2001-10-07-Troubled Times, Terrorism

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Topic: Troubled Times, Terrorism

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: "It is I, Machiventa Melchizedek. I'm back again."

George: "We both greet you, Machiventa."


Machiventa: "You have been under our protection, and all the way -- from the start of your long journey to the finish. Mathew and Clara who will be with you at all times now, and during these troubled times.

"I have only a short message I want you to put on the 11.11 List, and I realize you do not yet have an appropriate email address. Do the best you can do to get my message 'out there'. A note could be attached to explain. We can possibly send this after the transmission, or with it.

"I will be working very closely with you, and this will be in line with. (not understood -- probably 'according to the rules of the Progress Group').

"I say to all the people on these lists, that these will be times (to come) of great upheavals, but, please, try to go about your business, your life, as normal. This action by the military of a number of nations simply 'has to be', for it is 'for the greater good'.

"We have tried (largely through the efforts of the Midwayers) to bring sanity to the leaders of the terrorist groups. They will not be anything but. (pause)


George: "Do you want to try 'recalcitrant', Sandy?"

Sandy (objecting): "I don't like those terms. They are judgmental."

Machiventa: ".murderers and killers. And, yes, that is a horrific name for them, but it is also the truth, reality, as these leaders have become insane with power. It is only because of their association with the terrorists that they can instill such fear into their subjects, and, indeed, many others all around the globe.

"Some wars must be fought. Unconditional love for the peaceful majority must ever be the singular motivation for going to war. We must all reach out with love and concern for the many who are suffering at this time.

"I will not comment on the state of affairs on (of) this day. You have seen the news, and I cannot justly say that all will be OK. As I stated to you before: Urantia is deeply troubled.

"I would rather not say what is to happen in the future, for that would be revelation, and you are creatures of evolution.

"However, the situation is so serious that we must all work and pray with Michael, and be aware that Michael is with us every step of the way, and behave in the knowledge that this is the case.

"The message He would like to convey to you is that He has great love for all souls on this planet -- He loves all, and He portrays the love and care of the Father.

"Prepare for an onslaught of conditions unheard of in America. Stay alert. You can, and must, feel the hand of Michael on your shoulders at all times. You can, and must, feel the embrace of Nebadonia at all times.


"Go forth in a peaceful serenity that cannot be questioned by anyone.

"Soon I will return and have further news for you. For now, I'm pressed to go my way.

"We will now request Mathew and Clara to stay with you, comfort you, and inspire you. I send my love.

"I am Machiventa."

George: "Au revoir, Machiventa."

Notes: We were hoping to get some advance warnings about terrorist activities in the near future. That was our request. Sadly, we went without specific info about the future on this day. a time might come.