2001-10-21-Purpose of Mission

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Topic: Purpose of Mission

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings, children, I am Ham, and I welcome you this evening and am happy to have this small and dedicated group. Let us speak about impatience.


Patience, Melchizedek Schools

The human being is only used to relatively short periods of time. You cannot really measure time longer than your lifetimes. Time to you goes in short measures of predictability. And it is easy to be impatient with the longer plans of your Father. Humans want to have instant solutions to problems.

Americans especially like the quick fix, the instant breakfast, the microwave lunch, the fast-food restaurants, everything decided and quickly executed and resolved.

Think of real patience. What it would entail. Imagine waiting a year, ten years, and twenty years for an answer to a question. But indeed, that is the time-frame many answers take. Twenty, thirty years ago, all of you asked: what is my purpose? Why was I born? What am I here for? Answers are slow in coming. And they may not be answered yet. But rest assured, the answers will come in time. A family is not raised and nurtured in a day, or a week. Life is not long but in many ways, it is not short either. It is a period of searching, a period of finding some things and perhaps not others.

It is important during this time to be patient for many things. For impatience leads to rash judgments and solutions which may not be tempered with time. This teaching endeavor is in its infancy. The students who come and follow the Melchizedek curriculum will often be bored, tired, uneasy, because this curriculum is designed to make you uneasy. It is designed to bring up problems to be dealt with, not to adopt an attitude of denial. An attitude of resignation and sweeping problems under the rug so that others will not see.

Teaching Mission, Purpose

This is a curriculum of first, deep psychological probing. It is not designed to make you instantly feel good, that you might forget your problems for a while. NO, you have your churches, you have your entertainment for all that. These sessions are meant to cause some psychological upheavals in the beginning. To make each one face squarely the realities of life and the realities of one's inner psychological make-up.You cannot paint over rotting wood, and expect it to be strong. You must replace the boards, one by one. You must build solidly your psychological foundations before there should be other types of action among teaching mission students.

Secondly. Our curriculum is designed to help you understand each other. And by extension, to understand all others. These groups touch many sensitive spots and many group interactions are painful and difficult and through this, you begin to broaden your minds. To just take the first steps in understanding others who are different from you, who think differently, who see the world very differently. And it is helpful for you each to know how different people can be.

You begin to see the various psychological subterfuges that each person employs to feel comfortable in group settings. It is all for your education, for your spiritual grounding that these lessons are difficult and are not always designed to simply make you feel good temporarily before you go back to your lives. These lessons are part of your lives, part of your growth experience in the world. Not separate.

This, then, necessarily, takes time. And you cannot begin to really gain spiritual balance, we estimate, in less than fifteen to twenty years. These classes will change you. They will change the way you look at the world, and the way you understand yourselves and others, and the universe itself. We try to do this in a balanced manner. To give you tools to use in your lives that will help your balance and your psychological foundation.

No. We do not speak of space ships landing to change the world and solve your human problems. No. We do not speak of new messiahs or even the second coming which will intervene and solve your human problems. NO. We are slowly and gradually beginning to equip a few mortals to help other mortals. Even as we speak, you are each being placed, given contacts, given assignments, so to speak, to broaden your awareness and also to broaden your education for what is necessary.

These groups are small and each person who is a loyal member, who absorbs these lessons is watched by many angels. You are certainly being placed when you are ready to do the most good for the most people. Preparation then, is everything.

We are not a mass movement. We do not seek to gain many followers and become a religion. We simply want to help each person who comes to understand that they are absolutely essential for the success of the mission as a whole. Each one of you here is in contact with many more. And you have more influence than you realize. As you speak, as you carry yourselves, as you bring truth to the world vastly in need of it. The Master said, we will be none to ready when the Father calls. And so it is.These schools are not meant to become massive influences in themselves. They are meant to transform the students. And it will be the students who becomes influential. Yes.

Thirdly. It is important that what little money accumulated by the groups is used for the groups and is used up. We do not want to see accumulation of money, or property. These groups are influential only so far as you remain free from political and church entanglements. We focus on the individual, not on a group, or a movement, or some kind of new -ism. Leave organized religion to those who would organize. Maintain freedom from these kinds of ensnarements. We are setting up these small schools, these small lesson places all around this planet. We have many in Mexico, Central and South America, and several in Europe. And beginning to have some even in Asia. All these schools are coordinated. All these schools have a set curriculum. It may seem quite random, at times, but I assure you, it is not.

Each lesson is important. And each week it is important for you to think upon the lesson and to widen your horizons by that tiny bit more. Each student is supremely important. We cherish each one of you who comes to these schools. You are each one surrounded by angelic influence. You are each moved in your lives. You are blocked from wrong paths and given right ones. Your preparation is all of your life. It is not simply being a minister who preaches. No. You are immersed in life. Immersed in work. Immersed in your world. And through these patient lessons, week upon week upon week, you are gradually being transformed. It is that spiritual growth and transformation which will itself allow the angels to place you where you need to be. Do not for a moment think that you are left dangling, or left without help, or without guidance. For this is not so. Each of you are given tasks, given opportunities, given problems to solve that are part of this training. These schools do not exist in a vacuum. You are never taken out of your lives. You are never asked to leave your families or your communities or your work. You are not asked for money, for volunteership, for property. You are not asked for anything except humble adherence to the teachings. That is all that is required.


The Father who created this vast universe cares for each one of you, personally and completely. Yes, there will be a time in the future when you are given more to do, greater tasks and so on, but it is extremely important to have patience, to be humble and submissive to this process while it is going on. . . . .