in awhile nudging me with a phrase, or a direction, some kind of clue that’s just wonderful. I don’t hear words, or go to the mail box now. Just wonderfully comforting things. I feel encouraged that I may be taking some baby steps in learning to listen.

Alana : Yes. And what is it my friend that you have not heard today?

David : I can’t think of anything that I haven’t heard today. Would you like to elaborate on that question?

Alana : Ah, so. You have not heard my love for you today.

David : I haven’t?

Alana : Expressed to you, my friend, regarding your tendency…(a break to turn tape over)…your tendency, beloved, to, shall we say, make fun of yourself, to toss off these little messages of distraction. Beloved, I returned to remind you. You have said, I am not listening very well today. And now you tell me you can not imagine there is something you have not heard.

David : Your logic is compelling. I acquiesce.

Alana : Well, beloved. It is not acquiescence that I seek. Surrender, yes. Other wise, allow yourself the indulgence of laziness, shall we say? But do not expect me to take seriously those indulgences, except to blow love upon them.

Oliver : Right on. We have to learn this ourselves, to blow love on our little indulgences. That’s a wonderful teaching.

David : I wish to make a case for myself, here, if I am permitted.

Alana : I am listening.

Oliver : So am I.

David : You should know, Alana, that I am not mechanically minded, electronic, or anything like that. We have here, in our midst, our Mr. Practice, the great German scientist about all of these things, to whom we turn when we have the most elementary needs. Now we have this machine here. He is supposed to handle the electronic end of this thing, and he can’t open the door to this thing to change the tape. And even I can do that. So please excuse me for indulging myself a little bit about that.

Oliver : And I blow love upon it.

Alana : And so my friend, you do know something.

David : Yes, that is one thing I do know. Thank you.

Oliver : And I am happy you helped me.

David : Yes. I take your point, however, I take your point. I would not want to do anything to indulge myself in my playful boisterous spirit that would in any way alienate or be less than respectful toward my teachers. I say that from my heart.

Alana : Take my point and nestle it in your heart. My point is not sharp, still it pierces through to truth.

So, faith. Is there anything you would feel less than content had you not said it to me today.

Oliver : Yes. I personally love to speak with you as much as I can. But there is a matter that has been on my mind. Sir David was so very nice to ask for the teachers to give a message to you when we were separated. And Legion sent a message to me, not to become infatuated with the mythology of spiritual growth. I have asked my fellows about this, different people, and I have not received a satisfactory answer. Just to make it very brief, I really don’t understand what Legion was trying to tell me. And if it pleases you teachers to talk about it at this time, that is wonderful, if not that is fine, too.

Alana : We welcome your curiosity. We welcome your question. We will speak to you of this, but not today. Yes, Legion has awaited your bringing of this puzzlement to the table, so to speak. (Lots of noise in background, kitchen dishes, etc.)

Oliver : Yes. I know he is with me at all times and knows what I am saying and what I am doing. I didn’t bring it to the table earlier, because I wanted to check out how important this was to me. And my puzzlement, as you say, did not go away. I can wait a little bit longer.

Alana : You are very patient with your self, and determined to be correct in your self examination.

Oliver : Yes.

Alana : Yes. Legion is practically writing a book for you right now. (laughter)

Oliver : I love you guys.

Alana : Still, we will present this information at the next opportunity. Thank you.

Oliver : Thank you.

Nena : Thank you.

David : Do you have any words of greeting for our beloved transmitter, who doesn’t usually get as much attention as we do?

Alana : Yes. Send her back to the drawing board, as you say. (laughter) Do this with the joy of laughter. This is simply a reminder, no criticism, she has, as you say, indulged in some moments of…she mixes the words laziness and laughter and comes up with the word…lazitur, her lazitur hours at her computer, well spent, many things increasingly well done, but not her little assignment with Legion. He is lonely. He would speak to her. Thank you. (laughter) Those fingers, yes? Exercise those fingers on the computer to Legion, tell her, as well as the muscles of joy. Thank you.

Oliver : Beautiful.

Nena : (Sigh.)


David : What a rich benediction your presence has brought to us this day, dear teachers. Thank you.

Nena : Thank you.

Alana : Thank you.

Devina : It is a celebration of joy. I am happily tugging on those silver threads attached to your hearts. (Many sighs.) Light heartedness, my friends. Thank you.

David : Devina, is it possible for us to continue to live in such a beautiful way as we have lived this day for the rest of our life, without being penalized for this indulgence of joy? Do you approve? Is what I am saying.

Devina : It is true, the purest essence of God’s love is this joy of which we speak. Thank you.

David : Why have these chaps who have been writing to us in records such as the Bible, now let me see it’s been three thousand years since they started writing it…what is it with these people who certainly had the capacity to know the Father as we know Him…why has the joy escaped them? It’s almost as if you are presenting another form of God to us, presenting a dimension of love that we’ve never looked at before, that at the heart of God’s love, you are saying, is this joy…it’s just an incredible revelation, to my mind.

Devina : Would you have me scold them?

David : Are you capable of that? (laughter)

Devina : Or would you have me tug upon your heart a little more?

David : I’ll go for the latter, sweetheart. I can do the criticizing myself. I’m fully capable of it.

Devina : Say a prayer now, with me. A prayer, Dear Father, Dear Mother, of gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For your light. For your love. Thank you. Thank you.