2001-09-31-Loyalty of Love

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Topic: Loyalty of Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield



Alana : So, this is Alana.

David : Welcome, Alana. It is a beautiful day here.


Alana : Yes. I would speak to you about loyalty-love. This, my beloveds, is a subject upon which your friend, the beloved transmitter-receiver, would have me give to you all the guidelines, the handrails, the paths, the instructions, the ways to loyalty-love. For this is a subject dear to her heart and her mind at this time. She remains, shall we say, insecure in her ability now to breathe through her own difficulties of understanding, so as to have confidence in what may come through. (The T/R had endured many weeks of disturbance with members of the group.)

Still, we have blown love in through the back of her neck and the back of her chest, as well, in through the front of her chest, and at the base of her throat. I instruct her now to breathe, breathe in my love, breathe it out. Allowing. Allowing my love to fill her, relax her. And so, she says her prayer of surrender. And perhaps each of you will so pray at this moment.

Allow my love now. Breathe my love in. Allow my love to fill your bodies. Allow my love to pour down through the tops of your heads, filling your bodies, pouring down through your bodies, out through your feet, creating the floor of the heart room. Allowing my love to pour out through the sides of your bodies toward each other, creating the walls of the heart room. Allow my love, Breathe it in. Breathe it out across to the ones before you. Allow my love to fill the heart room. Opening your hearts now. Opening your hearts to listen, to listen, to listen to the lessons of love.

Each of you has learned to love a child, even to put that child’s life before your own. Each of you has learned, by that love, a small fraction of what it means to have loyalty to love. To know love, to give your love, to allow love to rain down upon you, to nourish the soil of your heart, of your being, of your growth in life, and to allow that love to so nourish you, so fill you, that you freely give that love away. Such is the nourishing cycle of God’s love.

As you grow in your ability to allow love to shape the speaking of your tongue, to hold the listening of your mind, you gradually discover loyalty-love. This is not a consequence of birth. The young child will undoubtedly show attachment, even the willingness to go to battle for the one they are learning to love, the one in whose love they have established their trust, confidence, belief. But it is not until the young can make discernments, until the young growing being has experience - human experience in love, experience in human love, experience in human disappointment, experience in human disillusionment, experience in human betrayal – that loyalty love can be known and understood. It is when the human person has survived, if you will, although we do not speak necessarily of physical survival, (yet I would acknowledge that often the possibly traumatic and always exceptionally exhilarating experience of physical survival creates within the person an experience capable of shifting their mind patterns, their response, their fear patterns, their responses to fear and doubt), it is by the gathering of human experience, and through this experience into, shall we say, the survival of love…it is by this means we come to the topic of her desire that we should address…loyalty, loyalty love, loyalty to love. The task as you understand it is first to love. To grow in your ability to speak with love. To grow in your ability to discipline your mind and your tongue and your behavior toward the expression of love, toward allowing love to come to you, fill you, and to give it away.

The question of loyalty to love becomes difficult when you see a young child clinging to one whose love for them is lacking in respect. This, my friends, is not perhaps what you have experienced with the young children you have loved, but there are those who cling desperately to the mother, or the father, who has consciously and deliberately chosen to bring them grievous bodily harm, serious harm threatening to their human well being, and human survival. You do understand the experience of loving one whose limited understanding and perspective in life, whose limited growth experience, shall we say, a limited accrual of learning, places them in a position vis a vis your self, let us say, as a parent in which their lack of respect becomes vital in their mind to survival of their increasingly individual direction. This, my friends, you have each experienced, either as a parent to a child, or as a child in relationship to your parent.

We step delicately, you might say…she sees herself on tippy-toes, she says…approaching the subject of loyalty to love embodied in one who the individual might perceive as lacking in respect, or lacking in sufficient understanding, or what is generally most difficult, lacking completely respect for the survival of another. Either the human physical survival, or the emotional survival, the mental survival. Your appointed leaders on your planet struggle with this question now. Calling for loyalty where issues of survival are crucial, where many have experienced the question, even, of survival as irrelevant, and where many do not see love at all. Yet are called upon to join together now in loyalty love.

When I speak to you, my beloveds, and your humble gathering, I bow to each of you as you struggle in your separate individual way to come through the birth canal of love as it is squeezing you in your various commitments to love one another as you would be loved.


You, my beloved, Lady Kim, you would know how to love him, who is your partner, a partner in marriage, a partner in commerce, a partner in parenthood, and, yes, a partner in love. I tell you, your heart is open. We would just snaggle that mind a little bit. And drag you, now and again, into my heart room with me. And so, I wish to acknowledge your beauty, your devotion to beauty. For it is with a great expression of beauty of love that I always welcome you into the particular stillpoint of joy that is this heart room to which you have chosen to return.

Kim : Thank you.

Alana : Yes, thank you. I would say that it is your pursuit of the path of beauty, and loyalty to beauty, in your expression of the beauty of art, your expression of the beauty of food, your expression of the beauty of God’s given nature, your expression of the beauty you have seen in the glory of what some call God, and we would have all God’s children call love. You have seen this bright light, you know it’s glory in beauty, and it is your devoted loyalty to the beauty of love that has guided you through fear, through doubt, into joy. It is this I will nourish in you. It is always what Devina tugs when she tugs upon your silver thread. The desire to express beauty, the ability to allow love to be expressed in beauty, the wish to give beauty, leave beauty behind you wherever you go.

And now I turn to Sir Olvier.

Oliver : Hello, Alana.

Alana : Yes, welcome. It is for you that I have given the beloved transmitter so much love today. This is, you must understand, so that she whose doubt and uncertainty that she might transmit my love freely, truly, without her own emotion, needed great assurance. Not, I would say, out of the ordinary, for it is quite ordinary among human beings to have doubt and uncertainty. It is a vital thread in loyalty love to reassure one who suffers doubt and uncertainty. And so, this I did, for you, my friend, Mr. Practice. I fill her with my assurance that I could love her doubt. That I could blow love upon her uncertainty. That even should she question her ability to love you, I would love her sufficient to allow my love to pour through her, fill her, and pour through her to be given freely to the one before, as you. And, so, my beloved, as I speak to you, she experiences the sense of peace, calm, and tranquillity that is the still point within her through which I speak to you about love, loyalty to love. Loyalty to love allows: allows you to step through fear, allows you to respect another’s fear, allows you to bow with respect, the humility of respect, before another’s limited perspective, allows, even, respect for your own incapacity to hear.

And now, my beloved, I would abandon you, if you will, for she has returned to her questioning, observations of my shennanigans, if you will, and asks me to allow a moment of the stillness of love to exist with you in the heart room with me, with her, with others, and then to move on, if there are to be more words to others, so that she, and you, may return to what I have said to you at another time. Yes?

Oliver : Yes, Alana. That is appropriate. And I am in the heart room and I embrace all the love from Susan, and I am embracing you.

Alana : Thank you. And you, our beloveds, Sir John, and Sir David. She smiles because she knows not what to expect, as she recognizes Legion by her side, to the left, his hand, if you would use such an image, his hand upon the center of the back of her beloved, Sir David, and his other hand, if you would, upon her left shoulder. Such a wonderful image, yes? Of this very grand spirit of the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy, which is his commitment with them. It is his complete commitment with them, to teach them, to be with them in these lessons of the discipline of love and the discipline of joy. That they may share these lessons with you, and you, and you, and you, and you.

She smiles because she sees the light that radiates from this commitment between the spirit, between the two of them and Legion, and the light that radiates from my love within the still point of her stillness, and she sees this light pouring forth to her beloved, Sir John, as she has also seen the light that I, Alana, recognize in him. She sees, as well, the smile that represents Legion’s love for him. And so, she smiled as we turned from Sir Oliver to him, but could not escape the recognition of the communication which without words is without time, but in words is captured by time, and space. And so, as you see her body now must unravel the tensions of time, the time it took to say all these many things which she would be so happy for you to know instantly. Beloved John, that you are welcomed. Goodness. You are welcomed by me, and welcomed by Legion. We wish to acknowledge in you…she does not want to use the word extraordinary, for she recognizes that some might have their little bells of alarm and jealousy tickled, or your ability to discern the…well, she does not like me to use the word bullshit, which is the first time, but not the first for Legion…but she does acknowledge that you have a fine tuning, Sir John, and so do I…but I would acknowledge this in your silence. You have a devotion that I wish to thank you for. You have a devotion to the spirit of truth. You are capable of loyalty love. This devotion to the spirit of truth has been a very fine thread that has allowed you to…what she sees is, again, a very special light. This radiates from you. This is a light that you have given, and yet it is the light that has always drawn you, as you call it, forward. Your devotion to this light is strong. It is the light of truth. It is the light of love. But it could use a little bit of Legion’s discipline.

That is enough for today, she says. Unbenownst to you, she (the T/R) has been a little bit on shaky ground herself, and so she would not have me throw a net of light too strongly about you with my words today, but simply allow. Allow. Allow. Welcome love and light.

Legion : And so, beloved friend. It is I, Legion. I have waited patiently, you might say. As have you.

David : Yes. I wonder if I could ask for a smoking break. This has been an intense session for me, Legion. I know that you have been waiting patiently, given your status, way beyond ours in the matter of patience…in fact the whole question of you folks being outside of time, brings to my mind the question if patience is yours at all…

John : Have some popcorn. (General amusement is expressed, along with desire for a break.)

Legion : And so, my friend…is there anything you would say to me first before your respectful break?

David : Thank you for hanging in with us for so long.

Legion : Yes. Thank you.

  • [Break.]

Legion : Yes. My friend, I would give you attention.

David : Thank you for your immense patience for our limitations, Legion.

Legion : Yes. You see that as a difficult task, patience with your limitations. But I embrace your limitations without fear. And so, as you had the timerity to question, there is, for me, very little patience indeed necessary. From your perspectives, you would see that for you to exercise forgiving love for your limitations, you would see this required great patience for you. Yes? So, my friend, you wish to speak with me.

David : I always enjoy talking to you, Legion. I always enjoy talking with any of the teachers. I don’t think I have anything particular on my mind, except I am feeling a lot of grace, right now. A sense of having come together with you teachers and imbibing the love that is here around this table. I just feel full of patience right now. It feels like a grace, a gracious spirit and ease. Thank you for your presence.

Legion : Yes. Grace. God’s love given freely, without cost, as you say. Grace. The flow of love into the heart that has surrendered the human need to demand. Grace. Allowing love to flow with gratitude. The discipline of gratitude. I will tell you a very brief story of a woman who did not know what to do. In her distress, she surrendered to a prayer of gratitude. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Father. Even as she had her reservations and doubts there was any Father there upon whom to call. Thank you, Mother. Thank you, Mother. Even as she questioned her ability to know the loving Mother’s embrace. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Even as she had no certainty, no understanding there was anything for which to say thank you. This little story was the opening through which she slipped, you might say slide, you might say dove, you might say opened into, you might say rose through into gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. The opening into the grace of God’s love, the welcome into our heart room. Thank you.

David : Is it permissible to ask another question? Alana was talking about loyalty-love. I first came across that hyphenated word in the Urantia book. Why is the word loyalty added to the word love. Alana has stated that the loyalty part of that two-word combination was loyalty to love. Sometimes we love someone here, and our love sometimes seems like it is misplaced because the person to whom we are giving this loyalty-love to proves to be unworthy of this loyalty-love. I feel some kind of an edge there. I can’t quite articulate the problem. Sometimes a friend behaves in such a fashion that you have lost trust in them, so where does loyalty-love come in?

Legion : Loyalty has been used upon your planet to coerce, to manipulate, to set one brother against another. Your difficulties with this concept, this connection between loyalty and love, is respected. Thus, as she begins to approach the subject matter, one of long standing interest within the mind of your transmitter, Alana has chosen to create the linkage between loyalty and love with the use of the words “to love,” loyalty to love, loyalty to the action of love. This will be her first lesson.

What I would ask is, has your question been respected so that you understand the difficulty upon your mind, as well as to allow you to set this aside for our next encounter.

David : That is fine.

Legion : Yes. And my friend, how is the discipline?

David : I’ve gotten to the stage where I am enjoying my disciplines. I don’t feel undisciplined any more. I still feel a little shaky about my writing, writing my lessons, but I’ve been fairly disciplined about going to the computer and pounding out some lessons. It has basically been a joyful experience. Thank you for the assignment. I feel like a teaching assistant to this group. They still haven’t received any of my lessons, but I think they will enjoy them when I get them out. So thank you for the assignment, I think it has been good for me, in spite of the fact that I don’t feel very qualitied.

Legion : Yes. And so we will insert a small notation. Suppose you speak to me one day about the discipline of patience.

David : (Chuckling.) I could do that, yes.


Legion : I am very pleased that you have consistently with each page discovered the element of joy that resides at the very heart of this assignment. Yes? (David : Yes.) Thank you.

And so, are you done? Are you content?

David : I don’t know what you mean by done.

Legion : I have gladly returned. I will return again.

Daivd : Oh yes, I see what you mean. Yes. Thank you for coming. And for your patience with us. Thank you for your willingness to help us, to help me. It has been good for me. I get something accomplished each time I write one of these lessons. You seem to think I can write with some clarity. Sometimes it is just a delightful experience when you are inspired, when you get a surfing line into an idea, you have to go with that surfing line, you get carried away, it is artistic, poetic. It is a wonderful experience for me. Thank you for your visit.

Legion : Thank you. Is there any other brief note of need?

Oliver : Legion, remember I asked you about you telling me that I am infatuated by the mythology of spiritual growth. And you said you would talk to me at another time. I don’t know if that would be a brief note, but are we going to speak about this at another time?

Legion : Thank you. Yes, my friend, I am glad you recognized my request that you speak to me again about my message, and that I am pleased has been accomplished. This we have begun. We will continue. She sees the first notes on the paper (in another transmission) and we will ask her to separate this out for a personal lesson for you to be brought again before the group at another time. Welcome to the discipline of patience.

Oliver : That feels good to me, Legion. Thank you, very much.

David : That couldn’t be Devina flitting around us, could it? I recognize the smile on the tr’s face, as a Devina smile.

T/R : Yes. She’s up there pulling on our heart strings, for light heartedness.