2001-09-10-Allowing Stillness

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Topic: Allowing Stillness

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield



Alana : Yes, this is Alana.

David : Welcome, Alana. It is warm here today.

Alana : And I welcome you. As well, your beloved friends. The two of them coming together with you to have me speak of love. Yes?

David : That’s not a bad subject.

Alana : Beloved, you are learning many lessons. Yes?

David : I sure am.

Alana : That difficult communication between the male and the female. Yes?

David: Yes, yes. That is always up for grabs.

Alana : And You see how quickly your old shadow, shame, returns at the slightest hitch in the communication. Yes?

David : I didn’t think of shame, but you are right on the button, yes.

Alana : Thank you. We shall be pulling down more curtains, yes? Those curtains hiding your shame from you. And when, my beloved, these curtains are down, and you have seen, then, my beloved, there will be no longer shame. Yes, and you should not fell guilt when your beloved has lessons she must learn. Shame, fear, and doubts she must surrender. Yes?

David : I agree with that. Yes.

Alana : Thank you. Is there any thing you wish to raise with me this morning? That which you may not have raised with me in your stillness practice.

David : Well, I keep a bit of a diary in which I write and talk to you teachers. It is really a free flowing thing, and it feels good to me because I am finding my voice, there is no one looking over my shoulders. There was one thing I wrote this morning to you. I read a partial transmission in which you said, there was some kind of fun, marvelous fun, a kind of batting the ball back between us, and you said, “My beloved, you give me so much delight.” And that made me feel like a child. I thanked you for it in my note. I want to thank you now again, because I can’t remember in a long time since anyone has said anything that joyful to me. It was a wonderful experience. So thank you, it is a delight to be delightful to you. No, I don’t have anything on my mind. I’m just glad to see Kim and John here, together.


Alana : Well, my friend, let me, as you say, ride on the coattails of your speech today. Your expression of gratitude to me is equally welcome and appreciated. My gratitude is given as yours is received. I say to you, as well, to your beloved, as well to those who may be listening with an ear towards learning some of what you have absorbed; that is how beneficial it is to be able to return to the stillness when the disappointments, the fears, the questions and the doubts, inevitable in the daily communication between those who do not doubt their love for one another, yet encounter the confusion that walking through the human labyrinth of relationship entails, male and female, so like parent and child, so like marriages witnessed when too young to comprehend, so like the relationship to our Father, passed down with all the accumulated distortion of time, including the virginal understanding of our Mother and her role in the infusion of love into your spiritual understanding.

The stillness practice, step one: allow. Allow your mind to slip gently through silence into the stillness that is God’s love for you. Allow.

Step two, listen. Listen in the stillness. In the stillness you will hear. In the stillness is love. God’s love for you is given. In the stillness, God’s love for you received. In the stillness, your love for God, recognized by God, received. This love leads you. This love guides you. It is your love for God, perhaps even unrecognized by you, that tugs you, pulls you, leads you, guides you into the stillness where God’s love recognizes you.

And then comes the practice. The discipline, as your beloved Legion has said, the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. The practice of the stillness. The practice of allowing the stillness. The practice of allowing the stillness to bring to you more than an understanding of love, of God’s love, God’s joy within you, bringing the peace that surpasses understanding. Practice the stillness. Practice the discipline of love. The sweet stillness of the stillpoint of love that is God’s love, that is God’s joy within you, will be ever more yours to know, yours to return to in times of difficulty. Yours to turn to in times of doubt, fear. In times when you do not know. Times when you do not know your way.

So, my friend, have I wandered too far off the path of your expression of deep gratitude which I in turn return and give to you?


David : Thank you for your lecture. You know, a lot of times I can not retain the whole thing in my mind. It is not until I read it that I understand. But I am grateful for you working with us on the male and female thing.

Alana : And so, you have the experience in which you do not always understand, and yet still the sweetness of understanding, the sweetness of love’s understanding, is never the less, available to you.

My beloved lady, welcome, Lady Kim.

Kim : Thank you.

Alana : I give you an opportunity, a small one if you wish, to say your heart’s wish from me this day.

Kim : My heart’s wish, a big order. To know how to love and to be loved.

Alana : Ah so. Isn’t it wonderful how one so new to this peculiar group you have here (laughter)…how wonderful that one so new should come so clear, so nearly child like as your Master has said, open, open with the innocence of knowing what she does not know that she knows. I wish to know how to love and how to be loved. Yes, that is how the child comes into your world. All the knowledge, beloved, is within you, within your heart, within that stillness within your heart, within that stillpoint within the stillness within your heart. We have those Russian eggs, or is it Checkoslovakian, or the Chinese boxes. So return to my place please: your beautiful glorious little one, she turns to you, does she not? Wishing only to love, to know how to love, and to be loved, to know how to be loved. And this, as a parent, is your task with her. And this is the task, so difficult upon your planet, so confused. And yet, you come to your beloved child with all your love, hoping to bring to her the lessons of love, the lessons of being loved, that you are still learning. And so I welcome you as you have welcomed her.

Kim : Thank you.

Alana : And you, too, Sir John. Should you return, or should you not, the game is up, it is all over, you will receive my lessons, like it or not. They shall come to you, and will bring you pleasure. As well, the challenges, yes, the challenge of what you speak, dear lady. How to love, and how to be loved, that is the question. Yes, Mr. Practice.

Oliver : Yes, that is the continuous question on this planet where so many differnet messages criss-cross each other.

Alana : And how about your planet, called Oliver.

Oliver : My Oliver planet today was exceptionally beautiful. I want to ask you if you know about this, were you with me this morning as I was lying in the arms of my loved one?

Alana : (T/R was uncomfortable with this line of questioning, after silence, Alana speaks slowly) Blessed is he who may lie in the comfort of the arms of one who would share love with him. And where love is, so am I.

Oliver : Where love is, you slip in immediately. Is that what you are saying? You slip in immediately and give love to us? I was daydreaming for hours and felt such unity with myself, my loved one, and everything. I am just curious who was there with us. Was Legion there too?

Alana : No. This is not to say his love was not with you, but you ask in such a way that I must tell you, he was busy imparting information elsewhere. My beloved, I would tag in, a moment, with the question you have pending with our Legion, and say to you, that when you feel my love, the love of Legion, the love of others whom you call teachers, celestial ones, mid-wayers, even mighty messengers…when you feel this love permeating you, embracing your embraces, this love is real, this love is true, this love is changing you, teaching you even as accurately as the lessons that come to you in words, and still it does not require that you necessarily recognize the personalities of their presence for what I wish to say to you now, and thus making it available to those in your company, is this, God’s love pours down upon you, Father’s love, Mother’s love, Michael’s love, our love…this love is one love. Many personalities partake of this love. Many visions and understandings are permeated by this love.

The value that you experienced this morning is the value of openness to love. The value of openness to being loved. It is this openness to learning how to love, this openness to knowing love, this openness to being loved, this openness to knowing that you are loved, that you are being loved now, and now, and now, even in your times of trouble, even in your darkest fear, even in your hopelessness of doubt, you are loved…it is this openness to this message that is welcomed by me, by Legion, by those you call the teachers of the teaching mission. It is this openness that is welcomed in love, by the love of God. So, does this clarify my friend? Does this satisfy your question.

Oliver : Yes, it was a banquet. I am so happy that you did not bring in the issue of doubt, because my question could have been construed as coming from a place of doubt.

Alana : No.

Oliver : But I had the reassurance this morning that you guys were with us and therefore the curiosity of my human mind, since I am involved in this teaching mission thing I have come so much closer to receiving love than ever before, the reading of books and study groups have never brought me to the point that I am at now. So I was just curious who was there. My notion was that it was you, and not Legion. So I feel good about knowing that.

Alana : Yes.

Oliver : And as you say it is not important who is giving the love, what is important is to be able receive it. And it is all one, I heard you say that.

Alana : And it may satisfy your quirky human mind to know that your beloved Hakim observed with me. Thank you.

David : Did you say there was something quirky about Oliver?

Oliver : Alana, help him out.

Alana : My beloved one, it is good to experience the joy that is resurfacing in your expression in the form of your guilt-free playfulness, your boisterous tweeking of your friend, Mr. Practice. Yes, I did indeed call him quirky minded. Did you have anything more to say?

Oliver : I would like to stay as Mr. Practice, not Mr. Quirky Minded. But I am very happy to hear that Mr. Hakim was observing. Was he a male? Alana ?

David : Are you having another bout of your curiosity questions Oliver? You notice the big space of no answer coming?

Oliver : I do it for you, David.

David : Excuse me. We are sorry for this little interruption to our teachers, no dis-respect intended. We would like some final words, or some more words from you.


Legion : This is Legion.

Oliver : Welcome Legion.

Legion : We enjoy your play. And yes, there was no answer given to your question. I will say the last words, if I may.

David : You may.

Legion : The discipline of love has it’s quirky side, you might say, for the human consciousness. Love can be experienced instantly, immediately, spontaneously. You might even say unreasonably, irrationally, with no scientific backing or foundation, if you will. Thus the double reputation of what you call “falling in love,” as both a wonderful and genuinely true experience of love, and as well, sometimes called “going slightly crazy in the head.” The discipline of love speaks to this phenomena. There is a discipline in learning how to love, and learning how to be loved by one and another. Thus for some of you the story of Jesus has its value, if it is read as it has been given to some of you to read, free from the distortions of human will to make a religion based upon his birth and his death as it has been written over time, but rather not based upon his message: to love, to learn how to love, to learn how to be loved, as he loved those you call his disciples, as he loved those who came to him to be loved. The discipline of love, as I have brought it to you, and will continue to bring to you, is indeed sometimes very difficult. You step along the way, you stumble, you step aside, you return, but you know moments of extreme joy, the fruits of hard work, and as she, your beloved transmitter, continues to walk this path of discipline that is even sometimes difficult for her to say, you will discover that this joy will increasingly, as it sometimes has, reveal itself in my voice as well as it manifests through her. I am not always so serious, but I am indeed a serious personality for her to transmit. That is to say, discipline is not her forte. Yes? Devotion, and this my beloveds, contributes to her understanding of the discipline of love. Her devotion to her partner, who has been given by me what is not always a welcome task, which is to bring the remembrance of the discipline of love to her attention. This my friends, Lady Kim, Sir John, friends I welcome into my classroom of love, my discipline of love, it is this that is the importance of practicing the stillness, if only ten minutes a day, if only a fraction of a moment in between one angry word leading to another, if only moments within the silence you practice walking through the woods, or along a well-worn path in a beloved garden, practice the stillness, learn from your friends, we will practice the stillness now, as I close this encounter with unusual beings like yourselves and my presence here today. This brief practice is given to you so that you too may practice the remembrance of me, the remembrance of Alana, the remembrance of love.

So, open your hearts. Breathe deeply into your hearts. Breathe out through your hearts. Alana breathes into you through the opening in the center of your forehead between your eyes. She fills your heads with her breath of love. Breathe it in. Allow it to fill your heads. Allow it to sink down into your hearts. Breathe. She blows her love into your heads. Breathe. Breathe it in. And I, Legion, I breathe into the holes at the center of your spine, those center points down your back, I breathe my love through your backs into your hearts, breathe my love in, through your backs, into your hearts. Opening your hearts now, allowing that love to flow into the center of the heart room, the heart room that is the circle of your presence with the presence of God’s love, which is our love, which is your love. Breathe. Breathe the love in. Breathe the love out. This is your heart room. This is the practice of the stillness, the practice of the discipline of love, the practice of the heart room. Practice it now. With me. (long silence) Thank you.

David : Thank you. Thank you for the visit today, both of you.