2001-09-16-Standing Tall

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Topic: Standing Tall

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion, Devina

TR: S. Butterfield



Alana : This is Alana.

Oliver : Welcome, Alana.

Alana : I bring comfort to my children.

Oliver : Thank you, Alana.

Alana : Each of you has great cause to be distressed. Each of you has felt the wound and the sadness. I bring the comfort of my love. This is not a time for words. This is a time for practice. Words bring comfort, yes. As events upon your planet unfold there will be more words from me, from Legion, from Olfana, from Michael, but I tell you, even as I comfort you with words, this is a time for practice. Legion is with me and he will speak.

David : Welcome, Legion.


Legion : This is the time to stand tall. To stand tall in the message of love. To stand tall in the message of peace. You know and understand already that to change one’s mind, or to change the mind of an individual, requires strength of will, determination, commitment, communication, understanding, compassion, and respect. Respect for that which resists any change, respect for those who do not recognize the need to change, do not allow change to enter into the pattern of their thinking. You know that true change, change in the direction of love, change in the direction of mutual respect and loving one another, comes by individual commitment, group commitment, the study of words describing the way, the practice of the path of love. Yet always, with all your study, with all your knowledge, with all your words, with all your understanding, change among you, change between you, comes by the grace of God, with the grace of God. God in your heart. God in your hands. God in your feet. God on your tongues.

So this is not a time for just words, words about God, words about love. This is a time for practice. Walk with God in your hearts, leaving the grace of God’s love in every footprint. Speak what you know of God’s love and God’s joy, bringing the comfort of hope and understanding to those who hear.

I have never said that the discipline of love would be easy. Now you know this is not a discipline for you alone, for you to practice alone, for you to reap the results alone, for you alone to be happy. You have known your own simple resistance to the discipline of love. Do not be so focused on the surprise that so many on your planet not only fail to understand the discipline of love, not only resist the discipline of love, but even practice the opposite. Focus on love.

You have been fortunate. Your hits have been small. Your fears of an angry Father, a God of revenge, have been minimal, and even taken away. You have so little fear, so little doubt. You have greater faith, greater trust in the assurance of God’s love. Now is the time for you to demonstrate what you know to be true, God loves you. All human beings are loved by God. This is the time to give voice to what you know. This is the time to practice the discipline of love.

You would hurry. You would call, “Come! Come now! Save us now!” Beloveds, your desire is understood, your call is heard. Still I say unto you, this is a time to love; no different from the time before your personal wound was made manifest. Do not call for help with fear in your minds, doubt in your hearts. Practice the discipline. Pray with peace in your minds, and love in your hearts. Let what you speak and what you pray be the same, that God’s love be known, that God’s love be combined with human love, as God’s love is brought down into you, and through you, to each other. Let love prevail.

Alana : This is Alana. I join now with Legion to bring you into remembrance of him who loves you, whose love is brought to your attention by the practice of the stillness and the discipline of love. And so, I will ask you now, open, open up your hearts, open up your minds, hold your palms up, turn your faces up, open and allow. Allow yourselves to receive God’s love, Michael’s love. Love pouring down. Receive. Allow. Receive. We blow love upon your fears, Legion and I. We blow love upon your doubts, Legion and I. Breathe our love in. Allow our love to enter your thoughts, your emotions. Practice the stillness. Practice prayer (a very loud insect noise interferes with hearing the words) Practice the prayer of love with every step. Allow. Allow our love within you, and give this love away at every opportunity. Love. Thank you.


Nena : Thank you.

David : Thank you.

Devina : Devina would speak.

David : Welcome.

Devina : I remind you of the light, the light of Michael’s love is real. The light of my love is real, and fills her (T/R) now. Follow the light. It is given to you, even in times of trouble, to lighten the darkness of anger, pain, hatred and isolation. Welcome my light. When you practice the stillness, when you practice prayer, when you practice the discipline of love, welcome my light. Welcome the change that comes with my light. Be light hearted, even in your grief. Not to pretend, not to ignore, but light hearted because, indeed, you carry Michael’s love within you. Michael’s light, which is my light, fills you, and is the light that will show you the way. Remember. In your remembrance of him, remember, his love, God’s love, embraces all. Beloveds, I tug upon the strings of your heavy hearts. I do not mean to say that this is a struggle, or a burden. We are with you. I gladly lift up your hearts into mine. Thank you.

Nena : Thank you.

David : Thank you.


Devina : Thank you for your faith. Thank you for your devotion. Thank you for your dedication and your commitment to our mission to bring the peace that passes all understanding, to bring the love that is forgiveness for all, and to once again, bring to your planet beloved Michael’s message: love one another. That is all. Love.

Yes, it is your willingness to continue for which we are grateful. Love will not fail. The task is great, and so you feel small. Every step you take toward love is a step toward creating with God the opportunity for every one on your planet to welcome change, to welcome this change called love, to fully welcome this message: love one another. That is all. Thank you.

David : Thank you.

Nena : Thank you.

Legion : We have told you the path to God is paved with gratitude.

David : Yes.

Legion : When you practice prayer, practice this one: “Thank you Father. Thank you Father. Thank you Mother. Thank you Mother. Thank you Michael. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your love. Thank you for love. Thank you for love.” That may give you several prayers to practice. Thank you.

David : We love our little assignments from you.

Oliver : We should talk prayer as we normally talk. We should practice prayer in our talk with others.